(Minghui.org) I have benefited enormously from practicing Falun Dafa, not only mentally but also physically.

Several days ago, my daughter came to visit us from out of town. We were all delighted to see her. It has been a while since she visited us. She said that she had a dream, which hinted that I had some medical conditions. She was very concerned and wanted to take me to the hospital for a checkup.

We went to the hospital the next day and I had a CT scan. The doctor found a shadow on my lung and suggested I consult an oncologist. We left the hospital with heavy hearts.

Several days later, my daughter returned to her city and consulted a cancer specialist about my situation. After he took a close look at my CT scan, he told my daughter that there was something in the lung but that it had already calcified, meaning that it was healed. Everyone in my family was relieved.

I then remembered something that happened five years ago. A fellow practitioner and I went out to tell people about the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Dafa and share the goodness of Dafa when I had a sudden coughing fit. I couldn’t speak, and the other practitioner had to fill in with the person I was talking to.

When I returned home, I felt awful. I had a cough and came down with a fever. I sensed it was a big tribulation and had a hard time passing it. My husband was concerned, but I said that I would be alright and asked him not to worry about me.

For five days, I could hardly keep anything down, and the coughing fits wore me out. I even coughed out a soybean-sized knot! But by studying the Fa teachings and doing the exercises, I slowly recovered. It took me three weeks to feel completely back to myself.

As soon as I got better, I got a call from my father who said that he was in the hospital and asked me to visit him. I took the train and went straight there. The doctor told me that he had end-stage lung cancer and only had a few months left. My father passed away in four months.

Lung cancer is devastating. It took the lives of my grandfather, my uncle, and then my father. How many lung cancer patients can be cured? It is usually only discovered in the later stages. Even spending hundreds of thousands of yuan cannot guarantee that one won’t die.

Thinking about those five days I was ill, I began to wonder if the soybean-like knot that I coughed up was a tumor in my lungs.

Finding the calcified spot on my lung reaffirms to me that Master has been taking care of me all the time. I’m grateful to be a Dafa practitioner and for all the blessings I have received.