(Minghui.org) A friend’s mother wanted to learn Falun Dafa after she fell ill in January 2018. I prepared a video player for her so she could listen and watch videos of Master Li teaching the Fa. She was very excited after watching the videos and wanted to meet me. 

When we met, she told me about herself.

“I’ve had a very hard life and my marriage was not good, either,” she told me. “We were very poor when I was young, so I only went to school for three years. My life was plagued with all kinds of illnesses and hardships. I wanted to leave home to be a Buddhist in a temple.

“For some reason, though, I wasn’t motivated enough to convert to Buddhism. Now I feel so fortunate to be able to hear Master Li teaching Falun Dafa!” 

She told me that she’d been ill with breast cancer and had severe diabetes. She had to take insulin injections three or four times a day and be hospitalized four or five times every year. Other problems that had plagued her included insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, a stroke, and arthritis. The medications she had to take caused memory loss, and she sometimes couldn’t find her way home when she went out. 

I reassured her and told her that, if she practiced Falun Dafa with all due sincerity, Master would help her. I realized that it was not a coincidence that I had met her, so I was determined to help her.

After I returned home, I carefully wrote descriptions for the five exercises to make things easier for her to understand. But when she looked at what I’d written, she said, “Your handwriting is good, but I can’t read it.” So I did it over, using a simple writing style. This time she said she could understand it.

In a few months, she learned to do all five exercises. She told everyone in her family, “Falun Dafa is truly wonderful. I will keep practicing, and nobody can stop me.” 

It’s been over two years and she is now 78. She is glowing with energy and her memory has returned. She can take care of herself and handle most of the household chores. In her own words, “I feel like I’m in my 20s. I’m so happy and feel so light with no illness.”

I often visit her and we share our understandings of the Fa. I am deeply touched by her diligence in cultivation and her complete faith in Master and the Fa. 

Never Giving Up on Someone Who Obtains Dafa

In November 2016, a retired colleague who had moved out of town called me. She was weeping, barely able to speak. “I’m ill,” she told me. “I have ovarian cancer. I had surgery that went well and just finished the first round of chemotherapy.” 

It came as a total surprise to me because she was still in her 50s, and when I saw her just a few months earlier she looked just fine. 

She told me she was diagnosed during a routine checkup. I felt very sad as we used to get along very well at work. I thought of telling her about Dafa and asked her if she would be interested in learning qigong cultivation. 

“Yes, I would,” she said. “But I’m very weak from the chemotherapy and I cannot go to your place to learn the exercises. Could my husband go and learn from you first?”

I was a bit hesitant because her husband is a retired police officer and her son-in-law also works in the public security system. I didn’t know what they thought about Falun Dafa.

A couple of days later, her husband indeed came. “Please teach me how to do the exercises,” he said. Almost instantly, he felt like family, so I wasn’t fearful and had no reservations, as I could sense that he had come to learn the exercises with all due sincerity. I felt I understood more just how desperately my former colleague and her family wanted her to recover.

I clarified the truth to him about Falun Dafa first and then spent the whole afternoon teaching him the basic movements of the five exercises. I also gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun and a media player with the exercise music and Fa lectures.

Not long after she started to read Zhuan Falun and do the exercises, she began to recover and her appetite returned. Her hair started to grow back and all her test results were positive.

Once she told me, “When I was doing the exercises, I often saw Master, beautiful Falun, and other wonderful scenes.” I was really happy for her. 

At first, she was very serious and diligent about Fa study and doing the exercises. But when the music player I gave her to listen to the Fa lectures broke, she stopped studying and doing the exercises for three months. Not long after, when she went to hospital for a checkup, the doctors said her test results indicated that her cancer had returned. Her family was devastated.

The doctor scheduled her for 16 rounds of chemotherapy. By the ninth session, she was bedridden and could not eat. She would throw up anything she ate, and her lower limbs were badly swollen and numb. Her lymphatic system and the nerves of her lower limbs were severely damaged by the drugs. She was losing weight rapidly and all her hair fell out. Her cancer cells metastasized. She was once again on the brink of death. 

She refused to continue with the chemotherapy and went home. She called me, but we could not say much on the phone (all calls are monitored in China). I really wanted to see her, but the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and our activities were very restricted. I encouraged her to continue to cultivate in Dafa and recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day. “I will get you another music player,” I told her.

After the lockdown was lifted, I delivered the music player to her, so that she could study the Fa and do the exercises. I also encouraged her to move back to her hometown where I was living. She did so towards the end of July 2020. 

It was heartbreaking to see her. She looked very ill and emaciated. “I will be dead soon,” she said. “Most of the cancer patients I know are gone, some old and some young. I’m the only one still alive, and doctors say that I’m lucky to still be around.” 

I studied the Fa and did the exercises with her every day. I corrected her exercise movements and helped her get in touch with other practitioners in her area. They encouraged her to have faith in Dafa and took her to see practitioners who had regained their health through cultivating in Dafa. We helped her in every way we could and treated her with kindness and compassion, while also telling her that cultivating Dafa was her only way out. 

Master taught us,

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master. It is good enough if you have this wish.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

Miracles started to happen in just 15 days. She was able to walk again and eat normally without throwing up. She was calm instead of fearful. Her exercise movements also looked a lot more natural and fluid. She learned to look within to improve her own character, and, best of all, she could now see hope. Instead of being in complete despair, she was confident and assured because she had found her destiny in Dafa. 

I went to visit her a couple of days before I prepared this sharing. She has put on more than 5 kg (11 lbs), can walk without a problem, and looks very healthy with a rosy complexion. I feel really happy for her!

Nowadays, she studies the Fa earnestly and does the exercises every day, striving to catch up. In order to help her, I did many things that I thought were impossible for me, such as ride a bicycle in the scorching sun to visit her every day, drop everything at home to keep her company, buy food to console her, etc. But I did them all with no complaint, because I once made a vow that, since she obtained the Fa, I would not give up on her because I felt that’s a responsibility Master gave me.

The Buddha Light Illuminates the Human World

In these instances, I feel that Dafa not only saved the two practitioners but also their families and friends. Among their relatives are public servants, laborers, businessmen, students, and doctors. The changes in the two women have restored happiness and peace in their families, eliminated the stress, and relieved them of financial burdens. 

Both practitioners told me that their entire families support them in practicing Falun Dafa because they have all witnessed how wonderful and powerful it is. Their family members even remind them to do the exercises or read Dafa books.

They often say to me “How can I ever thank you enough!” I always say, “Let’s all thank Master! It is Master who has brought Dafa and blessings to the human world.”