(Minghui.org) I am 79 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. I have four daughters, and the youngest of them also practices Falun Dafa. My other three daughters all know that Dafa is good and support us in our practice.

In the winter of 2018, Jiakai, the son of my youngest daughter and a college freshman, was diagnosed with leukemia. By the time I found out about it, he had already been hospitalized for over a month. The doctor said that his red blood cell count was dangerously low. His parents had already spent over 100,000 yuan on treatment, but his symptoms kept worsening. 

I went to my daughter’s home on December 18, 2018. My grandson, who had been discharged, greeted me at the door. It pained my heart to see him: his face and hands were so pale.

Both his mother and I were confident that practicing Falun Dafa could help him, so we studied the Dafa teachings with him and also taught him how to do the exercises. Jiakai studied very attentively and he learned fast. On the fourth day, I noticed his hands and face had color again! After another three days, I saw that he had rosy cheeks and his energy was back after having breakfast. 

I went home when my grandson returned to his normal self. His father was deeply grateful for Master’s saving grace. “We spent 100,000 yuan, but it didn’t help much. And now after a week of practicing Falun Dafa, my son is back to normal. We are all so very blessed. Thank you, Dafa’s Master, for your compassion.”

Jiakai is also grateful to Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, for saving his life. He is determined to cherish Dafa and cultivate solidly and diligently.