(Minghui.org) My father became ill at the end of 2020 and was admitted to a hospital. I stayed at the hospital for seven days and looked after him. I saw how people feel helpless when they become ill and long to be healthy and live. I also witnessed kindhearted people receive protection and blessings from Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa.

My father was admitted to the hospital for asthma. After going through tests, the doctors said his condition was not severe. His symptoms eased after he was put on an IV drip and he soon recovered. He had to stay in the hospital for many days due to other problems such as fluid collecting in his back and so on. I was not too worried about my father’s health but I saw the pain and helpless look in the other patients’ eyes. I felt fortunate to be a Falun Dafa practitioner. Master gave us good health and I wanted to share the benefits of the practice with people.

We changed rooms three times and I was able to meet many people. Through these encounters, I witnessed how extraordinary Dafa is.

Elderly Man Can Walk Again

An elderly man in the same ward as my father left and another elderly man was transferred over in the evening. He and my father chatted and we learned that he was from the neighboring village. The man’s grandfather was a well-known landlord. He told my father about the misfortunes that befell the landlord’s descendants.

The man was in his 90s. His son-in-law was from another part of China and took time off from work to take care of him. The old man said sadly that it had been 5 days since he came to the hospital for an operation. He was unable to get out of bed. He was worried that he might not be able to walk again and always felt dizzy. His wife passed away six months earlier and he had a daughter with mental illness at home. He was in a hurry to go home. I told him while helping take care of him, “Uncle, you will be fine. Let me tell you something good after dinner; it will work for sure.”

After dinner, I asked if he’d heard of Falun Dafa. He said some people in his village practiced. I asked him if he’d renounced his membership in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). He said no and asked why it mattered. I explained the significance of quitting the CCP.

I said, “We country folks believe in God. Your family were landlords. The CCP persecuted your family so terribly; do you still believe in it? The CCP has only brought misfortune to people. We should distance ourselves from it and ask God to protect us.” He agreed. I then went on to explain the facts about Dafa and told him to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.” He finally remembered the phrases after repeating them several times. I told him to keep reciting them in his heart.

The next morning when the man woke up he told his son-in-law, “Please help me. I want to go to the toilet.” The son-in-law exclaimed, “You can walk!?” They decided to give it a try. The man got off the bed and grabbed his son-in-law’s clothes. I supported him on the other side. We slowly moved forward, taking small steps.

When the man returned to his bed, I said delightedly, “Uncle, you were amazing! Aren’t you able to walk now? It is because you quit the CCP, the Master of Falun Dafa helped you.” He said, “Yes, I think so.” He said he had been reciting the phrases I taught him continuously but he was not sure if he said them correctly. He said the phrases out loud. In fact it was not completely right, but Master saw he had faith and showed him a miracle.

When he wanted to go to the toilet at night, he did not wake up his son-in-law. I was up late as I was meditating. When I knew he wanted to go to the toilet, I got up to support him. He kept making progress and walked faster. Soon, he no longer needed anyone to help him. He told my father, “Your daughter is truly kind.”

I tried to help him whenever I could, bringing him water and food. Before he went home, I reminded him to recite the phrases and he happily agreed.

Elderly Woman Scheduled to Have Heart Surgery Goes Home

An elderly woman who was admitted to the hospital at the same time as my father was transferred to another room in less than an hour. I met her while I walked around and I asked about her illness. She said it was nothing major. When I chatted with her husband, however, he said worriedly that the doctors wanted to open her chest as her heart’s mitral valve failed to close tightly. It sounded very scary. The woman looked like a kind person. I knew I must tell her about Dafa.

When I saw her again I said, “I practice Falun Dafa. It is amazing. Many people who believe in it changed their destiny. Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa and is a form of cultivation practice based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. The CCP has killed over 80 million Chinese since it usurped power. How can it not be punished for killing so many people? Who will be held accountable for its crimes? It is those who joined the Party. We are good people and have not done bad deeds. We cannot take responsibility for its evil doings. Let us renounce it so that Heaven will protect us.”

