(Minghui.org) I have benefited greatly from practicing Falun Dafa, so I am truly grateful to Master Li, the founder and teacher of the cultivation practice, for giving me a new life. I want to spread the beauty of Dafa to all people. No matter how difficult the situation, I’ll do my utmost to assist Master in Fa-rectification, and saving sentient beings.

Delivering Materials Door-to-Door

During the 2020 Chinese New Year, the COVID-19 pandemic was attacking all of China. In my local area, all communities and major intersections were locked down. There were guards at the entrances and exits of all the communities. The situation was unbelievably major. The evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately kept people from interacting with each other, and locked people up at home while fake news reports were broadcast on the state-owned TV stations.

I thought to myself, “Ordinary people are facing an unprecedented threat from the virus, and they are terrified. Dafa disciples are the only hope for ordinary people to be saved. We should let go of our needs, overcome all difficulties, and use the time well to distribute truth-clarification materials about Dafa and the persecution to save people. Bad things can be used as good things—this is a great time for sentient beings to learn the facts about Falun Dafa.”

Faced with such a difficult situation, I knew I couldn’t slack off, so I began to go to nearby places to talk to people.

Every morning I studied the Fa and sent righteous thoughts. Then, in the afternoon, I went out to talk about Falun Dafa face-to-face, post informational fliers, and distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa and the persecution in my community and other nearby communities. I noticed that there were many newly-installed high-power cameras and lights. I sent righteous thoughts for several reasons – so the cameras would not take pictures of me, to not allow community management personnel to interfere with Dafa disciples going in and out of a compound to save sentient beings, to not allow the evil beings and factors to hinder Dafa disciples from saving sentient beings, and to let the people in the communities have the opportunity to come out and learn the facts.

I went to another community one day to distribute fliers titled “The Best Way to Protect Yourself During the Pandemic.” I saw that one door was sealed with tape, which meant that there were active COVID-19 cases in this area. I asked myself if I still wanted to go to that area. I then told myself, “They need to protect themselves even more. So I should go and distribute the fliers there.”

For some reason, I had a lot of difficulty going up the stairs at that location. I felt very weak and suffered from shortness of breath. I had never experienced such a state in the past. I was carrying only 40 copies of the flier, and so it was not the weight of the materials affecting me. So, why was it so difficult to climb the stairs? I wanted to give up and go home. However, I then realized that I was experiencing interference, and I immediately sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil factors that hinder sentient beings from being saved. I told myself that I must finish the task. Just given this one righteous thought, I was able to distribute all of the fliers before returning home.

After returning home, I went to the restroom and felt like vomiting. I immediately said to myself, “Don’t vomit.” After a while, the nauseous feeling disappeared. I knew that as a Dafa disciple, Master is by my side. I continued sending righteous thoughts. After a while, the tired feeling also disappeared, but my head still hurt. I sat down and sent righteous thoughts for another hour. I then studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent righteous thoughts at midnight.

I later searched inside and found that I had those symptoms during the day because I realized that there were active COVID cases, so I wanted to stay away. That was because I did not have enough compassion. Those sentient beings were the people I needed to help. That was my responsibility. The next day I felt fine.

I thought, “I should go back to that community to distribute more materials. At this critical moment, I should tell them how to stay safe. This is what people are waiting for, and it is the easiest time for them to accept the information. Moreover, people who have understood the truth can tell others, thus more people will be saved.” So I took 40 more fliers with me. I saw another door sealed with tape. This time, I was not out of breath, and the whole process went smoothly and quickly.

One day, I went out and saw a one-meter-tall iron pipe next to the gate of a community. I realized that I could step on it to get into the community. I am nearly 70 years old, and my legs and feet are still flexible. I knew that this was all arranged by Master, and he was always by my side. Almost every time I went out, I found ways to get into different communities. Because of that, I was always able to enter communities and distribute materials. I knew that Master was helping me save people. Thank you Master Li.

I used the time in the evening after sending righteous thoughts at 6 p.m. to distribute materials in my own community. I brought many different types of materials, so that on each level I could deliver a different one to each door. I thought this would have the best effect. I used masking tape thinking that it would not leave any traces on the doors, and the home owners would not be unhappy. I wore a jacket with a big pocket to hold the materials. I always started on the top floor and moved down from there. Most buildings in my community had seven or eight floors.

Before I went out, I always sent righteous thoughts and said, “Completely disintegrate all evil beings and factors that interfere with sentient beings in this community. Do not stop them from being saved. Let the security cameras be unable to take videos of me. Let the sentient beings cherish the materials, and give them to others after they read them.”

