(Minghui.org) In the summer of 2020, I did not conduct myself properly in a family conflict, so the old forces seized upon the loophole to persecute me. The sight in my left eye became blurry--as if a shadow was blocking my view. I began to look inward to correct myself in accordance with the Fa and sent righteous thoughts. I soon identified what I did wrong, but my eyesight did not improve much. The pressure from the situation increased but I had no idea how to resolve it.

My health remained poor in the spring of 2021. I occasionally felt dizzy, could not see clearly, and had difficulty walking, especially on uneven ground. Despite the pain and safety concerns, I went out to deliver information about Falun Dafa and posted stickers. Each time before I went out, I stood in front of Master’s picture and asked for help. I confidently went out and returned without a problem. I was joyful despite the hardship, although I haven’t achieved the state that Master mentioned: “… Let joy be found in hardship ...” (“Tempering the Will,” Hong Yin), I handled difficulties calmly.

Eliminating the CCP’s Influence

I ran into practitioner Ling whom I hadn’t seen for two years. We did not talk much that day because she was in a hurry. When we met again, she asked how I was. I told her about my poor health. I had not told the other practitioners because I didn’t want them to worry about me. I knew Master was protecting me.

Ling discussed my situation with practitioners in her area, and Hui came to visit me. She has strong righteous thoughts and is very responsible. She helped me clear my thoughts and helped me identify my problems. First, we looked for any issues, like lacking respect for Master and the Fa. Next, we eliminated the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) bad influences in my home, including photos. As I looked at my photos, I found images of the red scarf, five-star flags, former CCP leader Mao, and so on. After removing those bad things, I felt my dimensions became cleaner and my righteous thoughts grew stronger.

Sending Righteous Thoughts to Remove Interference

That day, I remembered that I should use my supernatural powers to clear away the false appearance of illness that interfered with my body. I also recalled what Master said,

“True Dafa disciples have higher energy and are able to destroy karma and germs ...” (Stay Rational)

From that day on, I sent righteous thoughts regularly to clear my thoughts at 8 p.m. and then cleaned up my dimensional field every day. Reading about other practitioners’ experiences and insights in Minghui Weekly about sending righteous thoughts benefited me very much. One day I was on the way to the local Fa study group when I suddenly realized that my legs were stronger and I was no longer very dizzy. I was overjoyed with my improvement.

Based on the Fa-rectification Perspective

One day I happened to mention my eye problem to another practitioner. She asked me how I sent forth righteous thoughts, and I told her. She replied, “You’re right, but you can’t just consider your own perspective, you have to think based on the perspective of validating the Fa.” While we discussed looking inward, she pointed out that I paid too much attention to small things. She was right. It was probably why I always felt tired.

Her direct and quick feedback and serious attitude inspired me so that I knew what to do. I identified my attachments of being overly concerned, fearful, and selfish. I finally understood why my health did not improve much in the past: I used to focus on personal cultivation and paid too much attention to the results.

I read what Master said about sending righteous thoughts without adding cumbersome details as I used to. I suddenly understood that the two formulas are enough to deter all evil, and their connotations are deep and wide.

Now I send righteous thoughts based on the perspective of Fa-rectification. I followed Master and came down to this world to validate Dafa and save sentient beings. No matter what my physical body looks like, it’s just a vehicle on my cultivation journey. The side I have cultivated well, that is, the real me, has been separated from me.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out any mistakes.

Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation. Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your selfless help.