(Minghui.org) Practitioners in Northern Taiwan gathered at a stadium on January 8, 2023. After days of cold, gloomy weather, the sun shone clear and bright, chasing away the winter blues. After reading the Falun Dafa teachings and exchanging cultivation experiences, they took a group photo to send New Year greetings to the founder of the practice, Master Li. They shouted in unison: “Happy Chinese New Year Master! Falun Dafa is great!” 

Practitioners in Northern Taiwan wished Master Li Happy Chinese New Year.

Practitioners read the teachings and exchanged cultivation experiences.

New Purpose in Life Through Practicing Cultivation

Jingwen said that her life was given a whole new meaning after she began practicing Falun Dafa.

Seventeen years ago Jingwen stopped to talk with practitioners while they held an activity to tell people about the persecution. She signed a petition and took a brochure.

Two years later, she noticed that her mother began going out before dawn. Her mother learned the Falun Dafa exercises and went out early in the morning to join a group practice. She said, “My mother felt great after she began practicing Falun Dafa,” and she suggested I read the main book, Zhuan Falun. Jingwen attended the nine-day introductory class. She recalled, “Before I attended the class, my leg was fractured in a car accident. During the class, I noticed Master sat in the full lotus position. I thought I should sit as he did. To my surprise I quickly recovered from my injury.”

Jingwen joined her mother in practicing Falun Dafa. They were transformed physically and mentally. She said, “Since childhood, my health was poor. I suffered from problems such as pain in the bladder, dizziness and so on when I was in primary school. I was always cold, even in the summer. My whole, body except for my hair and nails, ached. I went to see the doctor, but they could not find the cause of my illness. Yet through practicing Dafa, my body became relaxed and light. I no longer needed to see doctors.”

Besides the improvement in her health, the greatest surprise practicing cultivation brought Jingwen was the change in her mindset. She said, “Falun Dafa’s principles showed me how to conduct myself. I understood the true purpose of life. My mindset became very positive, and I get along with others. Relationships with family and friends, even life pursuits take on a whole new purpose.”

With the new year around the corner, Jingwen wants to say to Master: “You gave me a new lease on life and now I understand what I should work hard for. Master has shown me many miracles in my cultivation. I am grateful for having found Dafa in this lifetime. Thank you, Master!”

Letting Go of Years of Resentment Towards Mother

Peirong has been practicing cultivation for 19 years. She said, “When I was 23, I received a brochure explaining that Falun Dafa improves health and fitness and teaches one to be a good person. One can learn it free of charge. All of this appealed to me.”

She said that two months after she took up the practice, she was a different person physically and mentally. “Before, I often stayed up late at night. My body felt heavy and I was depressed after breaking up with my boyfriend. I had not left the house for months and had a fear of crowds. After practicing for two months, my body felt lighter. I seemed to be floating when I walked. I felt optimistic and cheerful.”

Peirong used to resent her mother for being strict with her and losing her temper. “I remember writing in my diary when I was in middle school that I wanted to kill her—my resentment was that intense. Perhaps I would not be able to let go of such strong emotions if I did not practice Falun Dafa. I now live by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. I realized I was self-centered. I never thought about what my parents sacrificed for me. I learned to be considerate of others and gradually let go of my resentment.”

“Now, I am able to speak to my mother openly, and our relationship is friendly. This would be impossible if I was not a Falun Dafa practitioner.”

Saving a Rocky Marriage

Peirong learned to respect and get along with her husband through following the teachings of Dafa. “When I realized a cultivator should change oneself when encountering conflicts, my relationship with my husband went through a complete change. In the past, I thought that he had problems. However, when I stopped looking at his faults and began to respect him, I discovered I was the cause of the problem. We were able to communicate and our rocky relationship became harmonious.”

Peirong’s husband, Jin Long, felt the same way, “When I put Master’s teachings into practice and looked at myself in conflicts, I experienced many extraordinary changes. Before, my wife and I fought frequently. All along, I thought she had problems and she should be blamed for the conflict. But when I changed my attitude, she stopped getting upset with me. Master told us to cultivate our character. When we got rid of our attachments, many problems in life that appeared difficult to resolve, disappeared.”

Peirong (right) and her husband Jin Long (left) got along better after they practiced Falun Dafa.

Jin Long who repairs computers said, “I noticed my mother did not buy anything for herself. The first time she spent money on herself, she bought Falun Dafa books. I was worried my mother was being misled, so I read Zhuan Falun. I decided Falun Dafa was excellent and I joined my mother in practicing cultivation.”

“I used to get ill. Now, I am in great health. Since taking up the practice 23 years ago, I have not gone to the hospital once. In the coming new year, I want to thank Master for teaching us such an amazing practice.”

Viewing Everything with a Kind Heart

Yu Ting’s poor health improved after she started to practice Falun Dafa.

Yu Ting, an engineer, suffered from poor health as a child. Her mother took her everywhere to see doctors. “My health was terrible. My grandfather was depressed and my grandmother had cataracts. My family seemed to have endless misfortunes. Just when it seemed things couldn’t get worse, someone told my mother about Falun Dafa and she attended the nine day introductory class. My grandparents’ health issues were resolved after they began practicing Dafa.”

After Yu Ting began practicing, she had a fever. Her mother said, “You heard Master’s lectures. You decide for yourself if you want to see the doctor.” She thought about what Master said and decided not to seek treatment. She soon felt better.

By following Falun Dafa’s principles, she’s a better person at her workplace. “In the past I longed to gain recognition from others. After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I knew I should treat people kindly regardless of their attitude. Consequently, the conflicts went away.”

Yu Ting feels it is a great honor to be a Dafa disciple. She said, “No matter how things change in the external environment, my heart is no longer fearful and anxious. I learned to deal with things in a calm manner. Master suffered so much for us. The only way I can repay him is by saving more people.”