(Minghui.org) My older brother worked in a large state-owned enterprise. He was hard-working and conscientious and was known by all his coworkers as a good person. He was rated as a model worker by the company every year. After he began to practice Falun Dafa, he benefited a lot both physically and spiritually, which led many people to also begin Dafa cultivation.

Jiang Zemin, the former dictator of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), launched an unprecedented persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in July 1999. The CCP specifically established the 610 Office to carry out the inhumane persecution and used extremely cruel and despicable methods. My brother and many Dafa practitioners were persecuted and their homes ransacked. My brother was brutally beaten in jail, which caused his legs to be maimed. He then went on a hunger strike for 17 days, and the jail notified us to take him home on medical bail.

After I brought him home, the police learned that his health had improved, and they wanted to arrest him again. We didn’t open the door, so they called the fire department, who climbed up the ladder to smash our windows. The loud sound alarmed the residents of the community, and they all came out to watch. Later, with the help of neighbors, my brother left the city overnight and went to a neighboring city.

At the time, I not only had to endure the pressure of the persecution of my relatives but also I was forced to help in transforming Dafa practitioners. I was a manager at work, and we were told that if there was an issue somewhere, such as a Dafa practitioner went to appeal, then three levels of managers (one above and one below) would all be suspended.

One day, I gathered more than 30 Dafa practitioners in my jurisdiction to carry out the so-called transformation. I asked them to turn in all books, banners, photos, video tapes, audio materials, and electronic equipment having anything to do with Falun Dafa. I also passed down the message that they must stop all Falun Dafa activities. I asked them not to gather, not to go to Beijing to appeal, and accept management by us.

At that time, the practitioners asked me a lot of questions, and I couldn’t answer them. They asked, “Do you recall any Dafa practitioners who did anything bad or were involved in corruption? Zhuan Falun is the textbook for Dafa disciples. Which section in it reflects participating in politics? We are just trying to be good people in society and be truthful, compassionate, and forbearing. If that’s labeled a [slanderous word omitted], then what kind of people are in control of the government? There is so much corruption going on right now, and the government has even ceded territory to Russia. Is that what the people really need? They are treating Dafa practitioners as enemies and persecuting and torturing them. How can a good person do such things?”

With many questions in my mind, I began to look at the relevant materials, including Zhuan Falun and the video of Master Li Hongzhi’s lectures. From then on, I really began to pay attention to Falun Dafa. Dafa practitioners are upright and they insist on clarifying the truth. Many practitioners have been persecuted to death; others became disabled, and countless Falun Dafa practitioners have lost their homes. Because of my brother’s cultivation practice in Falun Dafa, I saw the evil nature of the wicked CCP and the beauty of Dafa.

Although Tortured and Disabled, My Brother Still Firmly Believed In Dafa

Even though my brother was severely tortured in jail, which caused his legs to be maimed, his belief in Dafa never wavered. He knew how much he and his family benefited from practicing Dafa. He wanted more people to understand the truth, and he went out to hang banners and clarify the truth. I was very worried about his safety. I did not want him to go to Beijing to appeal, or to go outside to clarify the truth every day. So I asked him to stay home and I taught him how to use computers. My hope was that he could do the exercises and study the Fa at home. But in the six months he stayed at home, he mastered the techniques for printing, typesetting, engraving, and repairing the machines. He set up a family Dafa materials production site and helped many other people to do the same. This contributed a lot to local Dafa practitioners clarifying the truth, but it also led to attention from the government.

In 2003, the police arrested many Dafa practitioners, including my brother, who was arrested while delivering raw materials to the materials production sites. When they arrested him, the police claimed that they had arrested the biggest Falun Dafa organizer in the province. The police in the province and city took turns interrogating him. My brother just said to them, “I only want to be a good person. I just want to cultivate and tell everyone the truth. What is the reason you don’t allow me to do this? All you do is slander, lie, maliciously distort the facts and torture Dafa disciples. Please think about it, because good and evil actions will accordingly receive blessings or retributions.” The head of the 610 Office tried to persuade my brother to give up his belief many times. But my brother just continued to clarify the truth to him. He talked about the history of the CCP, all the movements, and the current situation in China. He gave the 610 Office head an example: Deng Xiaoping, former CCP leader, was rehabilitated after being overthrown three times and then became a national leader. The leader of the 610 Office said, “Maybe I will consider your words after I retire. I can’t promise you anything now, but I also don’t have a way to let you go. What I can do is to find you a good prison for five years. Your words have touched me. Normally, all religious beliefs teach people to be kind. I think you are a good person, but I don’t approve of you acting against us and making us look bad.” The leader still allowed the evil thoughts to prevail.

My brother was taken to the city’s Second Detention Center, where he was severely tortured in various ways, and passed out many times as a result. Whenever he passed out, the guard would stab him in a certain acupuncture point with chopsticks. The guard cuffed his hands and feet and stepped on his chest with heavy leather shoes. Four of his teeth were lost from being kicked in the face, and the rest of his teeth became loose. The prisoners took turns watching him and would not let him sleep. In the end, his face was deformed, his eyes and mouth were so swollen that he couldn’t open them, and he couldn’t eat. He had urine and feces in his pants. He didn’t know how long he was passed out for, and when he woke up, he had a tube in his mouth and was fed salt water. The guard told the prisoners to put feces in his mouth, and he passed out again.

