There was a Group Study and Experience sharing held in Yokohama, Japan on January 6 and January 7, 2001. More than 100 disciples from all over Japan came together at the "Outdoor Youth Activity Center" in Yokohama, to study Fa for two days.

Dividing into groups, practitioners studied Lecture in Eastern America Experience Sharing (not yet translated into English) , Lecture in New Zealand, "Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa", "Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America", Falun Dafa Explication, Master Li's new scriptures and some articles from Clearwisdom, etc. The disciples improved toward Fa as a whole by discussing topics, such as, "how to get rid of selfishness, purifying our minds while playing roles as particles of Dafa"; "the cultivation of how to become a qualified particle of Dafa combined with the process of Fa rectification", and "cultivation experiences in the process of clarifying the truth and hongfa". As disciples in the process of Fa-rectification, they realized that they can become a true particle of Dafa only if they become part of Fa rectification. The purpose of "stepping out" is for validating Dafa, clarifying the truth and offering salvation to people. This is part of Fa rectification. Some of the practitioners who have "stepped out" for the first time were touched very deeply. A student from Nagano said: " I finally defeated the fear in my heart and was together with the rest of the disciples, together with the process of Fa rectification. The experience sharing is so great that I can find the difference between me and the other disciples and improve myself." She stated that together with the rest of disciples she would act more as a particle of Fa in the future. Student from Osaka said: "Time is flying. When I finally step out, I start to realize I am too far away from the Fa requirement. Comparing to the disciples who have done a lot of clarifying the truth and HongFa, I have done too little for Dafa other than staying at home studying Fa." She said she would strive forward vigorously, and make amends in the future.

Through this experience sharing, everybody has realized that group study and experience sharing which Master Li taught us are very necessary. In such an environment, the students' behavior can be shaped and everyone can learn from each other in order to improve oneself. Everyone stated that they would do better by clarifying the truth and promoting Dafa, catch up in the process of Fa rectification, and assist Teacher on earth.

Practitioners in Japan

January 8, 2001