[Clearwisdom.net] From December 23, 2000 to January 5, 2001, more than 30 Dafa practitioners in three groups set out on Dafa-promoting trips starting from Auckland and circling the North Island. This promotional event lasted 14 days, traveled more than 2800 miles, and passed through over 20 cities, towns, and large grazing lands all over the North Island of New Zealand. Nearly 100,000 copies of Dafa-promotion materials were distributed.

As New Zealand is sparsely populated, one of the best promotional methods is to send Dafa materials to every household, letting the whole family share the information and enabling people with a predestined relationship to obtain the Fa. During the trip, because of their tightly arranged schedules and the large amount of materials to be distributed, every practitioner went through some trials. Some practitioners had blisters on their feet and wore out their shoes, yet they still kept distributing materials. Some days when the sun was scorching, practitioners' skin was burned; sometimes when the rain was pouring down, they were dripping wet. But practitioners cheerfully regarded all these as trials and opportunities to eliminate karma. They "took hardships as their happiness". Everyone wanted to distribute more materials so as to fully perform their role as Dafa particles. Some overcast and rainy days increased the difficulty of distributing materials. However, practitioners tried their best to protect the materials from the rain so as to guarantee their readability.

During our travels, practitioners from many cities who heard about the event all came to join in. On December 29, the three groups of practitioners gathered in Gisborne. From there they successively held group practices and promotional activities in the downtown areas of several cities including Gisborne, Hasting etc. Many citizens asked to immediately learn the exercises after watching the demonstrations, and they learned very conscientiously. In Hasting, practitioners participated in the New Year's Parade from 11:45pm on Dec. 31, 2000 to 12:15am on Jan. 1, 2001. Dafa banners were quite striking in the procession.

During the Dafa promotion, people repeatedly became interested after reading the materials and called to learn and practice. In Palmerston North, we received a phone call from a news reporter. He said he had found our open letter in his mailbox and would like to publish it in the regional newspapers. This was quite an encouragement to the practitioners.

Once, when we were having lunch at a fast-food restaurant, one local resident saw "China: Stop Persecuting Falun Gong" on each practitioners' yellow T-shirt, so she came over and asked the practitioners about it. After learning the truth, she said she would immediately write to the Chinese Government to stop their savage acts.

In Napier, when a local resident saw the words "Falun Dafa" on the car that the practitioners were using, he stopped and said in not very fluent Chinese, "Falun Dafa, don't be afraid, you can freely practice here (in New Zealand), don't go back to China." The practitioners said: "we don't have fear." He said, "Don't go back even if you don't have fear, they [the Chinese Government] are bad." Before leaving, he wished us the very best of luck with our Dafa-promotion.

On the evening of January 5, the last group of practitioners returned to Auckland. This promotional event covered most of the cities on North Island. Hope all people with a pre-destined relationship will be able to hear the voice of Falun Dafa in this very rare era of Fa-rectification.

New Zealand Practitioners