(Minghui.org) According to insiders, around April 11, 2024, the Ministry of Public Security of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organized police and Domestic Security Divisions across China to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners involved in selling “Pyunkang-Hwan” (a kind of Korean herbal supplement) online. They are currently illegally detained in Bengbu City, Anhui Province.

According to an insider, some time ago, a manager with the “Pyunkang-Hwan” business in South Korea went to China to promote related business activities and he was detained and arrested. Under pressure, he gave the police names and information on the company’s sales agents in China. Soon afterwards, large-scale arrests took place throughout China, including some practitioners. But the authenticity of the incident remains to be confirmed.

The sale of “Pyunkang-Hwan” is legal in China and abroad. But since the persecution is still going on, organizing any activities among practitioners might become a safety concern for them.

When we participate in everyday people’s business activities, we need to make sure our words and actions are in line with the Fa. There must be a reason practitioners were arrested. We urge those Falun Dafa practitioners involved to quickly look inward according to the Fa principles, identify your human attachments, and get rid of them.

We also ask practitioners outside of China not to interfere with the cultivation of those who are still facing persecution in China and not to undermine Master’s arrangements for them. For those who have played a negative role in this incident, in addition to immediately sending forth righteous thoughts to clear their environment, should also take action to rescue those who were arrested.


Editor’s Note: In recent years, similar incidents have recurred again and again. Some practitioners have cultivated and improved; some have remained stubborn and have fallen behind; some new practitioners and those who did not step forward in the past, as well as those who had fallen but came back to practice cultivation again, have taken the detours of the past again. Only by truly treating cultivation rationally and cultivating based on the Fa can we truly learn the lessons.

As for veteran practitioners, it is their responsibility to create a good atmosphere in our respective cultivation environments. Every time problems arise, we must remove the roots of our thoughts that are not in line with the Fa and get rid of the thoughts of “I am right, I am right, you are wrong” and the bad habit of thinking “I (we) are always right and upright.” This way, as a small group, we will not always repeat the same mistakes and will be able to form a pure and righteous whole body.

Four similar examples:

1 - Huge Security Risks Involved in Selling Goods on WeChat

In May 2020, more than 300 practitioners who joined a WeChat group to sell jade were arrested and the group organizer was detained for more than two months.

2 – Do Not Get Involved in Buying and Selling “Pure Lotus Heavenly Incense”

Similar to the “Pyunkang-Hwan,” some practitioners involved in selling “Pure Lotus Heavenly Incense” were also arrested or harassed at around the same time. Some also had their homes searched and their cell phones confiscated. Some practitioners might get involved in the business at the recommendation of certain practitioners who run their own social media channels. We’d like to remind them not to follow or admire any individual practitioners and to evaluate everything based on the Fa. We also would not recommend spreading things unrelated to Dafa among practitioners.

3 – Do Not Participate in Online Fa Study

In another incident, some practitioners in China participated in online Fa study groups on a website said to have been set up by a practitioner in Taiwan. Some practitioners outside of China have also joined it and used methods similar to pyramid schemes to attract new members. The website is open from 6:10 in the morning until midnight. It poses serious safety risks, and practitioners in China should not participate in such online Fa-study.

4 – Do Not Participate in Phone Call Projects Outside of China

Some practitioners in China joined a phone call project organized by those outside of China. Although the project helps people quit the CCP, practitioners in China are advised not to participate in such projects as they are not suitable for the environment in China and threaten the safety of fellow practitioners. It is also not in line with Master’s teachings with regard to the safety of practitioners in China. It is very easy for CCP’s secret agents to take advantage of our loopholes.