(Minghui.org) In August 2019, my sister Jingyu visited the hospital for treatment of cough and cold symptoms. Two months later, her persistent symptoms prompted her to visit the hospital again. The hospital scanned Jingyu’s lungs, and she asked our eldest sister Aimei to obtain a copy of the report. Upon seeing the scan results, Aimei instantly realized that there was a malignant tumor in Jingyu’s lungs. Stunned beyond belief, she immediately called me over and broke the news. Amidst the shock, I begged merciful Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) to save my sister.

Unable to bring the truth to Jingyu, Aimei asked our brother-in-law to accompany Jingyu to the hospital. When the doctor suggested that my sister remain in the hospital for treatment of the tumor, she began to sense the severity of her illness. That evening, as we gathered at our eldest sister’s house, I could see that Jingyu was nearly to the point of breaking down. After warning myself to eliminate attachments to familial affections, I approached my sister and said, “Don’t be afraid and don’t worry. There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome.”

Previously, I had attempted to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa to Jingyu and her husband. My brother-in-law works as a policeman. Not only did he reject my words, but he even drove me out of their home. Jingyu also expressed unwillingness to listen to me. “Whenever you mention Falun Dafa, I start trembling uncontrollably! Our family suffered endless trauma and worry each time you were kidnapped [illegally arrested by the authorities] and tortured. Looking back, I still shudder in fear. We can’t take it anymore, so please stop telling us these things.”

This time I planned my approach cautiously and did not attempt to clarify the truth to my sister right away. Instead, I visited her daily at the hospital. It became clear that conventional medical treatment had no hope of curing Jingyu’s illness. Seeing her pain and desperation, I could no longer bear to remain silent. I put aside my fear of being hurt and my selfish sense of pride. I reminded myself of the importance of saving sentient beings before I approached my sister once more. “Sister, you saw how poor my physical condition was when I was first released from prison. Yet I rapidly recovered soon after. Stop denying the truth. Now, only cultivating in Falun Dafa can save you!”

She replied, “I know I have no other options left. As you have said, I can only ask Falun Dafa’s Master to save me!” From that day onwards, Jingyu and I started listening to recordings of Master’s lectures daily. Her condition began to improve. Her mood became lighter, and she found walking easier. I also downloaded videos from the Moments in Life and Hope at the End of the Road series, in which sufferers of lung cancer and other incurable diseases shared how they miraculously recovered after practicing Dafa. These stories further convinced my sister, and she expressed her desire to study the Fa and practice the exercises with me.

When Jingyu turned down the option of surgery and expressed her desire to be discharged, my elder sister burst into tears and yelled at me, “What qigong is this? How has it benefited you? Your own family disowned you, leaving you with nothing. Now you want to harm our sister?! You even went to my home and destroyed the hanging scroll that I worship. When you were kidnapped, I was out of my mind with worry, running around attempting to secure your release. Yet you treat me this way and even want to destroy our whole family!” 

I could only apologize profusely and explained to her, “It’s all a misunderstanding. I was trying to remove the evil possessing spirit, so I wrote some words on the scroll to eliminate it. I was truly doing this for your well-being. We are family, how could I possibly harm you?”

Jingyu also started crying, “Elder Sister, I am already dying. Please stop arguing. No matter what, our youngest sister has always done her best for us! Do you believe she would harm us?” On hearing our words, Aimei calmed down and said, “If Dafa can cure your illness, I will study the Fa and practice the exercises with you every day.”

Afterwards, I played the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth-clarification videos for them to watch. That night, we stayed up late watching these videos. Afterwards, Aimei turned to me and said, “In reality, Falun Dafa’s Master is here to save people! Everything shown in the [state-sponsored] media has been fake! For years my misconceptions caused you to suffer a cold and uncaring attitude from me. I feel so guilty!”

Soon after Jingyu completed the hospital discharge process, my brother-in-law dropped by and discovered that his wife had decided to return home. He furiously yelled at me, “Such a major decision and you didn’t discuss the matter with me first! After destroying your own family, you now want to harm ours!” My sister calmly told him, “I was the one who requested to learn Falun Dafa. You can’t blame her. I’ve made up my mind! No one can stop me. Please don’t be angry, and watch this truth-clarification video. It will explain everything.” 

Seeing how determined his wife was, my brother-in-law calmed down and replied, “Then let me watch and judge for myself!” After watching, my brother-in-law asked, “Is Dafa really so miraculous? If you really recover, not only will I learn it, I will even promote the practice.”

Thereafter, I accompanied my sister in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises daily. Ten days later, Jingyu returned to the hospital for an examination, and doctors determined she was only suffering from lung inflammation. Both Aimei and my brother-in-law could hardly believe such a drastic reversal in diagnosis. He told my sister, “Practice well, don’t worry about anything else.”

My brother-in-law went straight to my parents’ home and told them, “Falun Dafa is amazing! Falun Dafa is amazing! The test results came out, and her lung cancer has now become just lung inflammation!” My mother burst into tears, “Thank you, Falun Dafa’s Master! Thank you, Dafa’s Master!”

In just over ten days, Dafa saved the life of my sister Jingyu! My eldest sister also expressed her profound admiration for Dafa and declared her intention to practice Falun Dafa.

My sisters and I began to study the Fa, practice the exercises and watch truth-clarification videos together from that day on. Master eliminated the possessing spirit around my elder sister, and her complexion began to improve. Not only that, my sixty-year-old elder sister’s monthly periods resumed, and her Celestial Eye opened, allowing her to see many beautiful scenes from other dimensions. Aimei’s severe rheumatism, high blood pressure and heart disease all vanished, and she became completely healthy. The occurrence of a second miracle in our family amazed our relatives and friends once again!