(Minghui.org) My son was very emotional the morning of November 27, 2022. He had read news on Twitter the previous night that many protests against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had broken out at universities across the country. Students had put up posters and handwritten slogans protesting the CCP's tyranny. Students in some universities in Beijing shouted “Communist Party step down!”

My son sighed and said he should have come to the same understanding a decade ago, but ironically he had supported the Hong Kong police's suppression of the people three years ago when he was studying at a college in Beijing.

My son was a young Dafa practitioner, who read Dafa books, hand-copied Master's poems, and distributed truth-clarification leaflets and Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party with me countless times. He had always stood up to defend Dafa when his classmates slandered Dafa in high school. But he changed after he went to college. Four years of college life turned him into a radical, angry youth. I tried to communicate some things to him, but he thought I was too conservative and dismissed what I said. I kept sending righteous thoughts for him, because Master has told us that a life in this period is not an ordinary life, and my son was a practitioner before.

He moved back home after graduation. We can watch New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) in our home, but my son avoided watching the news in the beginning. I continued to tune into NTDTV during dinner. He gradually became interested in the news and started to watch it every day. NTDTV played a key role in changing his thinking and helping him see the true nature of the CCP.

The night before May 13, 2022, he used software to get over the CCP's information censorship to watch overseas media reports on Falun Dafa and other major events. My son changed. He began to seriously think about some things that had happened in China, and he started to listen to my stories about Dafa.

I now understand NTDTV's advertising remark: Knowing true information is such a blessing.

Sitting on the sofa, he said with emotion: “I think you [Dafa disciples] are amazing, you have persisted for so many years.” I was moved to tears and said, “It has been 20 years and some people have paid too high a price. And only now do young people like you understand the truth.” My son said sincerely that Master Li is a great spiritual leader.

My son is one of the countless young people awakening in mainland China. It is the result of joint efforts from Dafa disciples and righteous people at home and abroad. During this special historical moment, Master used various methods to help people understand the truth and have their lives saved. Dafa is boundless! Master’s kindness is mighty!