(Minghui.org) I joined the phone calling team on the RTC platform in August 2021, as it is a place where I can clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to Chinese people. 

Eliminating the CCP Indoctrination I Was Exposed to 

The progress of Fa-rectification is very rapid. However, for a long time I did not cultivate diligently, or proactively look inward. After repeatedly reading Hong Yin VI, I realized that I was heavily influenced by atheism, the Theory of Evolution and modern concepts, including the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) indoctrination. I worked in the CCP government system for a long time, and it was hard to set aside the Party’s way of thinking, concepts, habits, speech, perspective, and methods of working. I was greatly poisoned by it, but I did not realize it.

After we began practicing Falun Dafa, Master changed us from the microscopic level. These toxins are continuously removed from me. I also repeatedly read The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Disintegrating the Communist Culture. I thought that I wasn’t affected by the Party indoctrination. But, when I joined the RTC platform, the remaining CCP indoctrination in me was exposed, and this really blocked me from assimilating to the Fa and saving people.

When I changed from mainly working for a media project to the phone team on the RTC platform, I was very confident and not afraid to talk to people. I felt I had a good grasp of how to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa. 

I participated in the group training and I often listened as the other practitioners made phone calls. I began by just repeating what they said. However, after I got started, I realized that it was not as simple as I thought. My fellow practitioners were able to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations with just a few sentences. But, when I repeated what they said, I wasn’t able to help anyone withdraw.

I realized that I could not just simply copy others, so I wrote down what I wanted to say. When I phoned people I poured it all out. I spoke in a high-pitched and impassioned voice, and did not give the listener a chance to speak. Although many people listened, very few withdrew from the CCP. 

Later, the people I phoned asked, “Aren’t we supposed to chat with each other? You don’t let me talk at all!” The other practitioners reminded me, “Speak slowly, and let the other person talk.” 

I didn’t think I was wrong, so I didn’t change my approach, until one day I recorded my phone conversation, and I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that was me. I was talking so fast and my tone was blunt, strong, and annoying. I felt that it would take someone a lot of patience to even just listen to me and not hang up, let alone withdraw from the CCP! 

Master said, “While working, your tone of voice, your kindheartedness, and your reasoning can change a person’s heart, whereas commands never could!” (“Clearheadedness,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I was truly far away from Master’s requirements. In contrast, the Taiwanese practitioners speak in a way that makes people feel very comfortable and peaceful. I tried to imitate their gentle tone. I usually started with that tone but I soon went back to my old self. Why couldn’t I talk like a normal person? What should I do? I realized that the reason the others spoke with compassion is not only due to their long-term experience, but also their solid cultivation. I realized that my problem was serious. It couldn’t be solved by just simply correcting the way I spoke. I had to eradicate the CCP culture from my mind and work hard on improving my xinxing.

I began by paying more attention to Fa study. I used to think that I was doing well. I read the Fa for hours every day, and I even memorized the Fa. When I was in a good cultivation state, I could memorize an entire lecture. 

So what was my problem? I realized that I did not truly focus and often did it as though I were completing a task. I paid more attention to quantity instead of quality. I also had similar issues when I did the exercises and sent righteous thoughts. As I looked inward, I realized that after I left China, I relaxed. Often times I didn’t believe in Master and the Fa, and I didn’t do as Master asked. After a period of time of reading Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, with a focused and calm mind, memorizing the Fa, and hand-copying Zhuan Falun once, I felt more at ease and my mind was much clearer.

I listened twice to the series of articles titled Eliminating the CCP Culture published on the Minghui website, and I benefited a lot from it. It was as if I was washed by clear spring water, and my whole body felt relaxed. The manifestations of CCP culture that fellow practitioners wrote about described my situation. I was determined to look within myself thoroughly, dig out the roots, and eliminate them. I found that the aggressive attitude I had when calling people was a type of self-righteousness deep in my heart, and I wanted to force others to act according to my wishes. I was self-centered, arrogant, and couldn’t listen to peoples’ opinions. I only wanted to change others, but did not want to change myself. 

I searched for my attachments and I had a breakthrough. One day, when I was making a phone call, I noticed that the way I spoke changed. I was able to chat with the person on the phone, and my tone was more peaceful. That day I was then able to help six people withdraw from the CCP organizations. This never happened before. 

It was really just like Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

From then on, I had more confidence when I phoned people. In the process, my attachments were exposed. For example, my competitive mentality resurfaced when someone cursed at me, and I began to use my old tone as a result. 

Master said, 

“A practitioner should not only exercise self-control when he is in a conflict and is insulted to his face, but should also have a generous attitude and even be grateful to the other party.” (Chapter III, Falun Gong)

I searched within myself and compared my behavior with what Master said. I tried to eliminate my fighting mentality when I talked to people. I realized my aggressive attitude came from the CCP indoctrination. As a Dafa disciple, I should be generous and tolerant when dealing with others. If I can remain calm and compassionate people will listen. I can truly clarify the truth and save them.

My Fundamental Attachments Exposed

As my competitive and fighting mentalities diminished, I still had the issue of not wanting to be criticized by others. When I first joined the Quick Talk team, I was not used to the different way of making phone calls. For a period of time my rate of helping people withdraw was very low. As a result, my self-esteem was hurt and my fear of what others would say about me surfaced. 

When my fellow practitioners made suggestions, I was unwilling to listen. I found someone else to work with the next time. If I couldn’t persuade anyone to withdraw after calling for half an hour or an hour, I was afraid the others would notice. So, I quit that line and got on another one. But when I thought about it the others were just giving me kind reminders. No one criticized me. Why did their suggestions bother me?

