(Minghui.org) Xiaolin (alias) recently brought me a surprise. She’s the only practitioner in her area so she comes to me to get truth clarification materials. She always takes many booklets. This time, she also wanted two types of Minghui publications.

She knows how to make the materials, so both of us got to work. When I turned on the machine I said, “The paper in this tray is damaged. Let’s use the paper in the back tray instead.” She asked me what happened and I told her. I did not expect her to pull out the tray and say, “It looks fine. It’s just a xinxing problem.” I said, “It’s ruined. The tray was damaged two months ago.” She said, “Let me try.”

I placed a few pieces of the damaged paper into the paper tray, she assigned a task and the printer functioned successfully. The copies looked good. I was both surprised and happy when I saw this because a small component had dropped off when the front tray was damaged. The technical practitioner could not fix it. He told me that the tray was beyond repair and asked me to use the back tray. So, for the past two months, I had been using the back tray to print the materials.

After the successful experiment, we started to use the front paper tray to print. I assigned the task, and the printer printed happily. Xiaolin suddenly said to me, “As I said, the printer and the paper tray are not damaged, right? The problem lies with your xinxing. You do not maintain your xinxing, and do not look within when you meet with conflicts. You always look at others’ faults. You are harsh and unreasonable.”

Her words directly touched my soul and a surge of energy that felt like an electric current flooded my brain. My face felt hot. I told her, “If you had reproached me like this two years ago, I would definitely argue with you.” She said, “Even if you were to fight with me, I need to say it. Aren’t you like that? I did not say it wrongly, right?” I admitted my fault and said, “What you said is right.” Xiaolin smiled and said, “You have really improved.”

Two months before this, Master’s Hong Yin VI was published. The practitioners at our local materials production site started to make books. The main coordinating practitioner came to confirm the number of books that were to be made. After Master’s Hong Yin V was published a few years ago, the book that I received had a faulty front page. I could only wrap it with a book cover. Because of this I was unhappy with the local coordinating practitioner and started having a grudge against him. I was unhappy that he gave the practitioners in our village the misprinted books or the books with the traditional Chinese font. Since the practitioners in our village do not have much education, they do not know how to read traditional Chinese fonts. I made a table for them to help them match the words in traditional Chinese font with those in simple Chinese font so that they could read the book.

All these years, I felt unhappy about this matter. This time, Hong Yin VI was going to be distributed and I was worried that a similar situation would recur. I told the main coordinating practitioner, “Please tell the practitioners who are producing the books to do it carefully. This book is Master’s Fa. If we do not do it well, it is disrespectful to Master and the Fa.” The practitioner said, “The books are not all done by one materials production site.” I said, “You can speak to the practitioner who is in charge and ask to check if the books are completed properly. If they are not made properly, they should not be distributed.”

The practitioner’s attitude was not very good. I realized that he belongs to the same group as the practitioner who is in charge. My anger started to build, “I know that you have a good relationship with that practitioner so you treat her well. You sent all the broken books to our village. You are a benign and uncontentious person. She sees that you are too honest. So, she gave us the books that had issues. This time, if such books come again, I won’t want it...” I rattled on and on. The practitioner just kept listening without saying a word.

As the saying goes: it takes two hands to clap. I accused that practitioner but he did not argue. I also knew that I was wrong. Finally, I just left. That night, Master Li (Dafa’s founder) enlightened me that the problem I pointed out was correct but my attitude was wrong. I also realized that losing my temper with the practitioner was a display of demon nature. I immediately acknowledged my mistake to Master.

A few days after that, the main coordinating practitioner delivered truth-clarifying currencies. I apologized to him. He laughed and said, “You have your good points. What you are doing is something that I am not capable of.” He is referring to my ability to compose essays.

Things should have ended here. However, cultivation is a serious matter. We must meet the standards of the Fa. Once when I was making the materials, I heard a loud sound from the printer and it immediately stopped working. After I thoroughly checked it, I realized that the problem was the paper tray. Left with no choice, I could only use the back tray to continue printing.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month passed. I could not use the back tray all the time as that would shorten the lifespan of the printer head. The practitioner in-charge suggested that I change to a new printer. Spending money is not the problem but I felt that this printer had been making a lot of life-saving materials for local practitioners and me ever since it came to my house. It is not easy for the printer to help practitioners validate the Fa. The printer is a life that came for the Fa and it is also a very good being so it is really a pity to forsake it. Therefore, I did not want to give up on it.

Xiaolin’s arrival helped the printer to recover without any repair. This really was a miracle that fulfilled my wish. This is a display of Dafa’s powers.

For the past two months, I’ve used every spare minute to read the Fa. I read Master’s lectures from different regions, books 12 to 15, at least one time. I also read and memorized Hong Yin VI every day. Whenever I could not overcome a tribulation, I would memorize Master’s poems. Whenever I meet with problems, I will look for my own faults and I will be able to find my shortcomings every time. I also understand where the other party is coming from and I’m tolerant toward others.

My non-practitioner neighbor offended me in the past. After I started to practice Falun Dafa, I treated her well on the surface but still hated her in my heart. When she came to my family and asked for help, I always found ways to refuse to help her. Not long ago she came to ask us to help her go to the outer village to buy green onions. She wanted my son to drive her there but he refused. Her own son does not live near her and seeing how hard her life is and it is really difficult for a woman in her 70s to go out to buy things, I sincerely pitied her and persuaded my son, “Please drive her since we need some green onions too.” The neighbor was happy and we were happy. After they returned from the trip, the price of green onions shot up in the local market.

A practitioner that lives near us fell and hurt her ribs. She could not get out of bed and even needed help to turn in bed. The practitioners in our small group all went to visit her and helped her to send forth righteous thoughts. I also joined them and brought her milk powder and fruit. The practitioner was very touched and kept saying that she did not bring me any nutritious food when I was going through illness tribulation. She wanted to give me money but I said to her sincerely, “I cannot take your money. When I was going through tribulations, you helped me to make materials and did a lot of work. You also contributed your part.”

She had some problems with her leg so she cannot walk normally. One night, she came to help me make materials. By the time we finished, it was very late at night. I watched her walk with difficulty in the darkness of the night. It was really not an easy thing. Recalling that scene now, my heart still feels sad and tears still fall. Such a good practitioner! She did not take any medication. She just studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts. Now, her injury is much better and she can get out of bed by herself.

When I now exchange cultivation thoughts with fellow practitioners, I try to lower my voice and steer away from the shrew style of speaking loudly that I used in the past. I am a Dafa practitioner and practitioners must mind their behavior. Through reading and memorizing the Fa, I learned the importance of solid cultivation. Reflecting back on my past state of half-hearted cultivation, I am really ashamed of myself.

The above is my recent cultivation experience. Through studying the Fa more and trying my best to cultivate my xinxing, the printer recovered without any repair. I really understood the deeper meaning of what Master said,

“You put in the effort and your teacher will handle the rest.”(The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Thank you, benevolent Master!

The above is my little understanding. Kindly let me know if there are any room for improvement.