(Minghui.org) In March this year, China was hit with another wave of COVID-19 cases, with more than two dozen cities especially ravaged by the virus.

In our region, the number of positive cases was increasing at a rate of thousands a day. From the villages to the city, everything was locked down, and the entire region become a ghost town. People felt helpless and hopeless. They were terrified.

I have a big extended family. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I had told everyone in my family before how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been persecuting innocent practitioners for upholding their faith. I urged them to quit the CCP and its two junior organizations so as to avoid being held responsible when the time comes to bring the CCP to justice. The several dozen people in my extended family all agreed to quit the CCP long before the pandemic first broke out in 2020.

During this new round of outbreak, no one in my extended family got infected, even though many of them live in high-risk areas in the region. Some of them are cadres of the municipal Party committee, some are in the police force, some work in the procuratorate department, and some work in the propaganda department. They were all tasked with pandemic prevention work on the front line and had direct contact with positive patients. However, none of them were infected.

One of my family members owns a company that supplies food and goods during the pandemic and he has several hundred employees. I helped all his managers quit the CCP and its junior organizations and learn about Falun Dafa. Some of the employees who also have family members practicing Dafa have quit the Party as well. During the new wave of outbreak, this family member of mine was not affected at all, as none of his employees got infected, even though they had been working normally during the pandemic.

Businesses of all sizes around them were closed and shut down due to the positive cases, with all of their employees taken away for quarantine. In some cases, even the residents nearby were also quarantined.

After the outbreak died down, we had a family reunion, and everyone rejoiced in the fact that no one in our extended family got infected even though the outbreak was serious. They all commented that quitting the CCP really brings blessings and protection.