(Minghui.org) I went to see a neighbor of mine recently. She looked very healthy with a rosy glow on her face. I was so happy for her.

Just a few years ago, she was bedridden with a dark complexion. Her head was shaven because she was going through chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer. She was miserable and had lost hope. 

Hearing about her condition, I visited and introduced her to Falun Dafa. I told her that if I did not practice Falun Dafa, I too would have been bedridden now. Even though I worked in a hospital, it was Dafa that saved me and gave me hope.

She was surprised to learn that I practice Falun Dafa and she was curious about what kind of illnesses I once had since I looked so healthy now.

“Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I had all sorts of illnesses: heart disease, kidney infection, gynecological diseases, neck pain, insomnia and frozen shoulder. The worst was gout. When it flared up, the pain was so excruciating and it was hard to bear. Later I also had allergies and high blood pressure. In those years, I would have rather died than live that way.”

“Fortunately for me, I came across Falun Dafa. Compassionate Master purified my body, and all my illnesses disappeared. Where can one find such a great practice? I was a lucky one!”

I also told her about the the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s persecution of Falun Dafa and urged her to quit the CCP and its junior organizations to stay away from its crimes against humanity. 

“I joined the Young Pioneers in the past. Please help me quit it.”

She told me that another friend of hers also practiced Falun Dafa and was once sent to a labor camp for refusing to give up the practice. She had intended to learn more about Dafa from her friend, but the friend moved to another city and they lost contact.

I was delighted to learn that she knew the facts and was interested in learning Dafa. I brought her videos of Master’s lectures and she kept watching them despite her physical condition. As she got better, she began to learn the exercises. 

“This Falun Dafa is amazing. Whenever I watched Master’s lectures, I felt cool air coming out of my bones, joints, even my throat, and cold sweat came out of my hands!”

“Master is purifying your body. When your pathogenic energy all comes out, you will recover.”

Not long after, she had indeed recovered. “I feel better day by day. I can not believe I am still alive and well! Thank you, Master! I did not spend a penny and Master saved me. I can not thank Master enough!”