(Minghui.org) As I obtained the Fa quite late, I did not have a good understanding of the teachings. Therefore, I did some things that were not in accordance with the Fa when I was arrested in 2018, and I suffered persecution. However, Master has always protected me.

I was under enormous pressure when I was taken to the police station. It seemed that there was a heavy weight on top of my head. Later, I gradually adjusted my state. While detained, I didn’t think about the materials at home, and the only thing that troubled me was that I was not sure which Fa principles I should use to guide myself. So, I just used the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance to guide myself every day, ensuring that I was being a good person. I would think of others first in everything I did, and would help whoever needed help. If someone didn’t have food to eat, I would share mine with her. I was careful of my speech and actions and made sure that my words would not hurt others. The cellmates saw my behavior and understood that people who practice Dafa are good people. Some of them started learning the exercise movements from me, and some said that they want to study Dafa.

During that time, I did the three things every day. The first was to ask Master for help, and I was clear that only Master could save me, because my issue is one of cultivation and not something ordinary. The second was to send righteous thoughts, and the third was to memorize the Fa. I kept recalling what Master said in Zhuan Falun, memorized Hong Yin, and I would memorize however much I could recall. Sometimes when I could not remember, I would ask Master for his empowerment. After continuously asking Master, I would be able to recall it.

I was illegally tried in court three times during detention. During every trial, I would beg Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts and help clear the place so that the sentient beings there would understand the truth and be saved. During the last trial, while on the way to the court, I stared at the sky. I looked far into the distance through the car window. The sky was blue with a few puffs of clouds. However, I had a heavy feeling, as I did not know how the trial would turn out.

Just then, a thought came into my mind. No matter what happens, I had gone through millions of years of reincarnation just for this day when Dafa starts spreading on Earth, I cannot miss this rare opportunity! I can give up everything in this world and just follow Master home! This was my xinxing at that time, and with that, I suddenly felt relaxed.

During the trial, despite going past lunch time, my lawyer did not stop defending me, and everyone in the courtroom listened quietly until the defense rested. During the process, there was no disturbance nor disruption for about two hours. In the end, I was released 40 days after the court hearing.

At that time, tears covered my face. I knew that I had done a lousy job and I did not really know about the deep Fa principles, but Master still protected me. Thank you Master!