(Minghui.org) As a successful entrepreneur, Peter follows traditional values. A few years ago he watched Shen Yun Performing Arts for the first time and was drawn to the artists’ positive energy, pure kindness, and beauty. He believed that Shen Yun’s artistic director, artists, and orchestra bring their audience the ultimate goodness in life. 

Peter became a Shen Yun fan and invited his family and friends to the show every year. He said that Shen Yun’s artistic director is great as he, “passes down traditional values and inspires people to be kind.” 

One of Peter’s friends recommended he read, “How Humankind Came To Be,” a recent article written by Falun Dafa’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi. As he read the article he recalled a scene from one of Shen Yun’s performances in which divine beings follow the Creator to the human world. He could almost hear the Creator telling them, “Follow me to the human realm and save sentient beings.” He felt a sense of mission to continue to hold non-profit book reading sessions and promote good deeds and ideas. 

He recommends Mr. Li’s article because he feels that it is a bright light which guides the way for people living in these degenerated times. Peter believes that only by doing good deeds can people make the world a better place and steer away from a destructive fate. 

He recalls what was said in the article, 

“The Creator cherishes all of the heavenly beings that exist as well as all of the lives that are good and kind, and all of the glorious creations in the cosmos. So at the beginning of the Degeneration stage He led a number of divine beings to the outermost plane of the cosmic body (known generally as “that which is outside the Divine Realm”), a place where there are no divine beings, and created Earth.” (“How Humankind Came To Be”)

He said that the divine beings who came with a mission hold positions in all walks of life, and try to save their sentient beings including families and friends by spreading kindness. 

What touched Peter the most was that when he read the article he had the same feeling as watching Shen Yun performances. He said he was enveloped by warm energy. “It felt like I was in Heaven. My spiritual energy went up and my character improved immediately. I was no longer narrow-minded and my heart grew bigger.”

He said that reading Mr. Li’s article can benefit everyone and inspire people’s kindness. He said that, to be kind, people should start by doing good deeds, even small ones, and be considerate and altruistic. 

After reading the article, he said that Mr. Li not only has compassion for his students, but for every being, “He came to save the beings in the universe.” “He wished to change the way the world is heading with compassion, and stop the universe from being destroyed.”