(Minghui.org) I am the husband of a Falun Dafa practitioner. I am 65 years old and have been married to my wife for almost 20 years. Falun Dafa teaches people to be good according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Believing in the goodness of Dafa and sincerely reciting the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” has brought me blessings, which completely changed my view of and attitude toward Falun Dafa. In recognition of the 23rd World Falun Dafa Day, I would like to relate a few experiences about how good Falun Dafa is and how I have benefited from it to let the world know that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.

My View of Falun Dafa Changed

My wife and I remarried to make a blended family. When we were first introduced, the first thing she said to me was, “I practice Falun Dafa. If that doesn’t bother you, we can talk.” When I heard that, my heart skipped a beat and I looked uneasy. She asked me what was wrong, and I replied, “I have a cousin who died because he would not go to the hospital when he was sick because of Falun Dafa.”

She said, “You can’t blame his death on Falun Dafa. Your cousin could have died for all kinds of reasons. Maybe his condition was serious, and our teacher has emphasized that critically ill people are not allowed to take the class, because when they are very sick, they cannot stop thinking about it. That is not in line with the practice of Falun Dafa. Another reason could be a different level of understanding. Students taught by the same teacher respond differently: some may go to college and some may fail the entrance exam. That does not mean that the teacher did not teach well, right? If a person can follow Master Li’s teachings, he or she will become healthier and healthier; they might have their life extended by practicing Falun Dafa. However, one’s extended life is only for one to cultivate, and if one deviates slightly, one’s life could be in danger.”

At that time, I was only half convinced by what she said and did not fully understand. Things that happened later, however, convinced me that Falun Dafa is really good and that gods and Buddhas are real.

It was the summer of 2005. My family was in the building materials business. One day I rode my three-wheeled motorcycle to make a delivery. The goods were very heavy and the motorcycle was overloaded. My wife was worried and told me to sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” on the way and that I would be protected by Dafa. I quickly said, “Yes!”

I recited “Falun Dafa is good” all the way there. The road to the village was very bad, and the terrain was uneven. The customer led me to a steep slope and told me that his house was at the top. I looked at the long, steep, uneven slope and noticed a sharp turn in the middle of it. Not only that, there was a ditch in the middle. Pulling such a heavy load up that slope seemed impossible. It would be very difficult even if the vehicle was empty. So I said to the customer, “I cannot get up to your house weighed down like this. Please go get a small cart and we can push the stuff up piecemeal in the cart.” As soon as I finished saying that, I changed my mind and said, “Wait, let me put it into a low gear, and you can help push from behind.”

So I repeated “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in my mind and got to the top without much effort. Many people were watching, and when they saw me pulling all those building materials up with a three-wheeled motorcycle, they exclaimed, “That’s amazing. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.”

After unloading the goods, I headed home. When I got to the bridge at the entrance to the village, just before I got on the highway, I heard a voice say, “Falun Dafa is good!” I blurted out, “Yes, Falun Dafa is good!” Then I wondered who was talking to me. I looked back and didn’t see anyone, so I looked around in front of me and no one was there, either.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to tell my wife, “I had such a strange experience today!” I told her exactly what had happened. She smiled and said, “Oh, you are so blessed. That was Dafa’s Master’s law body talking to you so that you could understand that Falun Dafa helped you today.” I was very excited to hear this and said, “Thank you, Teacher Li! Thank you Falun Dafa!” From then on, I have whole-heartedly believed that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.

Sincerely Reciting the Phrases, I Have Been Saved by Master Li Many Times

In 2009, we bought a Wuzheng tricycle with an enclosed cab. I got into the habit of saying “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” as soon as I opened the vehicle door. One day, I headed to the city to pick up some laborers to help unload the vehicle, and I recited the phrases all the way to my destination. I had just bought the tricycle, so I was not that familiar with it. When I rounded a corner, the tricycle overturned and fell over, trapping me in the driver’s seat. A few people came over to check on me. One said, “That person is finished!” But I rolled down the window and climbed out. My body, arms, and legs were neither scratched nor bruised. Everyone thought it was incredible.

In the summer of that same year, I went to a village to deliver goods. The uneven road leading to my destination was very narrow, with houses on the left, a deep ditch on the right, and farmhouses to the right of the ditch. After unloading the goods, I could not turn around the road was so narrow, so I had to back out. The back end of the tricycle hit the wall of a house on my left, and before I could react, the tricycle flipped over and fell right at the edge of the ditch. Bystanders exclaimed, “That man is dead!” But I rolled down the window and climbed out. Some of them helped me turn the vehicle over. I thanked everyone and looked at myself: nothing was wrong, not even a scratch or a bruise. The tricycle was still intact, and not even the window was broken.

I was not afraid at all and knew in my heart that Dafa’s Master had saved me once again. If the vehicle had fallen into the ditch, what could have happened? I couldn’t imagine. My vehicle just caught on the very edge.

On the way home, I thanked Dafa’s Master over and over again for saving my life!

Feeling Grateful, I Do What I Can to Support Dafa

We have a thriving business. My wife is busy with the business, as well as studying the Fa and doing what she needs to do. To support her practice, I try to do as much as I can to help out. Sometimes when it’s almost time for her to go study the Fa and we still have customers, I cook a quick meal so that my wife can finish eating in time to attend group study, and then I do the dishes.

Some years ago, she often had truth-clarification stickers and keepsakes that she posted and hung up. I usually went with her, and sometimes I even drove her to faraway places to put them up. I’m taller than she is, so I put up some of the posters and stickers. I went out at night with her and a fellow practitioner to do that. I thought, “Although I am not practicing Dafa yet, Falun Dafa is so good that I want to let more people know about it.” I did what I could to support my wife in her efforts to validate Falun Dafa.

Sometimes when my wife told our customers the facts about Dafa, I helped her out, telling them about my own personal experiences of reciting “Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and how they have brought me good fortune, peace, and health in times of trouble.

I did what I should and have been blessed by Dafa. My asthma, which I had suffered from for most of my life and which was said to be incurable even in Western countries with advanced medicine, has completely disappeared in recent years. I no longer suffer from it. I know that Dafa’s Master has cured me. My wife told me that it was because I supported her in her practice that I have benefited from Dafa.

On behalf of my family, I would like to wish Master Li Hongzhi a happy birthday on the 30th anniversary of Master’s introducing the practice to the public and the 23rd World Falun Dafa Day! Once again, I sincerely thank Master Li for his saving grace! Thank you for your divine Falun Dafa!