(Minghui.org) My wife used to suffer from various illnesses. After undergoing many treatments that did not help, and just as she almost gave up, Falun Dafa saved her.

After she began practicing our family experienced a lot of good fortune and avoided misfortune and disasters. To give just one example, my son went from doubting life to finding his kind self.

Hard to be a Good Person

We had only one child and his academic performance from elementary school to high school was excellent. He is not a practitioner, but he knows that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. He sometimes chatted with us about things that happened in his classes. He said, “Our class is an outstanding one where all the students are the top performers in our school, but no one brings water to the dormitory and no one shuts the windows or turns off the lights in the classroom after evening study.”

My wife said, “Son, you can do those things for your classmates.” My son said, “I did, but my classmates said that I was a fool.” My wife told him he was doing the right thing.

Our son was later admitted to a top university in China. After graduation, he looked for a job where he could apply his professional expertise. But society is distorted. His company’s leaders didn’t appreciate capable and hardworking people, but instead favored those who had certain family backgrounds or flattered them.

Our son couldn’t accept the reality and became depressed. He communicated with us less and less, and in the end he refused to accept our phone calls.

As parents, we were worried. The third morning after our son disconnected from us, my wife woke me up and told me that she dreamed about our son. She saw that a receding tide took a lot of people out to sea, including our son and many acquaintances, but a big hand from the sky tied a long towel around our son’s waist and pulled him back to shore.

She said that Falun Dafa’s founder saved our son and I should bring him home. I took a taxi to his apartment. After my knocking went unanswered, I entered with the key he gave us. An empty alcohol bottle was on the coffee table. My son doesn’t drink. I found him unconscious, sitting on the floor in the bathroom, wearing some shorts. A razor lay beside him. I understood that if Master hadn’t saved him, he would have killed himself. If Master hadn’t enlightened my wife, and I hadn’t come, he would have cut himself after he woke up, or he wouldn’t have been able to wake up.

Helping Our Son

He opened up to us after I brought him home. “It’s so hard to be a good person in this society. My supervisor likes to drink, accepts gifts, and favors people who flatter him, but I can’t do those things. My professional expertise is the best, but there’s no place for me,” he said.

He stayed with us for a while. My wife shared traditional and cultural stories with him and talked with him. She told him that there’s nothing wrong with being a good and kind person, and that our ancestors knew that good deeds are rewarded but bad deeds are punished. Society is rotten to the core and nobody has the ability to make it better. We have to be responsible to ourselves. Although some people appear successful and are promoted to become officials by flattering and bribing leaders, they are far from being successful. Many high ranking Chinese Communist Party officials, like Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai, who were imprisoned in the end because they did bad deeds and persecuted Falun Gong. “We want to be sincere, kind, tolerant, and responsible people,” she told him. She often encouraged him.

My son’s heart opened up and he regained his original, kind self. He declared that he regretted his previous disrespectful words and deeds towards Dafa and Master, and asked Master to forgive him.

He later found a job that suited him. He married and had a child, and the family of three live happily.

Had my wife not practiced Falun Dafa and had not known the law of the universe, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance,” we would have followed our son’s ideas and fallen for atheism. We would have told him not to be so kind and to instead be smart and ambitious to get things done. We would have encouraged him to follow social trends and do what the leaders wanted him to do to be successful. This would have actually ruined our child.

I sincerely thank Master for his compassionate salvation! I will forever believe that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.