My brother later said that at the time, he felt that his body was sinking, while his soul was rising up. The doctor issued a critical illness notice to us and told us to prepare for the worst.

Miraculously Recovered

When I arrived at the hospital with my nephew, niece, relatives, and friends, we could not recognize my brother at all. His breath was very weak. Sometimes he was convulsing, and sometimes unconscious. The guards feared being held responsible for my brother’s condition, and they just asked me to sign papers, and then they left. In a daze, I felt totally hopeless and desperate. I carried my brother home, wiped his body clean, and was just waiting for his breathing to stop. His wife was so frightened by the persecution that we were never able to get in contact with her again.

My brother could not eat or drink. The next day, he opened his eyes at noon. He wanted to say something but couldn’t. With the support of relatives and of fellow practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts for two days and two nights, he woke up on the third day after coming home. He drank three spoonfuls of rice soup, but he was still too weak to sit up. On the morning of the fourth day, my brother’s mind recovered, and he knew he was out of jail. He was able to feel hungry. After a meal, he told everyone about the persecution he suffered and encouraged the practitioners to be diligent. He said there is nothing wrong with trying to be good people, and Falun Dafa will bring glory to mankind.

On the morning of the fifth day, to everyone’s surprise, my brother was able to read and study the Fa as usual. He miraculously recovered and came back to life. Everyone learned a lesson from this. The Dafa materials production sites were moved, and the practitioners stopped getting in contact with people with security issues. We attempted with difficulty to move my brother right away for safety concerns. He was still unable to move his legs or walk. Just as we were leaving the house a fellow practitioner appeared to provide transportation after learning about my brother’s situation. As soon as his car safely disappeared with my brother, two police cars arrived. Several police officers got out and entered the house, but found nothing.

Insisting On Clarifying the Truth to Save People

With the help of fellow practitioners, my brother went to Shanghai. After six months of trying to find out how he was doing, I finally learned where he was staying and got to know his situation. I went to Shanghai to see him, but we weren’t able to meet after two tries. Later, fellow practitioners said that he had recovered well and had returned to my local area. As our phones were monitored, I could not call him directly.

We finally met in person two years later. He was working in a fellow practitioner’s company and had also opened a computer and printer repair shop. He was very busy. He worked like a young man and his gray hair was turning black again. Even more amazing was that three of his teeth grew back! He said that as long as one truly believes in Dafa, then Dafa would be truly magical! People often asked him if he would be able to cultivate to consummation. He said, “As long as you firmly cultivate, miracles will surely happen.”

My brother always got up at 3 am every day, did the five sets of exercises, and then studied and memorized the Fa. He always sent forth righteous thoughts at the appointed times. Each day, he worked hard in repairing machines for various materials production sites free of charge and never complained. He was living a very frugal life, often eating leftovers. With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, he did all these things for over twenty years. Sometimes I asked him if he was getting enough sleep or felt tired. He said that cultivation is the best way to replenish energy. I then asked him why he memorized Zhuan Falun. He said, “If you don’t work on your grass often, it will grow weeds. If people do not focus on studying, they will have distracting thoughts. The brain is like a container, if it isn’t filled with Dafa, it will be filled with other things.”

Once, when my brother was on the way to someone’s home to repair a printer, his electric bike was knocked over by a tricycle doing food delivery, and he couldn’t move. The tricycle driver was so frightened and kept apologizing, and the driver’s wife cried. My brother said, “You don’t need to pay for anything. But you must remember that Falun Dafa is good; Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate to become good people.” The driver said with great gratitude, “Falun Dafa practitioners are truly good people! I can’t imagine how much I would have to pay if it were someone else! Thank you so much!”

My brother survived the car accident but his legs were injured again. He soon recovered without taking a pill or getting an injection. Other than feeling a bit uncomfortable in cold damp weather, he could basically do everything normally. During the pandemic, the community was closed, and it was becoming very inconvenient for him because he didn’t have an ID card or a mobile phone. So he moved his workshop to a rural area. He clarified the truth and repaired the machines as usual. The machines from materials production sites were a priority, and he wanted to get them working again as quickly as possible. Sometimes he would skip meals to save time.

When repairing the house roof, my brother accidentally fell off and re-injured the old wound from the persecution on his rib and sternum. He used a wide piece of cloth to wrap and tighten around his chest and continued on repairing the machines. Due to internal bleeding, his bowel movements were black, but he had no complaints and no regrets. After fixing the machines, he laid on the bed to rest and did the exercises at normal times. He was often in so much pain that his shirt was soaked with sweat.

