(Minghui.org) I have been making truth clarifying phone calls to China on the RTC platform since 2015. I would like to share some of my recent experiences while identifying and removing my resentment and jealousy.

For a while I made very few phone calls because my righteous thoughts were not strong. When I phoned people I played recordings, and found the pre-recorded content very effective. I no longer wanted to talk on the phone. The notion of “fear” ate away at my confidence. 

I later realized I had an attachment to relying on others and seeking comfort and ease. Unless one forges ahead in cultivation one is moving backwards, so I decided to make a breakthrough.

With Master’s help my righteous thoughts were strengthened, and they came forth as soon as the phone call connected. My righteous thoughts dissolved many bad substances in the other person’s dimensional field as well as my own. I resumed speaking on the phone.

A special project was carried out recently to target a specific area. I wanted to find out how bad the persecution was in that area and how frequently the law enforcement and the 610 Office received retribution for participating in the persecution. 

I also thought about how to get the law enforcement officers to listen to the truth without them developing resentment. I thought of using positive language to make them feel that I was sharing something good with them and bringing them blessings, instead of lecturing them.

As soon as the phone call was connected I said, “How are you? My name is Wang. I hope you and your family are doing well. I want to share with you three pieces of good news. The first one is that 400 million people have declared to stay true to their Chinese heritage, and no longer follow Marx and Lenin. They’ve renounced the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) organizations they joined.

“We are the sons and daughters of China, the children of Emperor Yan and Huang. Marx and Lenin introduced communism to the world. It was never part of our ancient Chinese culture. But as children we were forced to vow to give our lives for it. One day the CCP will be held accountable for its crimes. In order not to be implicated we must void this vow and distance ourselves from the Party.

“The second piece of good news is that some people in the public prosecutor and law enforcement system have abandoned communism and chosen a bright future for themselves by no longer carrying out their superiors’ orders to persecute Falun Dafa. 

“It is not easy to work in the public prosecutors and law enforcement with the Lifelong Case Handling Responsibility System in place now, because you will be held accountable for carrying out your superiors’ orders. 

“Many of your superiors have fallen. For more than 20 years they ordered you to persecute Falun Dafa, and now they are suffering the consequences of their wrong actions. Hurry up and stop carrying out their orders. Instead you should protect practitioners. You will be accumulating virtue for yourself and your family.

“The third piece of good news is that, when the vaccination proved ineffective in the pandemic, many people have found it effective to say, ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!’ 

“Please remember this and recite it sincerely to stay safe. There have been so many examples of people who recovered from the plague by reciting these phrases when they had no way to get help.” 

I then told them that it is not illegal to practice Falun Dafa in China and that it is practiced around the world. 

There was so much I wanted to tell them but some hung up after listening for one or two minutes. Some listened longer and some listened to all three parts. I typically had to make multiple phone calls to make sure they heard everything.

Everyone who works in the public prosecutor and law enforcement system in China are more or less involved in the persecution of Falun Dafa. There is no future for them if they continue to do evil. Their true selves may be good so I reminded myself to remove any negative thoughts I had about them and only think about saving them. 

Calling the public prosecutor and law enforcement is saving people on the front lines. It is an honor to fulfill my vow.

It is important not to have negative thoughts about people or consider them unsavable just because of their current behavior. The same is true for people we meet on the street. We should not have negative thoughts about anyone just because their appearance or demeanor does not conform to our perceptions. We should have positive thoughts about everyone.

Eliminating Resentment and Jealousy

I understand one’s ability to save people depends on one’s cultivation state, and the quality of phone calls are related to one’s xinxing. Therefore I put a lot of effort into looking inward and improving my xinxing. 

In April I had COVID symptoms. Taking it as a stick warning, I looked inward and realized I had resentment. 

In The Ultimate Goal of Communism, it says, “The communist evil specter mainly consists of ‘hatred.’ ‘Hatred’ is a substance. It is alive. In other words, ‘hatred’ is a type of living being. It is the fundamental element that the evil specter is composed of.”

I unknowingly harbored resentment which was formed under the Communist Party culture in China for a long time. This gave room for the “CCP virus” (COVID) to survive and grow.

Master said, 

“When a person harbors resentment it’s because he has grown fond of hearing pleasant things and having things go well. And then when things don’t go that way, he resents it. You can’t be like that, if you think about it. You can’t go about cultivation that way, can you?” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018 (Team Yellow Translation),” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XV)

I was fond of hearing pleasant things, and I had the heart of seeking fame. I didn’t want others to say bad things about me, and I was afraid others would look down on me. I cared very much about others’ opinions of me. I always felt bad about the wrong things I did in the past and did not forgive myself, nor could I tolerate people who made mistakes.

I recalled some past events as I started to realize this, so I called my spouse and admitted that I made mistakes and had not done well in the past. I let go of this resentment that formed over many years. My heart was light as soon as those substances were removed and the poison that the CCP culture previously infused into my body was removed. A month later, my COVID symptoms disappeared completely.

I also found jealousy was associated with resentment. Because I had jealousy, I often felt unbalanced. I realized I must remove jealousy completely before I could cultivate compassion.

I began to pay attention to this issue and watch my thoughts. I strove to discern negative thoughts and correct my words and actions that were not in line with Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. When I recalled past events there were things I didn’t want to face and I tried to hide. After I let go of the jealousy, I was able to face them openly. 

I recently had a cultivation test. Another practitioner said her cultivation state was bad, so I wanted to help. We exchanged understandings online last week and scheduled a time to read the Fa online together over the weekend. When it was time she didn’t sign on, instead she asked to postpone it. I said, “It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.” 

When I learned she was late because she was waiting for her child to have dinner with her, I thought, “Her child is almost 20 years old and is also a practitioner. Why can’t she eat by herself? Is it that important to eat together?”

When we were scheduling future Fa-study sessions, she had difficulty committing to a time because she said she had many things to consider. I no longer wanted to read the Fa with her. I decided to read on my own or join another group.

I remembered that when I first arrived in Switzerland, she delayed returning my phone call because she had to wait for her child to finish her homework. I thought of how I always put fellow practitioners’ affairs first. I felt unsettled in my heart. 

From then on, I no longer regarded others’ affairs as important, and prioritized my own affairs over their. I even told a fellow practitioner that I had become selfish after I left China.

Looking inward, I found jealousy. Because I was not with my son all the time and did not take good care of him, I felt unbalanced when I saw other practitioners caring for their children. I did not look inward to find the reason why I became selfish. Instead, I blamed it on the other practitioners. 

This showed that my cultivation had not been solid, or looking at it another way, one layer of jealousy has been removed, and it was now time to remove another layer.

After this test, I went on to remove my attachment to “being regretful for something I did not do well.” This attachment interfered with me a lot in the past, and I realized it was an attachment to seeking fame. From now on I do not allow this attachment to interfere with my ability to participate in projects to save people. I will stay on track with what I am supposed to do and study the Fa. With Master and the Fa by my side, I believe I will do well. 

This concludes my experience sharing. Please point out anything improper.