She understood and agreed. I said, “Please also recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ when you have time. You will be blessed and avoid danger.” She thanked me and went back to her ward.

One morning I overheard a doctor telling another doctor to inform the patient in Ward 15 to go home as he had no time to perform the operation. Just then, I saw the woman’s husband and realized the doctor was referring to the auntie. Her surgery was postponed; isn’t that Master’s compassion? 

When I learned they were going home, I thought I must remind the woman that it was Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa that helped her resolve this tribulation. I rushed to the ground floor where discharges were handled and luckily they had not left. I told the auntie this was a good thing and she must recite the phrases often when she returned home. I also got her husband to recite the phrases with his wife and helped him quit the CCP. I believe they will be blessed as a result of their faith in Dafa.

There was man in another ward with the same condition. I had not seen him. I only met his wife in the corridor. She was in low spirits and told me her husband was waiting to have open heart surgery. I told her the truth about Dafa and asked her to pass the information on to her husband. I met her while heating up a meal. I asked her if her husband’s operation was postponed as the Auntie’s had been. She said that the doctors had not told her anything.

I understood that only when one truly believes in Dafa can miracles appear. This is a serious matter and no one can decide the fate of others on their behalf.

The Energy You Transmit Is Positive

After the elderly man in his 90s went home, a man in his 50s was transferred to my father’s ward. He had just gone through surgery and there were two stents in his heart. He had to take a lot of pills with every meal and had no appetite. He was envious when he saw my father enjoying his food. He said, “Your old father has a good appetite. It’s because his daughter is taking care of him.” Indeed, my father soon recovered after he was admitted to the hospital for asthma. He passed a lot of urine every day and had a huge appetite as if he could never fill his stomach. He was also in good spirits and loved to chat with the other patients.

My father practiced Falun Dafa years ago but after the persecution started, many people in the village gave up the practice. My father only listens to recordings of the teachings but does not do the exercises or cultivate his character. However, he respects and believes in Master. He offers incense to Master every day. Consequently, Master resolved his tribulation this time. A renowned Chinese medicine physician said if my father’s condition did not improve after taking medicine, he would have to undergo surgery for a stent.

The man who was transferred to my father’s ward and his wife were business owners. One day I said to him, “There are so many disasters nowadays. Corruption among officials is rampant and ordinary folks are suffering. It is not easy for you to make a profit in your business either.”

He told me the village officials went to every house to check on the hygiene as the CCP wanted to turn villages into beautiful places. He tidied up his place and when the officials came to check, they saw a room where he was storing food that he planned to sell at markets. They claimed that he had not cleaned up his house. He was angry and chased them out.

I said, “Doesn’t the CCP make trouble for people? Over 100 million people in China practiced Falun Dafa. They improved their health and became good people. Yet former CCP head Jiang Zemin fabricated many lies to demonize Falun Dafa. Do you know what is most cruel? It is the forced organ harvesting!” He agreed, “The CCP is too cruel.”

When his wife came in, I said to her, “We will be going home soon. I feel that you and your husband are good people. I want to tell you something important.” I told them I practice Dafa. She said she could tell, as she saw me meditating at night. She said, “I don’t practice Falun Dafa but I have a lot of respect for Dafa. When we go to the markets, practitioners leave information on my car. I read all of it.”

I told her that everything in the pamphlets is true. I told her what happened to my relative. One year, my father-in-law passed away and the relative came to pay her respects. She was very sympathetic after I told her the truth about Dafa and how terrible the persecution is. She suddenly said to me, “Did you send out your gong?” It turned out she felt uncomfortable at home and breathless. It could be she inhaled poisonous gas. But she was fine after coming to my house. I said it was because she believed in Dafa.

The woman said, “That is true. Before moving to this ward, my heart felt terrible and stuffed up. After we transferred to this room I have felt better these two days. The energy you transmit is positive!” I gave her an amulet and I told them to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.” Her husband got out of bed then and said loudly, “Falun Dafa is good.” His wife laughed and so did my father and I.