(Minghui.org) Although the Chinese regime has been enforcing censorship by blocking access to certain websites for many years, I was able to find ways to browse the sites. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and found that when I studied the Fa a lot, as I did for the past 20 years, I could connect to the sites even when they were censored. However, in October 2022, when I wasn’t keeping up with Fa study because I was dealing with obstacles, my internet was blocked and I couldn’t access the sites for several days.

Removing Attachments Prevents Internet Blockade

I knew that it was time for me to improve my xinxing when I encountered the internet blockade. I had slacked off and wanted a break. I had thought about how I would travel and relax when the Fa-rectification was over. I did not realize my strong desire to live a good life among ordinary people until after I spent three days memorizing Master Li’s lecture, “The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be.” (The Essentials of Diligent Progress III)

After putting down the desire to live a comfortable ordinary human life, I could connect to the websites quickly, had a stable connection, and didn’t encounter any censorship. The file download speed was often more than one or two megabytes per second, which had rarely happened in the past. I believe that my cultivation state determined whether or not I was affected by the website censorship.

My Early Days of Cultivation

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, I did not know how to cultivate and regarded working on projects as cultivation. I failed to understand the importance of studying the Fa and looking inward.

I was once arrested and restrained on an iron chair for seven days. The police shocked me with a 50,000-volt taser. I felt like I was dying and was barely alive. At that time, I had human thinking rather than righteous thoughts. I knew that I had no way out and had to endure until the torture ended.

The police tortured me for four nights and then the taser ran out of power at approximately midnight. I didn’t say a word. After that, they stopped using electric batons on me. Even now, I still cannot describe the psychological and physical impact of those electric shocks on me. However, it was after the torture that I began to wake up from my prior cultivation state.

Dafa Practitioners Form One Body

Afterward, I was taken to a detention center where there weren’t any other practitioners. The only thing I knew to do was to go on a hunger strike to protest my incarceration. After two hunger strikes, I finally realized that the evil forces are afraid of Dafa practitioners forming one body.

I met two other practitioners when I was in a different detention center. The first one was a senior local practitioner who cultivated solidly and memorized a lot of Fa. The second one was transferred from a labor camp to this detention center. The latter did something wrong while he was persecuted in the labor camp. He gained righteous thoughts after memorizing the Fa for four months. He volunteered to represent 20 practitioners to turn in their solemn statements to declare null their previous acts denouncing Falun Gong to the team leader, the evilest person in the labor camp, who described himself as a thug and wore a police uniform given by the Communist Party.

The night before he handed in the solemn statements, the practitioner dreamed about twenty catties of rice (approximately 605 grams or 21 ounces) being ground into eight bags of rice. The next day, the wicked guards began persecuting the 20 practitioners, and 8 were able to withstand the pressure. As the practitioner presented the solemn statements, the guards shocked him with electric batons on his chest and in his mouth. He later told me, that by the time the guard stopped, he was almost dead. From his experiences, I learned the importance of studying the Fa.

From then on, I began to memorize the Fa along with two other practitioners. The Fa that I memorized helped me later during nearly two years of detention when I didn’t interact with other practitioners. Afterward, though, I could study the Fa secretly when the detention became less strict. In those years, I continued to recite the Fa in my mind throughout the day except when I was eating, so my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. I knew not to cooperate with the guards.

One time, the guard instructed the criminals to beat me after I did not follow their demands. After being beaten, I was made to stand from morning to midnight. I then went on a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment. On the eighth day of the hunger strike, I was sent to the hospital because I had a fever of over 40 degrees due to fluid in the chest cavity from the beatings I had received. The guards stopped persecuting me after the doctor confirmed that I was in serious condition.

Studying the Fa

During my detention, the guards asked me what I wanted. I said, “Don’t keep pulling on me when I am doing the exercises and stop checking my stuff. I only have this (referring to the scriptures) and nothing to hide.” From then on, as long as I did not do the exercises in front of the guards, I could openly study the Fa and do the exercises. Sometimes the guards just said something to me or pretended they did not see what I was doing. Moreover, my belongings were not searched anymore. Even when fellow practitioners’ scriptures were taken away, the guards didn’t go through my belongings. I realized that as long as we study the Fa well and hold righteous thoughts, evil really dares not approach us. Studying the Fa and maintaining righteous thinking kept the guards from persecuting me.

Although my environment became less restrictive, I still lived under pressure every day and couldn’t relax for a moment. In jail, even a small thing could become a life-and-death matter. One time, after I stood up against the persecution, the head of the detention center’s 610 Office asked me to go to his office and let me sit on the sofa. He said, “Stay here, and nothing will happen to you in the future.” After that, I really had no troubles, except for being locked up in a small cell by the warden once. The small cell was cold but I wasn’t under any pressure.

My behavior improved from lacking righteous thoughts at the beginning of the persecution to not being harassed by the guards while I was in jail. I depended on studying the Fa well, studying the Fa a lot, studying the Fa with heart, and most importantly, Master’s protection. At that time, I memorized the Fa during the day and studied the Fa at night. When I picked up the Fa and started to study, I became energetic and didn’t have any distracting thoughts.

I really felt that Dafa was like a furnace of molten steel, and I was immersed in it. I completely assimilated to the Fa. When something wrong happened, I could figure out the attachment that caused the problem and immediately get rid of it, and then continue to recite the Fa. I was able to suppress my emotions of joy and the desire to show off overnight, and my heart became calm the next day. I needed several days to remove the feeling of hatred.

I believe that no attachment can stop my cultivation.


After returning home, I tried to study the Fa as much as possible every day, sometimes I read more and sometimes less. The police and my neighbors have not troubled me for 10 years. This is directly related to studying the Fa more often. Moreover, I have the wisdom and confidence to do many things, whether it is validating the Fa or dealing with ordinary people.

Some practitioners said that they don’t know how to look inward. I think they haven’t studied the Fa well enough. There are many benefits to studying it. If you spend more time studying the Fa, you will save a lot of time when doing things because you can achieve good results in less time.

I am sharing my experiences after seeing how my circumstances improved after I began frequently reading the Fa, and observing that some fellow practitioners could benefit from studying it more often.

Please kindly point out any shortcomings.