Once, when I was distributing materials in a building, every time I tore a piece of tape, I saw a beam of light. I felt that this divine light was Master Li’s encouragement and blessing for me to save more people. Thank you Master.

There was a building in my community in which all the residents were seniors. During the pandemic, it was under special monitoring. There were guards in a small room facing the building around the clock. Many lights shone on the building at night, making it very bright, and there were many security cameras. The director of a local police station lived in the building, which scared me a little at first, so I didn’t distribute materials in that building. Gradually, I had delivered materials to all of the other buildings.

I felt guilty that at this critical moment, when people were facing this dangerous pandemic, I wanted to skip these sentient beings due to my own fear. I said to myself, “All sentient beings are in distress and looking forward to being saved. This is my responsibility, and I must let go of focusing on myself. Dafa disciples are the gods’ messengers. We must try to save all sentient beings regardless of where they are, and let them learn the truth about Dafa.” As soon as I held these righteous thoughts my fear disintegrated.

One night, I sent righteous thoughts, and then said to Teacher Li, “Master, please put me under a cover so that I can travel in another dimension, I should not be recorded by security cameras.” I then went out to distribute materials in the building I had avoided. I easily distributed materials unit by unit. When I got to the unit in which the director of the police station lived, I saw people smoking when I reached the third floor. So I walked to the top of the building and went back down without distributing any materials. When I got outside, there were also people by the unit door. So I decided to go home. I spent more time sending righteous thoughts. The next day, I went back. When I got to the third floor, the door was open and there were people playing mahjong inside. I again decided to not continue. I thought that I must be rational, and have a calm mind in order to save more people. When I got back home, I looked inside and found that I still had fear because of that building, which was causing the interference. I studied the Fa more, sent more righteous thoughts, and got rid of my fear. When I went back to the building again, I was able to distribute the fliers without any problem.

I felt that since people were all staying home, it was a great time for them to read the materials I provided. Even though I wasn’t able to distribute a lot, I tried to leave some every day, and each month I was able to distribute to more than a thousand households. Leaving the information also prepared people to hear the truth when I could later speak with them face-to-face.

Communities gradually began opening up in July, and it was easier to enter them. But the weather was hot, and I was sweating even when standing still. I wanted to wait until the weather cooled down, but then I thought, “The sentient beings are all waiting to be saved. I must not have the attachment to ease, and slack off in my mission. I must help people learn the facts as soon as possible, and then they can be saved when the real catastrophes come.” It was so hot for a few days that I developed a prickly heat rash that was very itchy. I told myself that it was an illusion, and I must stick to what I was doing. I looked inside and found that I had an attachment to ease and feared hardship. I knew that I must eliminate these bad substances in my cultivation. All the sentient beings are undergoing tribulations, and I cannot take it easy. Thus, even on the hottest days, I persisted in distributing materials to save people. I did not miss a day. I didn’t feel tired at all, and was very happy. I sent righteous thoughts when I went out, and recited the Fa on my way back.

As Dafa disciples, we should overcome all difficulties and save as many people as possible. No matter how the environment changes, we must keep calm and do the three things well in order to save people. Saving people is our mission, as well as fulfilling our vows.

Improving How I Cooperate With Practitioners

Many communities were still closed even after the general lockdown was lifted. But the buses started operating, and I was able to go out to the roadside and talk with people. In our group Fa study, a practitioner said that the situation was still very difficult because he couldn’t get into the communities to distribute materials, and there were not many people on the street to talk to.

I shared my current methods with the other practitioners, “Master knows what is on our minds and will help us. When we keep in mind that Master is always by our side, the road to save sentient beings will be smooth. The way I do it is that when I go out to clarify the truth face to face, at the same time I carefully observe which communities I can enter to distribute materials. I bring the fliers the next day, and then talk with people if I have time after that.” I asked the practitioner to come with me since I knew which communities were accessible. This way we could speed up the flier distribution.

Cooperating with other Falun Dafa practitioners was a process of cultivating my xinxing. One day, we went into a community. I said, “We will only each distribute to two units and then leave.” When I finished two units, I came out of the gate and sent righteous thoughts for the other practitioner. Then, I saw him go to another unit after he finished the first two. I felt a bit anxious. I thought to myself, “Why is he not paying attention to safety?” I then realized that this was not a correct thought and I should only send righteous thoughts for him. I said, “Let the fellow practitioner go through another dimension, and not be seen by others.” After quite a while, he finally came out and said, “I finished distributing all the materials I had.” I saw how happy he was, so I smiled, too. Afterwards, I shared with him, “During the daytime, we cannot distribute to too many units in the same building since it’s not safe to do that. Even when things are going smoothly, we still need to pay attention to safety. When you went into the third unit, I became impatient and felt fear. These negative thoughts were not good, so I will definitely cultivate myself to eliminate them. Only by cooperating with each other can we save more people.”

