(Minghui.org) To meet the demand for Falun Dafa clothing around the globe, Shen Yun Dancer, a clothing company based in Port Jervis, New York, is expanding garment production and recruiting for the following positions: fabric buyer, pattern maker (one hire, each), and several sewing machine operators. 

Job Openings

1. Fabric Buyer

Qualifications: Multiple years of fabric buying experience; in-depth knowledge of fabrics and accessories; familiarity with the fabric procurement process; understanding of the garment production process; knowledge of fabric analysis, accounting, and cost control; good communication and negotiation skills; detail-oriented with a strong sense of responsibility; fluent English communication skills. 

Responsibilities: Responsible for the development, evaluation, and screening of new fabric suppliers to ensure sufficient supply; keeping current with the latest raw materials market, including price quotations, demand trends, and quality conditions; maintaining positive and cooperative relationship with suppliers; collecting and organizing information relevant to the required fabrics; responsible for purchasing and follow-up on quality and delivery of the fabrics. 

2. Pattern maker

Qualifications: Able to perform computer-aided design (CAD) pattern making; familiar with European, American, and Asian clothing size designations; possessing years of experience in precise pattern making and sewing; capable of producing various styles of samples. 

Responsibilities: Able to independently design and complete sample production of each style and guide the production of samples; responsible for designing the production process; solving the pattern and process quality issues; pattern grading for production styles; participating in quality control of the production process. 

3. Sewing Machine Operators 

Qualifications: At least two years of sewing experience; good health and eyesight; between 20 and 50 years old. Older applicants (ages 50-60) with exceptional sewing experience will also be considered. 

Responsibilities: Understand the process requirements for the production of various styles of garments; follow specific production procedures to complete assigned sewing tasks to specified quality standards. 

Other Recruitment Requirements

1. Applicants must have authorization to legally work in the U.S. (citizens, permanent residents, or other legal residents who have or are applying for an Employment Authorization Card).

2. Applicants must be Falun Dafa practitioners.

3. Applicants should be able to bear hardship, work conscientiously, follow company policies, and cooperate with management and coworkers unconditionally.

We are now accepting applications for the above positions. New hires will become full-time, contracted, paid employees after successfully passing a probationary period. 

Applicants need to be recommended by the coordinator of their local Falun Dafa Association, or the person in charge of the Dafa projects they are involved in, or by a well-known veteran Dafa disciple.

Applicants should submit resume and recent full body photo via email to: hr@shenyundancer.com 

Phone: 845-978-5836

Shen Yun Dancer January 14, 2023