Zhao Shujing, a 51-year-old retired woman in Shijingshan district, Beijing, is a Falun Gong practitioner. At around 2 pm on November 18, 2000, she went to Tiananmen Square by herself to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the people. A bunch of plainclothes policemen caught her and took turns beating and kicking her, causing her to lose consciousness in Tiananmen Square.

She was already in the police van when she regained consciousness. Blood kept running out from her nose and mouth. There were bloodstains everywhere: on her entire body, her clothes and on the floor of the police van. The policemen searched her body while she fainted and they stole 10 yuan (about US$1.20) from her.

When Zhao Shujing was dragged to the Tiananmen detention center, even the staff members there could not bear to look at her miserable state and they asked the policeman from her neighborhood to take her. However, this neighborhood policeman refused to take her back because of the severe condition of her injuries. By 8 or 9 pm, the detention center asked Zhao Shujing to go home and said: "You just came to Tiananmen Square to practice exercises. You are not breaching any law. You can go home now."

When Zhao Shujing strongly requested that the criminals who beat her be punished, the detention center asked her to find them in Tiananmen Square. She realized: "Isn't this (going to Tiananmen Square) a good chance to clarify the truth?" She then dragged her injured body with great difficulty and walked back to the Square. She kept telling people the truth, even on the subway that took her back home. Everyone who saw her was deeply touched.

Four days later, the neighborhood policeman stopped by Zhao Shujing's home. Zhao asked why he refused to take her back that day, he replied, "I've received many practitioners who were beaten but none of them had been injured so severely. I didn't want to take any responsibility should anything happen to you." His reply clearly suggests how badly Zhao Shujing was beaten that day.

When we met Zhao Shujing five days after she was beaten, her right eye was still swollen, her eyeball was congested with blood, the right side of her face was swollen like a ball, her skin was black and purple, a one-inch-long cut was inside her upper lip, the bridge of her nose was swollen, and her right shoulder stuck inside and was dark purple.

This is another case that exposes the lies of Jiang Zemin and provides hard evidence against the evil people who keep committing unforgivable crimes.

November 30, 2000