Once, he suffered from soot poisoning and was unconscious for three days. His eyes and mouth were crooked as if he had a stroke. He believed in Dafa and insisted on not going to the hospital. After a month, the crookedness disappeared and his eyes and mouth became normal. I was very grateful to the fellow practitioners who took care of him until I arrived to bring him back home. Among them, there was a female practitioner whom I have known for many years. She was put in jail twice for her belief in Dafa and both times she was tortured very badly. When others said that she wasn’t diligent enough, my brother said, “Every practitioner who made it out of the prison and still firmly believes in Dafa is worthy of respect. If one never experienced it himself, he wouldn’t understand how difficult it is.”

Through my brother, I have met many Dafa disciples including those who have been persecuted. I really admired every one of them and they are great people in society. They do not take advantage of others, and they are all hard-working people.

He Told Me He Was Going Home

My brother had gone through many tribulations, but he never wavered in his belief in Dafa, and he regarded everything as a test in cultivation. In prison, he was tortured in various ways. His kneecaps were smashed, and he was kicked in the crotch and passed out. The guards said he played dead and continued kicking him. He laid on the concrete floor for two months, almost died, and was left with a lifelong disability.

As he was recovering, I once wiped his body and saw that his testicles had turned black. The doctor said that they were necrotic and should be removed. My brother didn’t agree and did not take the medicine. He knew that his life was given by Dafa. If it wasn’t for Master’s protection, he would have died a long time ago.

His wife had been away from home for more than ten years, as she was so terrified of the persecution. Last May, when I brought my brother home, she was in another place and they did not get to meet or talk. My brother was still optimistic, firm in his belief, and very diligent. Many practitioners said that he was born for Dafa. He was able to put his life aside, and when others needed anything he had, he would give it to them. He had given fellow practitioners his electric bike, repair tools, daily necessities, and printing equipment. He didn’t watch TV or read anything other than Dafa books, and he didn’t have any hobbies. He had a full schedule every day: studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, memorizing the Fa, and repairing the machines.

One afternoon in July, three of us sent forth righteous thoughts sitting in bed, and I saw a beam of light behind each of them, and my brother’s light was very high. He told me that he was leaving, and told me to be diligent, study the Fa well, and hurry up to cultivate.

In mid-August, he told me to withdraw from the CCP and asked me to send some money to his grandson. He said that he was very fortunate to have practiced Dafa and had no regrets.

On the afternoon of September 12, he talked to me a lot. He told me his money was in the drawer, he had a USB flash drive for me for cultivation, and there was a bag of important things that he asked me to safeguard. I said that my health wasn’t great and I refused to safeguard the things for him. To me, his health was in better shape than mine. However, he told me that he was going home.

On the morning of September 13th, he drank a bag of milk and ate half a moon cake. He did the first four exercises at 3:50 a.m. and then the fifth exercise at 4:50. But I noticed that his head was hanging down. I asked what he was doing but he had no response. I called my relatives and friends and the ambulance was here very quickly. But he had already passed away peacefully. He was 75.

Withdrawing from the Evil CCP; Began Dafa Cultivation

I have witnessed the cultivation experiences of my brother and other Dafa practitioners. I deeply know that they are all very good people. Even before cultivating, my brother was known for being a good person, both at work and among his friends. After he began cultivating, he was even more strict with himself, and he was also willing to share how he benefited from practicing Dafa.

I understood that Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate themselves while living in ordinary society, and they want to become better people. They follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They do not bribe, they let go of fame and fortune, and they become very compassionate. Every practitioner cultivates while conforming to the state of ordinary society and everyone does their ordinary job well. Whenever they have any bad thoughts or conflicts, they look inside. In their living environment, there are no fights or tricks; they sincerely get along with each other, and they are dedicated to being kind. It is like a paradise within ordinary society. I was very shocked that I really did agree with their ideas.

When Dafa is slandered, Dafa disciples use their own savings to make materials, in order to tell people the truth about Dafa and the persecution. Dafa practitioners are only trying to become good people. On the contrary, how many of those CCP officials are not corrupt? After I joined the CCP in 1998, I got to see all the corruption and degeneration of the CCP members, as well as the intrigue and infighting going on among the officials. It is like a real battlefield of life and death, fighting over fame and fortune. They do not allow people to believe in gods, but they themselves are very superstitious about things. So many of them burn incense and worship Buddha when trying to get promoted and rich. Many CCP members and officials want to take advantage of good feng shui in major cities. In China’s underworld, everything is supported by the CCP’s leaders. When a country is corrupt and degenerate, it cannot accommodate good people anywhere. That is exactly the manifestation of the end times and a precursor to the catastrophes. The CCP have their tools to control public opinion and deceive the people. But heaven sees everything; good will be rewarded and evil will receive retribution.

From my brother’s experiences, I witnessed how miraculous Dafa is and the evil nature of the CCP. He sacrificed his precious life for the sake of all sentient beings and to safeguard the truth of the universe. Even though he has passed, his spirit will live on in the universe forever. I am totally convinced of this. I support what he did during his lifetime, and I also solemnly declare to withdraw from the wicked CCP and walk onto the path of Dafa cultivation.