(Minghui.org) After reading the sharing article “Does ‘Suffering the Persecution’ Give One Permission to Be Overbearing and Competitive?”, my first impression was that it’s a direct, serious reminder.

The phenomena mentioned in the article, such as being overbearing and competitive, are indeed very common among practitioners. Some of the conflicts happen in our day-to-day lives and some in truth-clarification projects. Some incidents even took place during Shen Yun productions. Those practitioners spit out harsh words and tried to gain the upper hand by being more aggressive. When the Fa-rectification has reached the final stage, we shouldn’t be acting like that with one another.

Most practitioners in China who took up Dafa before 1999 probably have suffered some kind of persecution. But suffering the persecution in and of itself cannot be used as justification to overrule others. Just as the article pointed out, Master completely rejected the persecution. If we regard it as giving us some kind of permission or authority to do something, haven’t we already acknowledged the persecution?

Master’s Fa is boundless. Whether or not the old forces existed, and whether or not the persecution happened, Master has ways for us to cultivate and achieve consummation. It’s only that the old forces chose to be evil and launched the persecution. Master thus decided to beat them at their own game and has used it to develop us. As Dafa disciples, we should closely follow Master’s teachings, reject the persecution, and do the three things well. Only then can we establish ourselves and gain mighty virtue.

Beginning in 1999, my family and I were persecuted repeatedly, including being tortured mentally and physically and subjected to financial extortion. Looking back on those difficult times, we wouldn’t have made it through without Master’s protection and help. But the reason we were persecuted was because of our own attachments and karma.

Master said in “Stay Far Away From Peril,”

“The creditors of the karmic debts you’ve owed lifetime after lifetime and even the victims of your massive karmic debts insist that you pay, so what can be done? The Fa principles of the universe are also assessing every single person, so that’s why there will be tribulations in cultivation and why persecution occurs.”……..

“Everything you do, including what you do in clarifying the truth as well as the persecution you endure, is a process of cultivation and something that must be done, and being forcibly persecuted by the old forces is also caused by the karma you have. None of this is done for Dafa, nor is it done for Master, but rather, it’s because you have a karmic debt that the old forces have something to grab onto.”

I left China after 2005. For a long time after that, I couldn’t let go of my resentment—my resentment toward the police for persecuting us, toward those who caused me to lose my job and live a poor life, and even toward fellow practitioners. My resentment was deeply hidden under a facade of good manners and a public face—no one could see it. But as long as the substance of resentment existed in my dimension, it played a negative role in my body, affecting my personal cultivation, causing conflicts between me and other practitioners, and preventing me from saving people effectively.

Through Master’s repeated reminders, I gradually realized these negative substances in myself. I worked hard to reject them and eliminate them. Little by little, I forgave those who’d hurt me and began to feel sorry for them. Then I learned to thank them and wish them a bright future. I realized that loving someone made me so much lighter and happier than resenting them. Isn’t that why we took up cultivation in the first place? Starting from being a good person and then being a better person who benefits others? I just regretted that I didn’t realize these problems and get rid of them sooner.

When my resentment was replaced by love, Master let me experience the tremendous power of Dafa. Those seemly insurmountable mountains in my heart were removed. The seemingly impassable tribulations and tests disappeared. The conflicts that seemed to have no solution were resolved peacefully. Those sentient beings who seemed determined not to change their minds were saved. Although what I’ve done is still far from Dafa’s standard, at least I’m heading in the right direction.

I also realized that when someone is consumed by resentment, it’s hard to work wholeheartedly in the Fa rectification to fulfill one’s vows. The article said, “I’ve noticed that some practitioners brought with them many bad habits they might have picked up in prison or a forced labor camp, in particular strong Party culture and a competitive mentality. They speak harshly, are demanding, and their words are sharp. And they tend to get their way by seeing everything as a competition and working hard to come out on top. Their behaviors have caused some disruptions to the cultivation environment outside of China.”

It’s sad to see such things happen. When we are aggressive toward our fellow practitioners, what’s the difference between us and members of the Chinese Communist Party? Maybe some practitioners didn’t realize what they did was wrong, but doesn’t that indicate a more serious problem? If we are controlled by those negative substances and act irrationally, then what kind of role are we playing in the Fa-rectification? Are we helping Master or causing damage?

In my understanding, on our cultivation path, the Fa is constantly evaluating us to see if we have reached the standard. If we don’t actively remove the negative substances, we might be driven to do more wrong, which might cause irreparable damage, and no one wants to see that happen.

Master said,

“In the end how many people will be able to come through, and how many people will truly be able to meet the standard for a Dafa disciple’s consummation? Sometimes I’m really not optimistic. The Fa-rectification is bound to succeed; that’s certain. And for sure there will be Dafa disciples achieving consummation. But how many? I’m really not that optimistic at the moment.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XIII)

It has been nine years since Master taught us this. How much have we improved since then? Everyone wants to cultivate him or herself well and return to our heavenly homes with Master. But can we really do it?

Master said,

“Some people often ask me, “Teacher, will I be able to reach Consummation?” Then I would answer with a question to you, “Well, can you do things as I just taught?” In fact, you should ask yourself the question of whether you can reach Consummation.” (Teachings at the Conference in Australia)

When I was sitting in meditation today, it came to me that resentment is a vicious spell. With that thought, I felt a negative substance being pushed out of me from deep inside, and I felt light and relaxed afterward. When I opened the Minghui website, I saw the above-mentioned article, which really resonated with me. I feel that Fa rectification is progressing very fast, and we should all strive to cultivate ourselves well to better fulfill our vows and reach consummation.

The above is my understanding at my limited level. I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.