(Minghui.org) It’s not easy to cultivate with special capabilities unlocked. I have a deep understanding of that, as my celestial vision is open and I am able to communicate with beings in other dimensions.

So many things I saw were beyond my comprehension. If I did not understand things from the basis of the Fa, or my xinxing was inadequate, I would be easily enlightened on a deviated path and develop attachments. Many fellow practitioners with such abilities have experienced similar issues. Some deviated from the Fa and some even went to the opposite side.  

I understand that my cultivation path was designed this way. Even though I might not understand some things I see, I still have to walk my path solidly and steadily. I feel like I’m walking on thin ice with a trembling heart at times. I was constantly wandering back and forth between belief and disbelief. I was overwhelmed by whether I should negate or affirm it.

For things that I could not find the basis in the Fa teachings, I dared not to share them with others, worrying that I would trouble them. I also worried that I would be manipulated by the old forces to do bad things against Dafa. When the pressure got to be too much, I would break down and cry and feel everything was false.

I want to cultivate in Dafa. I want to learn to manage things that I see and have contact with from the other dimension. Without any reference or anyone to talk to, I was handling it by myself.

For a period of time, I was confused about the situation. I was eager to get help from other practitioners who were in similar situations. I hoped that they or Master could tell me what I should do. But I knew it was impossible. If I wanted to walk the path well, I could only study the Fa and take the Fa as Master.

With a large amount of Fa study, I finally came through. I was constantly being reminded and encouraged by the Fa to reflect on myself and to break through my notions. Eventually, I was no longer painfully bewildered by things that were difficult to understand.

Fellow practitioners suggested I share my experiences to help those who might be in a similar situation so that we can improve together.

Study the Fa with Complete Attention

Being able to study the Fa with a calm mind is part of one’s genuine practice. It took years of cultivation to be able to calm my mind as soon as I picked up the book. Over time, one can gradually eliminate the distracting thoughts in one’s mind, and one will be able to achieve this. One should study the Fa attentively every day, paying attention to quality, not just quantity.

When one cultivates with divine capabilities unlocked, it is particularly important to study the Fa well. Otherwise, it is easy to look at things with human notions and deviate from the Fa. Only when one studies the Fa daily and carries the power of the Fa, can one walk the path well. It is crucial. I cannot emphasize this enough. I am able to have walked through all these years without making any major mistakes, it is all because of Fa study.

Cultivating Xinxing Is the Most Crucial

Practitioners should always put xinxing cultivation as a top priority, particularly those who have supernatural powers. I heard someone comment “Look at so and so, because he has certain abilities and is able to see and communicate with beings in the other dimensions, he is ruined!”

I don’t believe this statement is correct. It is not one’s abilities that ruined someone. It is one’s inadequate xinxing that caused the problem.

If one feels that he or she is extraordinary and better than others because they saw something, that thought itself is a problem. Oftentimes, Master would give us hints of the attachment. But if one stubbornly holds on to one’s own understandings, as time goes on, one may deviate and be ruined. So after all, xinxing improvement is the crucial factor.

Some fellow practitioners measured how well they cultivate by what they see. They think that seeing magnificent things in other dimensions means they have cultivated well. But the Fa taught us that xinxing is the only standard to measure a cultivator’s level, nothing else.

A fellow practitioner told me after she signed a fake name on the statement to renounce Dafa in a harassment campaign, that she saw herself soaring upwards toward the vastness of the universe. She took her vision as the Fa confirming that she did the right thing. One should be on guard regarding the true meaning of a vision.

I used to have a similar attachment. Even though I didn’t cultivate solidly for a long time because I had an attachment to fear, I thought I was doing reasonably well because I could see wonderful scenes in another dimension. It was only after I overcame my fear that I realized my problem. But several years of my precious cultivation time could have been more effective.

It is a serious lesson I learned. I sincerely hope others will pay attention to this issue and not make the same mistakes.

One’s Capabilities Not Correlating with One’s Cultivation Level

When I talked about my struggles with some fellow practitioners, they told me they didn’t expect I would have such struggles and they thought that I must have cultivated well to be able to experience such miraculous things. These words were not comforting to me.

We have all made solemn vows in front of Master to do our best to assist Master in Fa-rectification. We were given different responsibilities and different abilities to do things. Some must cultivate supernatural powers and some do not.

There are some fellow practitioners who thought they are capable and better than others after learning who they were in history. If we were some famous officials or rich people it could explain an attachment to fame and profit. It is also something from a long time ago and may have nothing to do with our abilities or cultivation level in this lifetime. No matter who we were in history or how successful and capable we were, we still have to solidly cultivate ourselves in this life in order to achieve consummation.

Cultivate Speech

We should avoid randomly commenting on fellow practitioners based on what we see with celestial vision. Each person's situation is different, including where they came from and their cultivation state. Whatever we see regarding others is limited to our own level. Even if what we see is true, it doesn’t reflect the entire picture of that practitioner, as there is no way for us to see things in its entirety at every level. Casually commenting about fellow practitioners might cause harm to them.

Master told us:

“I said long ago that the criterion for evaluating a disciple is nothing but his xinxing, and I will never allow anyone who hasn’t attained Enlightenment or reached Consummation to see clearly my disciples’ actual cultivation states. What is visible to those who can see are merely manifestations shown to them at their particular low levels, and they are unable to see things at higher levels.” (“Another Comment on Evaluation Criteria,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I also want to say a few words to fellow practitioners who do not have supernatural powers.

Many practitioners with their abilities locked like to hear stories from those who can see other dimensions. They admire such practitioners and think they’ve cultivated well. Although what we saw with celestial vision can be helpful to fellow practitioners and enhance their faith in Dafa, we should still evaluate things based on the Fa and never take what fellow practitioners see as guidance in cultivation. What fellow practitioners see with celestial eyes isn’t only a test to themselves, but also to those who can’t see.

For those who can’t see, if they are driven by curiosity and get excited about novel things, it would be helpful for them to quickly look within and see if an attachment is stirred up. Only then can they avoid making detours in cultivation.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)