(Minghui.org) On every sensitive day of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the past several years, local Party officials have hired people to sit in front of Dafa practitioners’ homes in Beijing in shifts for 24 hours. When practitioners go out, they follow closely behind, and even help carry their bags and backpacks.

They listen to practitioners’ clarify the truth. Practitioner don’t feel that there is much of a conflict. Apart from sending righteous thoughts, practitioners have been tacitly acquiescing and condoning this persecution for many years. They used to monitor Dafa practitioners secretly, but now it is done openly. This scares people who don’t know the truth and affects saving sentient beings.

Why have Dafa practitioners treated this persecution passively for a long time? I found several reasons:

One is that they have a fear mentality. The progress of the Fa-rectification has come to this day, and they are just using this superficial bluff to cover up their weakness. It’s bad, but it’s weak. As long as Dafa practitioners’ righteous thoughts are strong, they can eliminate it.

Second, the long-term persecution has caused some practitioners to develop notions about the police, neighborhood committees, and local security. Practitioners feel that these people are evil and disgusting and do not like to face them. This is not right. From Master’s teaching, I understand that the relationship between us and them is not one of persecuting and being persecuted, but one of saving and being saved. It is not good for the people to continue to participate in the persecution.

During my dealings with the police over the years, I found that they paid attention to what Dafa practitioners thought of them. They are actually happy when they feel that we don’t hate them, and are kind to them. When we mercifully clarify the truth to them, even if it is inconvenient for them to express their views, they have felt our kindness.

The third is numbness, thinking that the Party seems to be less evil. As it does not affect practitioners’ Fa study and exercises at home, they have condoned the existence of evil factors. The environment is relaxed, and they are satisfied with the status quo. Some practitioners even feel that the Party seems to have changed and is not so evil, so they let it go.

It is true that there are not as many evil factors now, but their nature has not changed. We still need to send forth righteous thoughts to firmly eradicate the evil.

Given this situation, I recommend that we send forth righteous thoughts frequently and take righteous action.

I noted that several Dafa practitioners around me send forth righteous thoughts as a mere formality without paying too much attention. We must really pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. In addition to sending righteous thoughts at home, we should also eliminate the words and deeds of the CCP’s persecution.

We all know that these people are appointed by the neighborhood committees and police stations. We can go to the neighborhood committee and police station to report the issue. Even if we can’t do much, we can ask and talk about it. We are good people, but not people easy to bully – we don’t fight, don’t complain, and just tell the truth. We can ask them why they assign people to monitor us. Their behavior affects our safety and causes harm. We can even call the police. Usually it is not convenient for us to go to them, but this time, it is just to report the situation.

The next suggestion is to clarify the truth. We can turn bad things into good. Their behavior is actually disgusting in the eyes of ordinary people, and many people are also curious and want to know what is going on. We usually look for opportunities to clarify the truth to people, and this happens to be a good opportunity to clarify the truth and expose their wrongdoing in broad daylight. Let everyone see that citizens’ taxes are being used to monitor kind-hearted Dafa practitioners. At the same time, we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that hinder ordinary people from being saved.

Dafa practitioners are a whole body. Practitioners who have not been monitored should also pay attention to it and oppose this kind of persecution. Let’s all send righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)