(Minghui.org) I was deeply moved by reading the Minghui article “Misuse of Falun Dafa Project Funds Perpetuates Financial Hardships.” The practitioner in the article came to understand that funds for Dafa activities should not be improperly used for any reason. She regretted it and immediately corrected herself.

I would like to share my own experience to remind practitioners about the seriousness of handling funds for Dafa activities and to examine whether there were any flaws in the process. If we find any mistakes, we should immediately correct ourselves and replace the misused funds.

In 2005, we did not have enough materials to clarify the truth to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I withdrew 10,000 yuan of my own money, bought several pieces of equipment, and set up a Dafa materials production site. Other practitioners provided the paper cutters. I then paid for all the ongoing operational expenses of the materials production site out of my own pocket.

From my daily job, I knew that project funds should be used only for that specific project and be accounted for by an audit. However, I did not clearly separate the funds for Dafa activities from those of my family expenses; I thought that regardless of whether the expenses were for my family or for the Dafa project, I paid them all. Everything ran smoothly for a while.

As we produced more and more materials, practitioners started contributing money to the materials production site. I separated these funds for the materials site from my own money and used the contributed funds strictly for Dafa activities. Since I was not short of money, I had no need to use the donated money for my own purposes.

On one occasion, my child was returning to school in another town by train, and the train was to depart at 5 a.m. When I went to give him some money, I found that I was short of cash. The bank was not open that early in the morning, and the ATM was not available yet. I was thinking, “What should I do?” In that urgent situation, I thought about the funds for the materials production site that I was managing. I decided to borrow some money from the fund for only a few hours. I planned to withdraw money from my bank account as soon as the bank opened, and return the money to the fund; I was not taking the money. I thought, “God knows everything and knows what is on my mind.” I then took 1,600 yuan from the fund and gave it to my child.

After my child left, I was tired and fell asleep on the sofa. In a dreamy state, I saw a scene in which someone was knocking on my door. I thought, “I won’t open the door. My home has materials everywhere. I won’t open the door at such an early hour.” However, I was startled when I looked in the direction of the door. I saw through my thick door (although my celestial eye was not opened) that two men were standing outside, one tall and one short. The short one was in his 30s, and the tall one was in his 40s; they were both holding an account book.

They kept knocking on my door. Probably seeing that I did not want to open the door, they looked at each other. I immediately received the message they were communicating, “We can still go in even if she doesn’t open the door!” As soon as I received this message, they floated in through my window and stood in front of me. Looking at them, I was surprised, “Who are you? I live on the fifth floor! How did you get in?” Before I was able to finish asking, the short one took out his account book and opened it to a page. He pointed at the page to show me the numbers while saying, “Look, the numbers do not match. Did you cause the mismatch?…”

I looked at the balance in the book. The balance of the funds for the materials production site should be more than two thousand yuan. Because I took out more than one thousand yuan for private use, the balance was less. However, the total in the book was left blank. I believe that they wanted to give me an opportunity to correct my mistake, so they did not yet fill in the total. I sensed their kindness at that moment.

The numeric figures in the account book were the same numeric figures we normally use, but they were in a beautiful artistic font. I felt that the numbers were all alive. The account book pages were clean and had a faint soft glow. Before I could look further, he closed the book and said to me, “We’ll be coming again!” They then floated out of my window and disappeared.

I sat up and looked at the place where they had just stood. The voice they used to reproach me, the seriousness of their expression, the beautiful artistic font of the numbers, and the fact that the balance in their book matched the balance of the fund—all of this told me that it was not a dream, it was real! The gods were tracking the spending from the fund! I was terrified. I corrected my mistake and replaced the money I took from the fund.

More than a dozen years have passed since I saw that scene. For every expenditure from the fund that has passed through my hands, I made sure the money was properly used, and I delivered it to where it was needed without mistake or delay. I dared not to make a mistake again. I was the only one whom the gods overseeing the fund had visited to reconcile the balance. I shared this experience with other practitioners to remind them to pay attention to using Dafa’s resources.

This is the first time I have shared this experience on the Minghui website. I hope that practitioners can learn from my mistake. There is nothing small in cultivation. If we can base our every thought and deed on the Fa, we can then walk our cultivation path in a righteous manner.

Please point out any mistakes.