Dafa Spiritual Practice Is Serious

“Practice with the heart you first had, and success is assured.” These are words of truth from the spiritual community. With the teaching of Dafa, the Great Way, to the general public, many higher secrets of great importance were revealed. Their revelation was striking, like nothing before, not only to the general public, but also to those leading lives of spiritual discipline, and even to those in realms divine. One after another people, both predestined and not, came to receive Dafa’s teachings and take up spiritual practice. While some began with a firm sense of commitment, there are some who have found it hard in their practice to let go of the many attachments they have developed over time. Some of them have become lax over the course of time. Add to this the time demands of work and not having handled family matters well, and these individuals have found themselves even more short on time for Fa study and exercises. And though they may occasionally take part in practitioners’ group activities, they can’t manage to be diligent. Over time they have come to be nothing like a practitioner of a spiritual discipline, and have even started to do things that no practitioner should. Danger is in store if they continue on like this!

When each person joined the ranks of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, their knowing side made a vow to, and signed a pledge with, the Divine, and they swore by their very soul that they would fulfill the historic mission that a Dafa disciple should shoulder, so they have since been outside the authority of the Three Realms. And therefore I, your master, removed the names of all Dafa disciples from the ledgers of the Three Realms, of the Human Realm, of the Netherworld, and even of Hell. The lives of Dafa disciples have ever since been in Dafa’s hands only, and freed from reincarnation; even those with sins are no longer bound for Hell. Spiritual perfection awaits those who do well in their practice. They will return to their position in the New Universe, where they will govern a Heavenly Kingdom of their own. Those who do not succeed in their self-cultivation, violate their vows, or sin against the Great Way will have to meet with the consequence that accords with the promise they made with their souls! But I have mercifully kept giving them more chances. They don’t even realize they should be grateful for that, though, and have stubbornly held on to their attachments.

Although the spiritual discipline that Dafa disciples engage in is quite loose in form, the standard for them, as individuals committed to spiritual development, is strict, and solemn, and their historic missions are serious and weighty. The Dafa disciples who achieve spiritual perfection will become special beings, and in the eyes of divine ones throughout the universe they are extraordinary holy beings who have been forged during the Fa-rectification period. Why have the old forces been so harsh toward Dafa disciples? On the one hand, they are jealous of you. On the other, they look down on certain Dafa disciples who have too many and too strong of human thoughts, who are not grounded in the Fa in different situations, and who look at things in human ways. That is why tribulations are great for those who don’t do well, and if it goes on like that it is downright dangerous!

The Fa-rectification is now reaching its end, and the old forces want to weed out a number of people who haven’t managed to truly work on themselves in their practice or who have long failed to honor their vows and fulfill their historic missions. And so they have demonic entities possess the bodies of the worst individuals who are mixed in with practitioners, and seize upon their human thinking, attachments, resentment, and other wicked thoughts to rile up practitioners who have been off from the Fa and not actually working on themselves for a long time. While it comes across as attempting to foul up the Dafa disciple community, the old forces are in actuality utilizing these people to purify the overall body of Dafa disciples, and to expose from within Dafa disciples those who have just been messing around, who can’t free themselves from their attachments as they practice, who have long not been grounded in the Fa, and who have changed to the point where they can’t manage to practice. At this critical time, whoever concurs with those individuals is someone being readily identified, with the goal of purging him. This is the true reason why the old forces have utilized, from behind the scenes, those individuals who are stirring up trouble these days.

Those who are stirring up trouble are being controlled by demonic entities, though they are unaware of it and would of course reject the idea. The problem is that there really are some people with attachments and grievances who give them an audience, concur with them, are receptive and listen to them, and watch or read their stuff, completely disregarding the seriousness and solemness of Dafa and spiritual practice. But Dafa is the Way of Heaven, and not something that anyone can disorder! What can be disordered is people’s minds. And those who are acting out are precisely those whom the old forces want to do away with. People who have long veered from the Fa need to pay special heed. Those who are most apt to concur with [the individuals who are stirring up trouble] are people who harbor attachments, resentment, or even those who got expelled from a Dafa project meant for saving people on account of mistakes they made, or who are disgruntled. And when these people talk together and air their grievances, it is a massive display of their human thinking. We can see that the kind of people I’m referring to never evaluate things based on our teachings, the Fa, and ask themselves: is it right for me to be resentful like that? Is it befitting of a person committed to self-cultivation? Is it in line with our teachings? When a person does poorly in his spiritual practice, it’s a personal matter. But when his actions do severe harm to our practice and impact our efforts to save people, it is something grave. How could human beings be allowed to disrupt this incredibly momentous Fa-rectification, when it was the work of the Creator and the multitude of divinities over millions upon millions of years, for the purpose of saving all lives?! Such disruptions are an incomparable sin that no being in any realm should dare whatsoever to commit!

There are also some who claim that they have long since stopped practicing, and think that they’re no longer one of us and so it’s fine for them to say or do things that are harmful to Dafa. I’ll say this to them: you were able to join in the practice back when you did because you had made a pledge with your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are or however long ago it may have been; vows are a solemn thing. What this means is that, for those who are saying they no longer practice, it doesn’t matter if you left Dafa long ago or recently: you need to make good on your vow even if you don’t practice anymore. It is an incredibly solemn thing that you originally wanted to become a disciple of the Great Way of the universe during the Fa-rectification period. That is a choice of tremendous significance for any being, and the vow was signed with your very life! Do you think it’s as simple as deciding to practice if you want to, and not if you don’t? Could a human being be allowed to brush off a responsibility of cosmic scale as well as divine ones and the Creator?! You must make good on your vow once you have signed it!

Out of compassion I am giving this teaching again—and for the last time—to this group of people. Do yourself a favor and choose the path forward that is in your best interest! Shouldn’t the seriousness of your spiritual practice be apparent when the old forces have marshalled the full force of a massive nation controlled by the wicked Chinese Communist Party to suppress us? Never in the past have human beings become divine. So how could this not be a serious matter? Are the painful lessons from the Dafa disciples who didn’t do well in their practice not enough to wake you up?

Teacher Hongzhi Li

September 1, 2023

(Translation by Team Yellow)