(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner returned my Falun Dafa books today, which I had lent to her a couple of days ago. I was told that she kept only Zhuan Falun at her home, so I asked her if this was the case.

She said she felt it was too risky to keep Dafa books at home, so she hid the books at another location.

I said, “How do you go to class without the book? We should act based on the Fa principles, and hold righteous thoughts rather than follow an ordinary person’s method.”

She told me that she was not the only practitioner who hid books this way.

Cultivation Impact

On my way back home, two Chinese characters reflected on my mind -- position. My understanding was that the way we treat Dafa and Master impacts our cultivation levels.

I recalled Milarepa’s cultivation stories. He gave his everything to his Master, including his body, speech, and mind. Only then was he allowed to step into cultivation.

We are the same. We cultivate the universal Fa and we have the title of Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners.

We should be as righteous as the people in the past. In order to be righteous, we should eliminate self-interest and strengthen our righteous thoughts.

We can use our righteous thoughts to protect Dafa books, because Dafa books guide our cultivation.

We are practitioners during the period of Fa-rectification, which is a very precious opportunity! We are very lucky, thus, our behavior should match our title.

Dealing With Cultivation Issues

If you are afraid of being persecuted because police could find Dafa books in your home, if you don’t dare to clarify the truth and focus on saving people, your xinxing is at an everyday person’s level, and you do not deserve the title of a practitioner during the Fa-rectification.

Cultivation is profound and serious. You should consider keeping the books at home in a normal way. Fear is an attachment and reflects selfishness.

This may be the reason why the evil comes to your home to interfere with you. Isn’t that a test to see if you treat Dafa as the most important thing in your life?

We come to assist Master and validate Dafa. We need to eliminate all interference. For example, since I learned how to use a computer, my Internet has never been blocked.

My understanding is that Master watches over the Minghui website. He observes practitioners using righteous thoughts to cope with the issues they encounter, and use supernormal abilities to overcome interference that keeps them from logging on the website.

With this righteous thought, I could then connect my Internet, upload the list of names of people who quit the Chinese Communist Party and its youth organizations, and practitioners’ submissions, as well as download practitioners’ sharing articles from Minghui. Only after I finish what I need to do does the browser sometimes stop communicating.

Master said:

“...Once your thought is righteous, evil will collapse...”(“What’s There to Fear,” Hong Yin II)

Cultivation is the process of tempering ourselves through tribulations and achieving righteous understanding! Cultivation is of primary importance to us.

We are not practitioners just because we think we are practitioners. We must act like practitioners. We should treat cultivation as the most important part of our lives and measure ourselves and everything else against the Fa principles. Then are we Dafa practitioners.

The above is just my personal understanding and is limited by my level. Please kindly point out if anything is improper.