(Minghui.org) On International Yoga Day, June 21, yoga events are organized all over the world. Falun Dafa practitioners in different cities in India decided that the occasion would be an opportunity to participate in public events to create more awareness of Falun Dafa.


A practitioner in Bhopal in Central India learned that the Indian Oil Corporation where he was an executive officer was holding a mega event on International Yoga Day. He spoke to the marketing division and was invited to be part of a special cruise session on Bhopal Lake.

Sixteen executive officers participated and learned the Falun Dafa exercises. They remarked that this was a welcome break and were happy to learn something new. They said they would also join the webinars and the online exercise sessions to learn more about Dafa.

Officers from Indian Oil Corporation in Bhopal learn the third Dafa exercise.

Officers learn the Falun Dafa meditation on the cruise.


Practitioners in Nagpur in Central India approached the Maharashtra Workers Welfare Group about demonstrating the Falun Dafa exercises on International Yoga Day and the Women’s Welfare group heartily welcomed the idea.

The women learned the exercises and asked if they could have follow-up sessions to correct their movements and learn more about Falun Dafa. They were also told that they could join the webinars in the local language Marathi and take part in the exercise sessions online.

Practitioners teach the first exercise in Nagpur on International Yoga Day.

Jammu and Kashmir

A practitioner in Jammu and Kashmir in the north of India who is a director of the Sericulture Institute often travels on his bike to promote Falun Dafa and never misses an opportunity to hand out informational flyers to people and expose how people in China are not allowed to practice Falun Dafa. People often ask him how Falun Dafa differs from Yoga. He demonstrates the exercises and invites interested people to his place to learn the exercises or join the webinars.

On International Yoga Day this practitioner decided to invite his staff members who have learned the exercises to do all five exercises together.

A practitioner in Jammu and Kashmir does the Dafa exercises with his staff members on International Yoga Day.