1. Two Dafa Practitioners' Experiences in Shunyi County Konggang Police Station in Beijing

At noon on December 7, 2000, two practitioners from outside Beijing went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. They were arrested and taken to Shunyi County Konggang Police Station in Beijing. They were handcuffed with one hand coming up from the back, and the other coming over the shoulder, and the hands behind the back. In the afternoon, police began to interrogate them. They refused to tell the police their names and addresses. So in the evening, police beat them with stun batons. One practitioner about 30 years old was slapped in the face. The director of the police station interrogated them by himself with a stun baton. At about 9pm, another practitioner about 40 years old was forced to take off his coat and was handcuffed to the basketball stands in the courtyard in the freezing cold. Later, a young policeman took off the practitioner's shoes, making the practitioner stand on cement ground with only his socks on. That night, it was -7 C [20 F] in Beijing. Several policemen watched him while he froze. After 12 pm, the police obtained no 'confession', so they brought him back to his cell. At the night, these two practitioners were handcuffed and were made to sit on the ground. The police did not allow them to sleep.

The second day, the police went on interrogating the two practitioners. They deceived the practitioners by saying, "Tell us your addresses and names, and you can go home." But the two practitioners were determined not to yield to the evil even if they were killed. They also started a hunger strike. That night the younger practitioner who was left outside the previous night, was only allowed to wear his underclothes, and his shoes were taken by the guard. He was handcuffed outside for 6 hours. The practitioner was shivering continuously. Then the policeman brought him back to the cell, but he was still not allowed to wear his coat or to sleep. In the morning of December 9, younger practitioner was again handcuffed outside in the cold. In the meantime, police attempted to extort the information from the other practitioner. At the noon on December 9, the police got no results and transferred the two practitioners to the county police station.

The last name of the director of the Konggang police station is Liu and that of the political instructor is Xie. The ID numbers of the two policemen are 049092, 049094

Here we would like to remind these degenerate policemen in Shunyi County Konggang police station that good and evil will both receive retribution; this is the principle of the Universe. Please be responsible for yourselves. Do not become an accomplice to the evil. For the future of yourselves and your family, please be kind to Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

Falun Dafa Practitioner

December 2000

2. The Experiences of Two Practitioners from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, Validating Dafa in Beijing

Menying and Menlong are sister and brother. They are Falun Dafa practitioners from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. They were detained near Tiananmen when they went to appeal in Beijing on November 16, 2000. Several evil policemen grabbed their banner reading, "Falun Dafa Is Good", and beat them. The people who witnessed this scene were all stunned. Some murmured, "Why are they so cruel?"

Then, the policemen dispersed the crowd that had gathered. They dragged the practitioners very fiercely to police car and took them to the Tiananmen police station. At that time, 30 practitioners had been detained there. At 12pm, these practitioners were transferred to Anshun police station. Menlong was sent alone to a secret place. Several policemen beat this teenage boy severely. After one was tired, another would continue the beating. They stripped off his clothes and forced him to stand on the cement floor covered with cold water. They poured cold water down his body, and directed the cold wind onto him. In addition, they beat him with a leather belt on every area of his body. After beating him, these evil policemen prepared another basin of cold water. They made Menlong put his hands in the water and beat him again with stun batons. Upon Menlong taking his hands out of the water, these evil policemen back-handcuffed his hands. The torture caused him unimaginable suffering. The evil policemen even said, "If you still do not tell us your name and address, we will beat your penis until it is useless. "

Then these evil policemen put the electric baton into Menlong's mouth, which made Menlong unable to speak for several days.

Later, they transferred Menlong to Tongzhou Detention Center of Beijing. There, the evil policemen encouraged prisoners to beat Menlong's face with shoes. The two prisoners stopped beating Menlong only when they were exhausted.

When these evil policemen took Menlong out of the detention center, a policeman kicked his chest very hard. At last when they transferred Menlong to the policemen from Shuangcheng City, he could not walk any more. He had to be carried by others.

In just two days, police had turned a healthy young boy into an unrecognizable one who could not even walk on his own.

An Insider

December 16, 2000

3. Accusation of Huairou County Detention Center in Beijing for the Persecution of Dafa Practitioner

Last year, the evil persecuted Dafa and defamed our Teacher. Falun Gong practitioners stepped forward to validate Dafa and clarify the truth in various ways.

Practitioners in Huairou County Detention Center were beaten up. Police gave electric shock to practitioners' faces, necks, breasts and arms with electric baton. The practitioners went on a hunger strike. Police ordered the prisoners to catch and force-feed the practitioners, which made the practitioners vomit. Police instigated the prisoners to beat up practitioners.

December 20, 2000

4. Exposure of the Evil in Shunyi County Detention Center in Beijing

At Shunyi Detention Center and its branches, police used various despicable methods to force the practitioners to tell their addresses. The evil police stripped off the clothes of those female practitioners who would not give out their addresses, and poured cold water on them and took them outside to freeze them for half of the night. The evil police also gave electric shocks to female practitioner's nipples with an electric baton and forced them to lift weights. A young practitioner Meng was kicked to the ground by 7 evil policemen. They forced her to lift weights. Meng did not comply. Then the political instructor Guan, said, "Even a 68 year-old lady lifted weights. Why not you?"

These evil policemen gave electric shocks to an elderly female practitioner's nipples and said to the other detained practitioners, "Undress you to expose you all. Make you all feel ashamed." Practitioners answered seriously, "We do not even fear death. Who cares about this?

At last these evil policemen were too tired to beat them. They stripped off the clothes of this elderly female practitioner and froze her outside while pouring cold water on her. Three policemen gave her electric shocks in turns with two electric batons. The room was filled with the burned smell. Until now the scar left by the electric shock is still on her neck. The policemen sprained her hands on the back. One evil policeman tore her hair upward and the other two kicked her.

Now practitioners are arrested and sent to the Tiananmen police station continuously. Almost every minute there were practitioners sent in.

Practitioners in China

December 26, 2000