(Minghui.org) There is a veteran Falun Dafa practitioner, Yang (alias), in our local area whose celestial eye was opened. Local practitioners, or even practitioners from other cities, often visited him and sought his advice.

One of these practitioners said, “I met someone of a high level. He appears very healthy with flawless skin and he doesn’t need much sleep.” Another said, “What he sees with his celestial eye is really accurate. Some practitioners with severe sickness karma recovered after visiting him. If you have tests you can’t pass, visit Yang and he can tell you what it’s all about.” 

I recently heard that Yang was involved in pyramid schemes. He was recruiting practitioners to join online webinars, telling them, “If you invest now, you can reap rewards such that you will no longer need to work in the future.” As far as I know, one practitioner gave him all of his savings. When his family found out about it, they were very upset. They demanded that Yang return the money. Yang wouldn’t admit that he had done anything wrong. He also revealed that he had also been recruiting practitioners in Beijing and other areas to make investments. 

There were practitioners that didn’t know how to cultivate and blindly admired Yang. They judged him based on how young he looked, how well he recited the Fa, or his so-called celestial visions. When we told these practitioners about Yang’s involvement in the pyramid schemes, they were surprised to hear that.

Master said, 

“All who enter are disciples, no matter when they began the practice.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

As for those practitioners who spoke so highly of Yang and admired him, I feel that they didn’t keep Master or the Fa in their hearts. If they keep pursuing such things, they are not cultivating themselves, but wasting the precious opportunity to practice Falun Dafa.