I thought, “For more than 10 years I’ve been circling this issue of not wanting others to talk negatively about me. What’s my fundamental issue? Although I no longer talk back or defend myself, I still don’t take it as something good. I still want to defend myself. I haven’t gotten rid of my human notions. I have to change the way I think about things and treat myself as a cultivator. When I encounter problems, I must first look within myself, measure myself with the Fa, and correct myself immediately. This is what Master asked us to do.” When I truly did this, I felt better and my xinxing in this aspect gradually improved.

A few months ago, a practitioner told me that someone spread rumors about me. When she repeated what was said, I was angry. I immediately said, “That’s not true!” Just as I was about to argue, I forced myself to stop talking. I knew that this happened for me to improve. I quietly laughed. Although I was still not able to remain calm, at least I was able to take it as a good thing and not fall into thinking about who was right or wrong.

I focused on looking inward, as I knew it was targeting my attachment and this was an opportunity for me to improve. It had nothing to do with the practitioner who spread the rumor. She has only helped me. I tried to follow Master’s requirements, and this time I didn’t have that heart-wrenching feeling. After I eliminated my attachment, every cell in my body felt the joy of assimilating to the Fa.

I wanted to improve myself as quickly as possible and save more people. So, sometimes I had the wrong state of chasing quick success. I realized this also came from the CCP indoctrination. At that time, I just started making phone calls, but I wanted to mature right away. How could that be possible? This in fact showed my vanity, the desire to save face, and the desire to achieve fame. After I identified and eliminated these attachments, my mind was much more relaxed and calm, and my state of clarifying the truth became stable.

As I was able to help more and more people withdraw from the CCP organizations, I then unconsciously had another attachment. I began to think about how great it would be if I could help 10 people a day withdraw, and how many that would be in a month. I did not notice this until one day my number was zero. I realized how obsessed I was with the numbers.

Master told us, 

“I think that at the tourist sites, you should not take quitting the Party or the Young Pioneers, or the “three withdrawals” itself, as your goal. Remember, everyone, you are to have clarifying the truth and saving people as your goal! (Enthusiastic applause) If you feel that person can be saved, then that is fine.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XIV)

I suddenly understood it and let go of this attachment. Since then, I put all my focus on how to better clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and help people withdraw from the CCP. I was no longer obsessed with the numbers.

Talking to People with Compassion

When I first started making phone calls, I didn’t have much experience, and I didn’t know how to answer some of the questions people had. Many people hung up on me. I wondered what I should do. How could I make them feel the topic was relevant to them? I learned from the other practitioners, and I also collected information. I read everything I could find that was related to truth clarification, copied it in a notebook, or memorized it. Master also gave me wisdom and I realized I should use different ways to talk to different groups of people. I was finally able to answer peoples’ questions.

I was no longer afraid when I encountered those who sided with the CCP or who swore a lot. I kept talking to them no matter what they said. But, then I realized that this was still not good, because I needed to help them withdraw from the CCP and save them. So I then tried to say things in a kinder tone and give them an out, “You are a kind person. It’s not your fault you think this way. I totally understand. I know that under this system, we’ve never heard a second opinion. But now you know after I explained it, right? You are a very kind and wise person, and you don’t want to be in the company of bad people, right? You should withdraw from the Party.” Some people would agree to withdraw from the CCP organizations. 

I prepared two sets of talking points. For older people, I start from traditional values, “You understand why this serious pandemic is going on. There are reasons these disasters happen. Society’s morals are rapidly sliding downward. Heaven is using these disasters to warn us. Good people will be protected. As an older person, you know that there have been hundreds of such disasters in our 5,000-year civilization. When kind-hearted people truly seek help from heaven, they will be protected and saved. The great movement of withdrawing from the CCP organizations is blessed by heaven and it gives us Chinese people a way to stay safe.” For younger people I first talk about the current situation. I talk about how angry people are with the CCP’s severe lockdown methods, the disasters brought by forcing people to be vaccinated, the White Paper Revolution, the current outbreak due to the sudden opening-up, and so on. After I persuade them to withdraw from the CCP, I talk about traditional culture, and explain why atheism and the Evolution Theory are false.

I feel that when making phone calls to clarify the truth, it is certainly important to prepare our talking points, but it is even more important to have the right mentality and maintain righteous thoughts. This requires us to study the Fa well every day and keep looking inward. I have changed from only looking inward when I encounter conflicts and troubles, to looking inward daily, and to now paying attention to every thought I have. I know that I cannot become complacent.

My attachments have diminished, and my mind has become more pure when I clarify the truth. When I saw the news reports that many people died during the COVID pandemic, I was very sad and I wept. I really feel sympathy for people and want to save them. When I have compassion, Master gave me the wisdom, and the effect of clarifying the truth became very good.

For example, when the information of the Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) effect of the CCP’s vaccine and how it would cause irreversible damage to people was exposed, I felt that this was related to everyone’s life and safety, so I used it as a starting point to expose the CCP’s crimes. People paid great attention to this and listened carefully. Then, I talk about all the disasters caused by the two-month lockdown in Shanghai, as well as the countless crimes committed by the CCP throughout its history. I’m sometimes moved to tears and I can’t speak, and the person on the phone quietly waits for me. Once, I made three phone calls in a row, and all three withdrew from the CCP organizations. They all agreed and said that what I said made sense.

This really showed the importance of our state of mind when we clarify the truth. Our compassion and benevolent thoughts will eliminate the evil factors behind people, so that they can accept the truth. 

How to always maintain this kind of compassion and righteous thoughts, being mature in all aspects when clarifying the truth are what I want to focus on in the future.

The RTC platform has prepared the best tools for us and I feel very blessed to be part of this phone team. We all cooperate very well with each other and the effect of clarifying the truth is very powerful.

These are my recent personal experiences. If I’ve said anything that is not in accordance with the Fa, please kindly point it out.