(Minghui.org) It has been six years since my sister was sentenced to prison because of me. I have been tormented by this all these years. I hope that by exposing my mistake today, fellow practitioners can learn from my mistake and not repeat my actions.

I went with a fellow practitioner six years ago to clarify the facts about Dafa. We were reported by someone and arrested. When the police interrogated me, I refused to answer any questions at first. But as the police kept pressuring me, my fear grew stronger and stronger.

My sister was also arrested on the same day. Both of us later cooperated with the police in the interrogation, after believing a police captain’s promise to release us as long as we agreed to answer the questions. One of the questions was whether I got the Dafa materials from my sister. I didn’t deny it. The police took that as a “yes” from me and later used it against my sister, resulting in her being sentenced to prison.

In fact, I even had the chance to change my answer when the police asked me to verify the record. But I didn’t do it and instead just signed the document.

I was later released and my sister remained in custody. She was tried a month later. During her hearing, the prosecutor read out loud my name as a prosecution witness and said that I testified to having received Dafa materials from my sister.

After my sister was released from prison, she had strong fear and didn’t dare to practice Dafa any longer. I felt really sorry for her.

I read the following sharing article on Minghui last year, “Criteria for Cultivating Speech and Trustworthiness.” The author shared her experience of unwittingly hurting another practitioner, “On July 21, 1999, the authorities from our county’s Political Security Department searched my home. I was deceived and took them to a fellow practitioner’s home. She had to hand over her Falun Dafa books and videotapes, as well as Master’s portraits. She continued to be harassed, and her home was searched many times. She had to leave her home to avoid further persecution, but was eventually arrested and thrown into a labor camp. She was forced to give up her practice due to the brutal torture. I was deeply saddened. I was young, simple, and weak. I easily believed the authorities, who lied and claimed that they already knew everything. No matter what the situation was, the truth is that I led them to that practitioner’s home.”

I was shocked upon reading this article. I was exactly the same as this author, and I’m responsible for my sister’s prison sentence and her giving up practicing Dafa.

I had been trying to write this sharing article, but I encountered tremendous interference. It took me over a year to finish it. I hope it can make things up a bit and prevent more practitioners from making the same mistake.