(Minghui.org) Over 400 million Chinese people have renounced their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its two youth organizations as of August 3, 2022. Garnett Genuis, a Canadian Member of Parliament, applauded these people’s courageous decision and expressed his strong support for more Chinese to join the quitting-the-CCP movement.

Canadian MP Garnett Genuis

MP Genuis said, “The right to freedom of association is a fundamental human right. Our Constitution guarantees Canadians this right. Freedom of association is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Chinese government claims to respect this right. Sadly, the Chinese Communist Party does not recognize or respect human rights and freedom.

“I strongly support the choice for people to voluntarily disassociate themselves from the Chinese Communist Party. Given the escalating violence and repression that the Party is responsible for, it is entirely unsurprising that an increasing number of Chinese are doing so.”

Human Rights Activist: Getting Rid of the Tyranny by Quitting the CCP

The movement to quit the CCP started with the publication of the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party by The Epoch Times in November 2004.

Yang Chong realized that the CCP rules by violence and lies after reading Nine Commentaries on Communist Party.

Yang Chong, a native of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, read the book in 2005 by using Freegate, a software that helps internet users bypass the Chinese government firewall. He said the book was true and objective. He downloaded the audio files and shared them with his friends. He also saw a website where he could make a public statement to withdraw the CCP. He decided to quit the Young Pioneers and the Youth League.

He said that the book pointed out that the CCP rules by violence and lies and has killed so many of its own people. He later started “The Southern Street Movement,” in which people protested by holding signs in business districts in various southern cities and then shared the photos online.

Starting with a handful of people, within 18 years, 400 million brave souls have recognized just how evil the CCP is and chosen to quit it. Yang said that one-third of the people in China have disassociated themselves from the CCP. That means that the Chinese people no longer trust the CCP and are no longer afraid of it.

“The Chinese Communist Party has lost its legitimacy to rule the country, which is a great thing for the Chinese people. The Chinese people must quit the CCP to get rid of its brutal rule. Let’s overcome our fear and reject its lies. Every drop of water looks small, but when it gathers into a river, lake, and sea, it will have a huge impact,” Yang said.

Public Support for the “Quitting the CCP” Movement

The Ottawa Service Center for Quitting the CCP held several events to celebrate the historic event, including a rally and car parade in front of Parliament Hill. Within a few hours during the rally on July 30 on Parliament Hill, more than 380 local residents and tourists from around the world signed the “End the CCP” petition, and seven Chinese tourists announced their withdrawal from the CCP.

Mr. Wang of the Service Center for Quitting the CCP said at the rally, “For 100 years, different communist parties seized power in countries that accounted for one-third of the world’s population. One hundred million people were slaughtered and starved to death. The communist regimes always plundered and ruled by terrorism. It may seem absurd in a free society, but such tragedies are happening in every country ruled by a communist party.”

Bo fled from communist Poland to Canada in 1988. She is a witness to the evilness of the communist party. She said that Chinese society was beautiful before communism. After the CCP started to rule China, it killed minorities, put more than one million people in concentration camps, and extracted people’s organs for sale. “The communist system is like a parasite that invades people’s hearts and destroys the beauty, morality, and love inside them.”

She called on the Chinese people to learn the truth about the CCP. “Truth and wisdom are the key to success. We did it in Poland, and you can do it in China. With awareness and wisdom, the Chinese can easily abolish the communist dictatorship. Especially the young people, wake up!”

Another local resident, Patrick B., said, “I am a humanitarian and a supporter of human rights. Live organ harvesting should not happen anywhere on the earth. It is a crime against humanity.” He encouraged the Chinese people to continue to fight for their rights and freedom.