We went to the countryside one night to distribute materials. We did not give out all the materials we had, and the last bus going back to the city was about to leave, so we got on the bus. When we got off at the transfer station, we decided to finish distributing the rest of the Dafa materials there, and then meet at the station. When I had no materials left, I went to the station to wait for him. I saw him enter a building, but after a long time, he didn’t come out. I went to look for him but didn’t see him. I again waited at the station. It was getting very late and I was freezing cold. I wondered if he had gone home via another route. He didn’t have a lot of materials and it shouldn’t have taken long to distribute them. It was about time for the final bus, so I got on the next bus and went home. A little after eight p.m., he came to my place and said, “You are back. I waited for you there but didn’t see you. The masking tape you brought was very difficult to use, and it took me a lot of time.” I apologized to him, “I didn’t know that you hadn’t used it before. It was all my fault. I couldn’t find you, so I went home by myself. I shouldn’t have left. I am sorry that I made you worry.”

After he left, I looked inward. I had not been thoughtful and considerate; when I was cold, I just went home without him. I was afraid of suffering, and I didn’t consider his needs. I must eliminate these bad attachments. The next time I saw him, I again apologized. From then on, I always reminded myself to be considerate of others at all times, and cultivate into a selfless being that thinks of others first.

Helping With Practitioners’ Issues As if They Were My Own

A practitioner came to my home one evening. He closed the curtains as soon as he entered and said, “I was harassed today. The police knocked on my door, but I didn’t open it.” He then took out some informational materials and said, “Can I leave these in your home for now?” I said, “Why did you make so many of them? You should distribute them as soon as you make them because some articles are time sensitive, and it is also not safe to keep them in your home.” He said that they were given to him by someone else. I said, “Since we can make them by ourselves, let’s not take them from others any longer. I will help you send righteous thoughts. We are all Master’s disciples. Master will take care of us. Let’s eliminate the evil interference.”

After he left, I looked within. The words I used were accusatory and forceful, and I didn’t think about the practitioner. He was undergoing a tribulation, and I did not have enough compassion toward him.

I have also been persecuted many times. During the so-called Zeroing-Out campaign, the police talked to my child, which made her very scared. She asked me to pay attention to safety. But the practitioner had asked me to help him. I thought to myself, “I can’t be scared. I must help him as he’s facing a tribulation. I will leave everything to Master. No one else can decide what happens to me. The practitioner’s issues are my issues. I must think of him, let go of self, and help him get through the difficulties. I will send righteous thoughts for him to eliminate all the evil beings and factors that are harassing him.”

The next day, I posted all 60 truth-clarification posters the practitioner left with me. A week later, he came and asked for the posters. I told him that I had posted all of them. I reminded him, “No matter what the situation is, we should not store truth-clarification materials at home. We should use them as soon as we make them because all sentient beings are looking forward to being saved.”

Thank You Master for Helping Me Get Home

One day, Mr. Wang asked me to go to his home to set up a printer. When we turned on the computer, it wouldn’t work. We sent righteous thoughts for a while, and the computer started working again. Thank you Master.

After we set up the printer, he complained about another practitioner named Mr. Zhang, “Why does he often lie? When he guesses something, he tells others as if it’s a fact, yet he often advises others to cultivate their speech.” I said, “He is doing it because he’s being manipulated by the Old Forces. Let’s not give him an audience.”

As I walked down the stairs after leaving his home, I missed a step and sprained my foot. I thought my foot needed to be used to save people and it must be fine. After I got home, I only sent righteous thoughts and didn’t seriously look inside myself. The next day, my foot was swollen and it hurt to walk. I still didn’t really look within to see why this happened. It was getting close to the World Falun Dafa on May 13, so I went out to put up the relevant posters. After a while, a plainclothes officer appeared on the opposite side of the fence and signaled for me to meet up with him. I figured that he had followed me. I tried to stay calm and dragged my foot as I walk forward. My foot hurt a lot if I walked too quickly, so I could only walk slowly. I asked Master to help me by keeping the officer stationary and put me under a cover to make me invisible. Just then, I noticed that the fence next to me had a foot-tall gap at the bottom, so I squatted down and went through it. I then started running and my foot wasn’t sore. I felt as if someone was pushing my back and thus I was able to get to the road with just a few steps. Just then, a taxi approached. I waved it over and got in. I got home without any further trouble. I put my hands together and thanked Master for protecting me and helping me get home.

