(Minghui.org) The 25th World Falun Dafa Day is celebrated on May 13, 2024. On May 12, Falun Gong practitioners in Japan held a parade in the downtown neighborhood of central Tokyo to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the spread of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) to the world. The practitioners also congratulated Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, on his birthday.

The parade lasted about two hours. There were many pedestrians on both sides of Ginza Avenue. The people took the initiative to read the materials distributed by Falun Gong practitioners. People also learned the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong.

Around 1:30 pm, the parade set off at Nakayuki Gate in Hibiya Park, Under the leadership of the Tian Guo Marching Band, banners such as “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” “Falun Dafa in Japan,” “Falun Dafa spreads to the world,” and “Stop persecuting Falun Gong” and other banners were seen by people visiting the area. The practice team conducted a demonstration of the exercises and introduced Falun Dafa through the radio waves. The jubilant waist drum team brought a cheerful waist drum performance.

On May 12, 2024, Japanese Falun Gong practitioners held a parade in the downtown area of central Tokyo.. They celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the spread of Falun Dafa to the world.

Japanese Citizen: I Hope that China Can Change when Exposed to Such Demonstrations

Mr. Watanabe reading the brochure

On his way home, Mr. Watanabe said he had read newspaper reports about Falun Gong being persecuted in China. “This time, when I saw the Falun Gong materials, I learned for the first time that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP ) had committed the evil act of organ trafficking from Falun Gong practitioners, and I was very indignant. Live organ harvesting is inhumane and must never be allowed,” he said, “I want to introduce regulations to prohibit illegal organ trafficking. Illegal trade in organs is an act of loss of conscience and an illegal act. I believe that one of the ways to stop this inhumane act is to enact laws and regulations, or to bring to justice those who have committed such inhumane acts in Japan.”

Mr. Sato said that he hopes China can be changed. 

Mr. Sato, who came to study at the library, said, “In a big country like China, the government uses political means to restrict people’s behaviors. I think that the suppression of the great powers with such political means is precisely the problem. Now that the CCP has run out of tricks, the people’s anger has risen to its peak. Under this form of Chinese society, China would not have changed without demonstrations. So I think it’s very good to have a parade like this today. It is hoped that through such a parade, China can be changed.”

Mr. Suzuki cheered the trainees.

Mr. Adi Unflns from Israel: “I sincerely pray for all of you to be lucky and safe.”

Mr. Yogev, an Israelite “I will pray that you will overcome the difficulties, stop the persecution, and gain physical and mental well-being. I hope that you will no longer be persecuted and that you will realize a society of freedom of belief and freedom of expression.”

Dereu Tomastone, a tourist from the United Kingdom, said, “I agree with your courageous actions and hope that your efforts will be realized.”

Practitioners Expressed Their Gratitude to Master

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Nagashima.

Ms. Nagashima who came to participate in the parade, said: “In my hometown, there were many people who practiced Falun Gong, so I became interested in Falun Gong. I was not in Japan yet. After coming to Japan, I was busy with work, and I wanted to practice qigong in order to maintain my health and maintain my physical strength. So I thought about Falun Gong again, and after searching on the Internet, I learned that Falun Gong can not only give you a healthy body but also be good for people’s spiritual level. So I decided to start cultivating. After cultivating, I have overcome all kinds of sufferings and difficulties, and I have become physically and mentally healthy. I can feel the importance and preciousness of life even more, and I am full of gratitude to Master.”

Ms. Nagashima continued, “May 13 is Master’s birthday, and it is a very important day for us Falun Gong practitioners. With gratitude to Master, practitioners all over the world held a parade to convey the beauty of Falun Gong to the world. I also hope to express my gratitude to Master by participating in the parade. Falun Gong has given me the greatest joy and hope in life. In the future, I will continue to practice and spread the beauty of Falun Gong to more people, praying that more people in the world can be happy.”