(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 20 years, and have always studied the Fa and clarified the truth when there was an opportunity to do so. I was able to help only a few people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations each month. I also occasionally participated in other truth-clarification projects. I was ashamed with my situation. Looking inward deeply, I found that it was due to my attachment of comfort and fear.

A fellow practitioner shared her cultivation experience last January and encouraged me to clarify the truth face to face. With her help, I started to do this.

I achieved great results this year, and have eliminated many attachments, such as arrogance, impatience, competitiveness, laziness, and resentment. Of course, these might reoccur, so I will constantly correct myself on my cultivation path. We should save people with compassion, and not take it to heart when being scolded, or encountering unpleasant things.

After I started talking to people face to face, I was able to help 30 people quit the CCP in a month. Now, with Master’s help, I can help about 100 people quit.

Domestic Security Officer: “Oh, I understand it now”

I made an appointment to talk with a domestic security officer in my area on New Year’s eve. I have been talking to this officer as a friend, and he agrees that Dafa is good.

During our conversation, I gave an example to explain why Dafa practitioners will not give up their belief. I said, “If you offered a two-bedroom apartment and one million cash to a monk who is truly cultivating in a temple, ask him to leave the temple, and enjoy the life in the earthly world – do you think he would accept it? His goal in life is to go to the heavenly world through cultivation. Dafa practitioners also have a heavenly world, so they will never change their belief.”

He said that he met some practitioners who scolded him and drove him away. Using another analogy I told him that students taught by the same teacher could be at different levels, as if some had doctorate degrees or master degrees. Everyone is different.

He said, “Oh, I understand it now.”

Getting People to Think from a Different Angle

When I spoke to people I mentioned that Falun Dafa is a Buddha Fa (Law) and then told them that the Tiananmen Square self-immolation was a hoax, and was used to incite hatred against Falun Dafa. I explained in detail, saying, “How could a person calmly sit in burning flames with severe burns? As long as this person is alive, his instinctual reflex would be to jump up due to pain.” Many people immediately understood and agreed with what I said.

There are many Chinese who believe the state-run media’s propaganda and hate the United States very much. Therefore, whenever we talked about such topics, I tried to get them to think from a different angle. I told them that I had never been to the USA and had only heard about how bad it was from the media. But, why have so many corrupt officials, celebrities, and second-generation officials gone there? Many family members of senior CCP officials live there. Some rich people went there to give birth so their children could have American citizenship. So why don’t these people go abroad to live in North Korea, Vietnam, or Cuba, if they really believe Socialism is good?

After hearing my words, most people said, “I didn’t think about it that way.” Therefore, as long as we can explain the problems that people have not thought of, and resolve their doubts, people will understand.

Threatening My Grandson’s Future

I was given one year on bail when I returned home from the detention center two years ago and was ordered to go to the brainwashing center once a week. The first three times, they just talked about my family members and what’s happening in society, without shouting as in the past. We chatted for about an hour each time.

The fourth time, they asked me to write a summary to end the brainwashing session. I refused, so they told me to write whatever I wanted, as they didn’t ask me stop practicing Falun Dafa.

I knew they were just going through the motions, but they asked me to write “Complying with national laws and regulations” in the summary, and told me that it had no conflict with me practicing Falun Dafa. I refused to write it, as there are various regulations in our country, and I don’t know which regulations badmouth and frame Dafa. How could I comply with such regulations?

I told the woman this, and she agreed, saying that I didn’t need to write it. They then threatened me, saying that it would have a bad impact on my grandchild’s future, such as in joining the army or going to college, if I didn’t give up practicing Falun Dafa.

I told them that my grandson was still young and that it was OK if he couldn’t join the army when he grew up. He could go abroad to attend college if he wasn’t allowed to go to college in China. Since he is in elementary school, the school might put pressure on him with his grandma practicing Falun Dafa, but it is only temporary. After Dafa is redressed, he will be very proud that his grandmother practices Falun Dafa.

They were all silent after hearing my words. In fact, I will definitely cultivate Dafa to the end.

There is not much time left for us practitioners to cultivate. Let’s seize the time, strive to do the three things well, not leave too many regrets, and follow Master home.