(Minghui.org) After reading Master’s new article, “How Humankind Came To Be,” I could feel Master’s compassion and realized the Fa-rectification period will not last long. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I have not met the requirements of the Fa, and I also need to do more and better in saving people since Master said every sentient being in the world came for Dafa. I believe this new article can awaken sentient beings’ true selves for them to be saved. Some practitioners have recommended this article to their friends or relatives in China, and I could do the same. 

My Older Sister

My older sister began to practice Falun Dafa in late 1998, not long after my mother and I took up the practice. She often got up early in the morning to do the exercises. At that time, I had difficulty doing the second exercise for half an hour and she was better than me. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to suppress Dafa in July 1999, my sister was misled by the CCP’s defamatory lies against Dafa. She stopped practicing and said things against Dafa. 

Once I sent her some information about the persecution in China including forced organ harvesting. I then called her to follow up, but she dared not listen. From time to time, I tried to tell her more about the CCP’s evil nature, especially its cover-up of the COVID facts. During the latest wave of COVID in China, she knew that many people had been infected and died. She said many people were fed up with the CCP, including her. 

This past weekend, I called my sister again. After chatting about family affairs for a bit, I asked if I could read her an article, which had been translated into many languages with a big impact on society. She agreed and put the phone on hands-free so that her husband could hear, too. I began to read Master’s latest article. In the beginning, I could hear some background noise as if they were still doing something. Later on, it became quieter and quieter. I worried if my sister had hung up the phone, but she said she was still there. 

I continued reading and they listened quietly. 

“What do you think?” I asked when I finished reading the article. 

“I understand it – we need to be good people,” she answered. 

From her tone, I could tell my sister had changed. Master’s article has helped her understand what Dafa is and what Master is doing. The CCP’s lies were broken. 

My Younger Brother

I then called my younger brother. Influenced by the CCP’s hate propaganda against Dafa, he was hesitant to listen to me read Master’s article in the beginning. But I continued reading. In my mind, I sent forth righteous thoughts for his true self to awaken. Like my sister, my brother also listened quietly and his attitude changed. 

My Friend

In the evening, I called my friend Ling, whom I had helped quit the CCP organizations in the past. But she was not clear on how vicious the regime is due to its brainwashing. She also did not watch the truth-clarification videos I sent her over the years. 

After I read her the new article from Master, her attitude also changed. In the past, she thought we said the CCP was evil because we practitioners were being suppressed. Now she understood that, if a person believes in lies and is against Buddha Law, he or she would have no future. 

I also explained to Ling that we practitioners risk our lives by distributing truth-clarification materials and exposing the CCP’s evil nature, because we want them to be safe. I then gave her some audio files and other materials. She said she would look into them.