I wondered why these things happened today. A few days ago, when Mr. Wang complained about Mr. Zhang, I didn’t look within. Instead, I accepted the situation, and followed the thought process that was a manipulation by the evil factors. I found that I held resentment, the notion of looking down on others, and not wanting to be accused by others. I also emphasized right and wrong on the surface. Along with this I found the attachment of jealousy.

I wanted to force others to change, instead of cultivating myself. I must cultivate to eliminate all these bad substances, look at the good side of practitioners, and not be moved when others talked about me. I realized that I could always use other practitioners as mirrors to look at myself and see my shortcomings. I must look at every thought I have and do everything according to the Fa. So I sent righteous thoughts more, studied the Fa, and tried to truly change fundamentally. After a few days, my foot was back to normal, and I could walk without feeling pain. Thank you Master Li.

Lotus Flower In the Sky

When the second wave of the pandemic arrived, I wanted to tell all sentient beings to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I asked a practitioner to hang the pendants with me. This way, the sentient beings who were exercising outside would all see the words “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” We could only hang them during the evenings, and since the area for exercising did not allow biking, we could only walk there, which would be quite tiring. I asked the practitioner if he would be okay. He said, “Yes.”

We studied the Fa and sent righteous thoughts in the morning, and set off at around 3 p.m. to look for suitable places to hang the pendants. We went back in the evening when it was dark. At first, the practitioner couldn’t keep up with me. I was a little anxious, thinking that I would just do it all myself. I then realized that this thought was wrong. I said to myself, “I must cooperate well with the practitioner and not display human notions. This was exactly the issue I needed to cultivate, and so I should not be in a rush. The practitioner is over 70, and it is incredible that he is able to do this kind of work. I must think about him as we are one body.” So I waited for him, and I tried to eliminate my attachments to rushing and disliking others. I must always be considerate of others.

It was a very cold night, about -30° Celsius (-22°F) . When I took off my glove to hang the first pendant, it was so cold that I immediately put my hand back in. I thought to myself, “My hand is not afraid of cold.” Then I took it out again, and indeed I no longer felt the cold. I was then able to work smoothly. The more we hung up, the warmer my hands felt. We cooperated well with each other, sent righteous thoughts, and everything went as planned.

Before we left home, we had checked several times to ensure that we brought an equal number of pendants and hooks. When we were close to being finished, we dropped a hook on the ground. It had snowed recently and so the hook disappeared in the snow. I dug through the snow but was unable to find it. I said to Master, “Master, please help us. These are for saving sentient beings.” We then continued to hang the remaining pendants.

When we were down to the last pendant, the practitioner said, “We don’t have any hooks left.” I said, “We must have one.” He put his hand in his pocket and found a hook. I said, “Master provided it for us with supernormal abilities.” We hung the last pendant and said together, “Thank you, Master! Thank you Master!”

On the way home, I said to the practitioner, “It was because we let go of ourselves, cooperated selflessly, and only thought about saving sentient beings, that Master helped us. I want to make good use of the time that Master has extended for us, overcome difficulties no matter what the circumstances, and use different methods to quickly and steadily spread the truth to save more people. I wish all sentient beings can avoid disasters.”

We got home safely given Master’s protection. We thanked Master and I thanked the practitioner for working with me.

The next morning, I went to check on the pendants we had hung. I saw many people looking at them. The pendants were very beautiful. They said “Falun Dafa is Good” on the front and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is Good” on the back. Every character was atop a lotus flower. There were also colored tassels at the bottom of the pendants. The last one we hung was at the highest level, and it was the best. Many people were looking at it. I took a picture of it with my phone. Because I was not good at using the camera, the picture came out very dark and it was hard to see the pendant. However, the image showed a magic scene of many small and large lotus flowers in the sky, as well as Faluns next to the lotus flowers. I knew that Master was encouraging us to save more people. Thank you Master for showing this to us, and thank you for your blessing and protection.

Living up to Master’s Hope

Master Li has given so much to extend the time for us. This is Master’s compassion for sentient beings and Master’s hope for us to do well as Dafa disciples. We can only live up to Master’s compassion and salvation by diligently cultivating, fulfilling our mission, and saving more people.