In Dengshahe town, Jinzhou District of Dalian City, Qi Xuming (female) a teacher at the No. 123 Middle School and, Communist Party Member, has been strict with herself at all times observing "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance" after obtaining the Fa in 1996. Wherever she goes, people say she is a nice person. However, one day in July 2000, the wicked people led by Li Wenxiang, the political-legal committee secretary of the town government, arrested this good teacher, who was deeply loved by her students, from her home without any reason. They sent her to the Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp without any legal procedure. At the same time, Miao Limin and another practitioner were illegally arrested and sent to the labor camp too. In order to validate Dafa and appeal for the freedom of his wife and other practitioners, teacher Qi's husband Wang Youbao resolutely went to Beijing to appeal, but he was arrested by policemen in Dalian city and taken into custody. He is now in the Jinzhou District detention center in Dalian City. Their son Wang Diangang was a student at the Beijing Teacher University. He has been expelled from school without any reason. Because teacher Qi keeps cultivating Dafa and believes in the Teacher firmly and refuses to write the "promise," [to give up practicing Falun Gong] the wicked people in Masanjia ruthlessly persecute her. Teacher Qi went on a hunger strike to safeguard her beliefs. The policemen cut her esophagus open in order to conduct forced-feeding. Teacher Qi is undergoing all kinds of tortures. We sincerely hope that all kindhearted people pay close attention to the suffering of this family.

Vicious People's Actions in Jinzhou District of Dalian City

Since May of this year, Jinzhou district closely follows in step with Dalian City 621 Center's crackdown on Falun Gong. After all the town and street offices, police stations, and police substations contacted the practitioners, they deceitfully arrested all the "non-transformed" practitioners and sent them to jail. The following units worked most energetically and viciously: Youyi Street, Yongzheng Street, Zhanqian Street, Dengshahe Town, Shihe Town, and Dalijia Village. They arrested a number of practitioners and sent them to jail without any legal procedure. Some practitioners were sent to Masanjia labor re-education camp by force. These town and street officers and policemen know very well that Dafa practitioners are good people, but they still commit crimes offensive to God and reason for the sake of their own interests. Even some old age women in the Resident Department are not ashamed of assisting the evildoers. They commit wrongdoing by monitoring, following, telephone harassment, or reporting Dafa practitioners. We are collecting evidence, and will expose all those vile people, who persecute Dafa practitioners, on the Internet to let the people of the world know their shameless behavior.

The number one evil person in Jinzhou District is Ma Shijun, male, the officer of Jinzhou district police station. Since the crackdown on Falun Gong, he has overseen the sentencing, jailing, and detention in labor camps of several hundred Dafa practitioners in Jinzhou district. He is the person responsible for crimes against Falun Dafa practitioners in Jinzhou district. Office telephone 0411-7837111, Home telephone 0411-7686111, Cell phone 13904085800

Record of Persecutors in the Development District of Dalian City

Officer Xin, (full name and telephone are currently being researched), male, the officer of Development District Police Station, He is mainly in charge of the 621 office.

Zhao Qian, male, member of 621 office in the development district moved in from other units mainly to continue the crackdown against Falun Gong, Telephone 7319057.

Section chief Miao, (full name and telephone are currently being researched) female, section chief of the political-legal department at development district police station. She is in charge of the 621 office;

The 621 office illegally detained over 100 Falun Gong practitioners (more than 10 of them were sent to labor camp or jail) without any legal procedure. Zhao Qian himself already knows that he has committed countless crimes. In order to escape eventual punishment, he is asking for a transfer however, the 621 office and their crimes will be unable to escape the net of justice.

List of Policemen Guilty of Committing Crimes Against Practitioners

Li Shiliang, male, policeman in Wucaicheng police substation of development district (telephone number is currently being researched).

Han Xiao, male, officer of Huanghai Road police substation of development district, (telephone number is currently being researched).

Ge Yanyu, male, policeman in the third district of Baoshui district police substation, cell phone: 13804260328, home phone: 0411-7317961;

These three persons committed crimes against God and humanity during the persecution of Dafa practitioners.

According to the inside information disclosed by the police, by the October 1, 2000, there were 120 million Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China.

Information from the Police Station of Dalian City

The Police station of Dalian City recently gave this order: Those police staff members whose family members practice Falun Gong can not work in any important position and are liable to be discharged in serious cases. Some practitioners think that this reminds us of taking the opportunity to work with the family members and let them know the complete truth.

Policemen Stole Like Thieves

Dafa practitioner Sun Xiujun, male, who lives in the Taoyuan residential district in the Jinzhou District of Dalian City, was cheated by the spy Luo XX [name withheld] and arrested. Then several criminal policemen from the development district and members of resident department at the Taoyuan residential district knocked at Sun's door with the excuse of gathering census information. Sun Xiujun's wife, also a Dafa practitioner, did not open the door. She calmly hid the Dafa materials, and jumped out from the second floor and left safely. Then the policemen climbed into the building and broke in through the window. They ransacked the room and stole two Dafa books and nearly 2000 yuan cash (about four months salary of an average city worker in China). Many people in the building witnessed the policemen's crime.

However, Dalian TV station fabricated the news, and spread propaganda by reporting falsely that the policemen from the Dalian development district "destroyed a Falun Gong den " and gained merit with their superiors. They aired the altered video of the illegal search and seizure in order to misinform people.

It is said that the spy Luo XX led the policemen in the development district police station to illegally search practitioners' homes in every residential district. Some practitioners' computers were confiscated.

Information collected by practitioners in China on December 17th, 2000