Chinese Name: Qin JingGender: 秦静Age: 64City: N/AProvince: BeijingOccupation: N/ADate of Death: December 22, 2022Date of Most Recent Arrest: October 1, 2010Most Recent Place of Detention: Xin’an Forced Labor Camp

Three days after Mr. Qin Jing took up Falun Gong, the Beijing resident who had become incapacitated due to gout was back on his feet. He returned to work and resumed a normal life.

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999, Mr. Qin worked hard to raise awareness about the persecution. He was arrested in October 2010 for putting up Falun Gong posters and subjected to relentless torture while serving two-year labor camp terms.

For filing a criminal complaint in 2015 against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime who ordered the persecution, Mr. Qin faced constant harassment, especially around major holidays or anniversaries related to Falun Gong. He had never recovered from the complications as a result of the torture he suffered during his labor camp term, and the constant harassment worsened his health. He passed away on December 22, 2022. He was 64.

Mr. Qin Jing

Below is Mr. Qin’s own accounts of how he took up Falun Gong and how he was tortured in the labor camp.


Severe Gout in Feet Disappeared Three Days after Taking Up Falun Gong

I began to practice Falun Gong when I was struggling with foot gout in 2006. In fact, before the persecution started, I had relatives who practiced Falun Gong and I knew that it was a great practice. But fearing persecution, I didn’t practice it.

Back then, my feet suffered severe gout. I visited almost every hospital in town, but none of the doctors could cure me. The medicine they prescribed me also had strong side effects on my liver, spleen, and stomach. I was laid off from my previous job and the disease also prevented me from finding another job. My daughter was still little. In addition to the physical suffering, the financial pressure of raising the family and seeking medical treatment left me in deep distress. I lost hope and didn’t know what to do.

In the spring of 2006, I had another gout attack. It was especially serious this time. No treatment could control the pain. I lost feeling in my feet and couldn’t move. The pain kept me awake at night and I could only sleep for one or two hours each day.

At my wife’s recommendation, I began to watch Falun Gong's lecture videos. Because of the pain, I couldn’t concentrate while watching the video and constantly dozed off. One day, my six-year-old daughter accidentally touched my feet while I was sitting on the carpet. The pain was so intense that I felt my head explode and I fainted.

Surprisingly, after the pain gradually went away, I had a very good sleep that night, the first time since the gout attack started 40 days ago. On the next day, I was able to stand up. On the third day, I could wear my shoes and walk slowly. That afternoon, I even went out and rode my motorcycle.

In just three days, the disease that had tormented me for years disappeared. I found a job and started a new life. I couldn’t express my gratitude enough to the founder of Falun Gong. I shared my story with my relatives and friends, hoping they could also benefit from it.

Falun Gong didn’t only give me good health but also turned me into a much better person. I used to be violent and combative. I was known in the community for fighting with people on the street. I was also addicted to smoking and drinking, which caused much disharmony in my family. I was lost and hurt many people unknowingly.

After practicing Falun Gong, I quit smoking and drinking in a short period of time. I no longer fought with others and also learned how to love my wife. Our family became harmonious and peaceful.

Tortured in the Labor Camp

On October 1, 2010, I was arrested for putting up a poster that said “Falun Dafa is good.” After one month at the Chaoyang Detention Center, I was given two years at the Xin’an Forced Labor Camp.

As soon as I was taken to the detention center, one inmate in my cell said, “Here is another Falun Gong. We have some work to do (meaning they would start to beat me).” I clarified the facts about Falun Gong to them. After realizing that we were being persecuted, he regretted following the guards’ order to beat us.

After I was transferred to the labor camp, I was held with two other practitioners and subjected to brutal torture. A guard said that those who refused to renounce Falun Gong would be held in solitary confinement for intensified torture. If we still didn’t give in after several rounds of torture, we would be taken to a secret detention facility in northeastern China. While the guard didn’t articulate where the secret detention facility was, I suspected that it might be a concentration camp where the practitioners were killed for their organs.

One of the practitioners detained with me was Mr. Liu Chun (graphic photo in hyperlinked article), who was later held in isolation. I one day heard screaming from him and I never saw him again. I later learned from a guard that he was tortured to death.

I was held in solitary confinement and tortured for two months. Two inmates were assigned to monitor me every day. They were instigated by the guards to torture and transform us in order to gain rewards or term reduction.

Torture reenactment: sitting on a small stool

The torture I was subjected to the most was sitting on a small stool from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. It’s less than 8 inches tall. I was forced to sit only on the edge of it while keeping my body straight. I had to place my hands on my lap and couldn’t move, or I would be beaten or verbally abused. The long-term sitting caused my hemorrhoid to relapse and some practitioners’ buttocks festered as a result.

In addition to the sitting torture, I was forced to squat with one leg or repeat calisthenics movement. Basically, the goal was to make us suffer. If anyone resisted the persecution, they would face even more brutal torture.

Another torture was restricted restroom use. For the only two times, I was allowed to use the restroom every day, I had to ask for permission from the inmates before I went. They usually wouldn’t allow me to go immediately, but forced me to hold it for a long time and repeatedly beg them. I was only given one or two minutes each time before they started to call my name.

To reduce the need to use the restroom, I ate as little as possible and almost didn’t drink any water. The dehydration also caused me to develop constipation. Some practitioners were forced to defecate in their pants due to the deprivation of restroom use.

On top of the physical torture, we were also forced to watch brainwashing videos and write thought reports, until the guards believed that we had been transformed.

Even after a practitioner wrote a statement to renounce Falun Gong, they were still monitored by the inmates and not allowed to talk to each other.

Before I was taken to the labor camp, many practitioners were forced to work long hours without pay. After the labor camp found three practitioners had been putting paper slips with the words “Falun Dafa is good” in the products they made, the guards extended their terms by 6-9 months. And to prevent similar things from happening again, the guards also stopped forcing us practitioners to provide free labor.