(Minghui.org) Liu Ji, former Vice-Minister of China’s National Sports Commission, died of COVID on December 19, 2022. Liu was a fervent supporter of Jiang Zemin, who launched the persecution against Falun Gong in 1999. 

Chen Yiguo, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary and Chairman of Changjiang Publishing and Media Group, was also investigated recently. Some linked this to his persecution of Falun Gong. 

Over 300 Lectures to Sell Jiang Zemin’s Theories

Liu Ji was born in Jilin Province in January 1937. Between 1991 and 1998, he was Vice-Minister of National Sports Commission. Since 1999, he became one of the first minister-level inspectors of the State Council. 

After Jiang Zemin began to suppress Falun Gong and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in 1999, Liu published a graphic book in 2002 to sell Jiang’s political theories dubbed “three representatives” to government employees and ordinary citizens. In addition, he gave over 300 speeches to praise Jiang and the CCP, making it harder for people to recognize the crimes committed by Jiang and the CCP against innocent people. 

Defamatory Material in the Textbook

Chen Yiguo, the CCP Party Secretary and Chairman of Changjiang Publishing and Media Group, was investigated recently on September 20, 2022. 

Textbooks are an important part of the education system to teach the youth knowledge and moral values. But some books from Changjiang Publishing and Media Group distorted facts and incited hatred from students against Falun Gong with defamatory propaganda. 

One example is the class workbook on the subject of Morality and Society for sixth graders, which had hate propaganda against Falun Gong. As the Party Secretary and Chairman of the publisher, Chen is responsible for this.