(Minghui.org) The Art of Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance) International Exhibition was held in Ushuaia from March 14-30, 2022.

Ushuaia is a picturesque city, surrounded by a myriad of natural charms. It is widely known as 'The End of the World' because it is where the land ends, and there is no more. The next stop, about 1,000 km of rough seas south, is Antarctica. Ushuaia is a first-class tourist destination visited by numerous local and international tourists, either by sea or by air.

The art exhibition was held at the Cultural, Social and Political Center 'Nueva Argentina' (CCNA). It was sponsored by the Cultural Center 'Nueva Argentina', the Instituto Fueguino de Turismo 'Infuetur', the Ushuaia City Deliberative Council, and the Provincial Legislator, Andrea Freites.

City of Ushuaia, “The End of the World”, and the Port of Ushuaia where tourists arrive throughout the year.

Nueva Argentina Cultural Center: The place where the exhibition was held.

The inauguration of the exhibition was attended by prominent local authorities.

Juan Carlos Pino, Ushuaia City Councilman and President of the Deliberating Council, also the founder of the Cultural Center, said: “The only one thing this Cultural Center had been missing is an International Exhibition.

“It is very important for us to promote art, and on this occasion, this mobile exhibition that previously has been in different parts of Argentina is very special for Ushuaia.

“This Cultural Center is an open door where local, national, and international artists come and it is an honor that this exhibition is here and that neighbors can appreciate these artworks. I would like to wish you all the best of success during these fifteen days that you are going to be at the ‘Nueva Argentina’ Cultural Center.”

Juan Carlos Pino: Councilman and President of the Deliberating Council, founder of the “Nueva Argentina” Ushuaia Cultural Center, appreciating the artworks.

Practitioners and local authorities during the Inauguration of the Exhibition

Several hundred tourists and local residents visited the exhibition. Most of them expressed their gratitude to Falun Dafa practitioners for allowing them to appreciate the amazing artworks and learn the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

Many groups of school children and teenagers visited the exhibition. Many of them took photos of the artworks; others drew and wrote in their notebooks.

One of the local Falun Dafa practitioners said the following. “We noticed that at the end of the school day, teenage students who passed by the place after we invited them in, stayed at the exhibition, looked at it for a long time, seemed very touched, and then left only to appear shortly after with another group of friends so that they too could appreciate the exhibition.

“Most of these teenagers did not know the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa in China, but most of these teenagers are aware that communism is evil, and in this exhibition, they felt the goodness of Dafa while admiring its beauty. Many asked for more information about Falun Dafa and the practice of exercises in Ushuaia.”

School children and teenagers visiting the exhibition

Visitors appreciated the artwork. Some of the visitors shared their experiences during the exhibition visit.

Maria is a plastic artist and teacher.

Maria, a plastic artist, and teacher from Ushuaia, said the following about the exhibition: “It is amazing the feeling you get from the time you open the door to the whole exhibition, the sensation it produces, and what you feel when you see the painting and read what each painting means while learning a little bit of the history. I really recommend everyone see it and go deep into the history. I have many feelings that emerge and I can’t put them into words now, but I am leaving this place with good energy and I am very happy, thank you for giving us this exhibition.”

Mariela, who was visiting the exhibition with her children, said the following:

“As you can see, I am very moved, very touched, and the realism really catches my attention, trapping me. I am leaving with goosebumps. I had never seen such an exhibition of these artworks, and the truth is that it is amazing. I hope that many people can visit it. My daughter also enjoyed it, so she is also very happy.”

Natasha Espindola: “It is seeing through the artist, not only what the artist suffered, but also seeing with all the illumination and purity that the artist transmits.”

Natasha an art student, said the following: “I really enjoyed seeing what the symbology is. I enjoyed it not only because it is thinking and seeing through the artist, and not only what the artist suffered, but also seeing with all the illumination, purity that the artist transmits, it’s all together.”

Laura Salgado: “It fascinates me because it is loaded with symbology and teaches the iconography of different cultures.”

Laura Salgado, teacher and gym owner from Ushuaia said the following about the painting ‘Repairing the Cosmos’:

“This painting also fascinates me because it is loaded with symbology and teaches the iconography of different cultures. This shows that in the cosmos we are one and that we simply have to act in harmony.”

Joaquin Salazar, an 18-year-old college student, said the following about the exhibition: “The first thing that I highlighted was the level of detail, they are beautiful paintings that have a magnificent shading, a very high-quality technique that transmits the message in a very touching way that is very intense, that transmits well, and helps you understand the message.”

Joaquín praised the artistic quality and the message that the artworks convey.

Joaquín also shared a bit about how his family has transmitted moral values to him since his childhood, helping him to follow the right path. He also said he had studied about the communist party: “I grew up in a normal childhood, that nowadays is not so common, I was raised on the path of righteousness, of what is right, so I can differentiate in a clear way what is right and what is wrong, and I know that what the communist party has been doing for a long time is completely wrong and is very bad.”

He also added about the painting ‘An Orphan’s Sorrow’: “What touched me the most was what this does to innocent people, such as children, as this painting shows a little girl who was alone without her parents and the only thing that remains of them is a coat of her father’s and their ashes in a box. It is a tremendous and unnecessary pain for people who have nothing bad in their hearts and don’t deserve it.”

Joaquín also said the following about the show: “I would recommend people to come and look at the show and stay, to look at the works for more than a minute, more than five minutes because the more you see it the more you can appreciate the effort that the artist put in and how the message is transmitted.” He added: “I love the music playing in the background and I really appreciate the paintings. The context and culture is so beautiful, and it is completely recommendable.”

Ezequiel Cabrera: “Beyond the religious representation it is a real representation of our lives”

Ezequiel Cabrera, a local Ushuaia resident, said the following about the painting: 'Teaching the Fa at Different Levels': “This painting caught my attention as soon as I saw it, and the story it tells is very interesting, the story of the Master of Falun Dafa teaching a discipline to the students and about different levels that they can reach while acquiring more knowledge. It is a painting that I would like many people to recognize and appreciate because beyond the religious representation it is a real representation of our lives.”

Many visitors left comments in the guestbook:

María Arlán from Tandil, Argentina, wrote: Excellent exhibition! Total reflection of terrible repression and persecution! I didn’t know this discipline, I will investigate it, congratulations!

A family from Ushuaia: Enzo, Melisa, and their two children, Felipe and Alegra toured the whole exhibition attentively. At the end of their tour, they spent a long time in front of the materials table, paying attention to the explanation of the material information.

The whole family tours the exhibition

Enzo wrote in the guestbook:

“One can connect through this wonderful art that expresses feelings that touch the heart, mind, and soul, even if one doesn’t know much about the culture, religion or the facts.”

Ezequiel Avedaño, a local visitor, wrote the following in the guestbook: “These artworks have the power to connect us with our inner divinity. Thank you very much!