(Minghui.org) My sister has two grown children, my niece Hua and her younger brother Hui. Over the past three years, the family has weathered difficult times. Fortunately, they were able to get through them and move on. 

When others ask why she was so lucky, my sister tells them the following stories. 

Son’s Lung Cancer

In May 2019, Hua called and asked if I had any connections at a major hospital in Beijing. When I asked why, she told me that Hui had had surgery for lung cancer in April 2018, but the cancer had metastasized and spread to his brain. “He is getting IVs in the outpatient clinic and having really bad headaches,” Hua explained. “Even though we paid 30,000 yuan to the (bribery) agent, the hospital hasn’t admitted him yet. What should we do? You know Hui is only in his 40s.”

“I do not know anyone at that hospital,” I replied. “But remember we talked about Falun Dafa before? Try reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ and things might soon change.”

After hanging up, I also recited the phrases because I knew only Dafa could save Hui. 

Not long after, Hua called me again to say, “A surgeon just notified us to get ready because Hui’s surgery is scheduled for 2 p.m! How could he go from the outpatient clinic to surgery without ever being admitted as an inpatient? It is amazing!”

At first, no one knew which connection had helped Hui. The bribery agents were surprised since they could not get any money into the right hands. They later heard that it was a friend of Hua’s who helped out. I know that Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, helped with this. 

When I got to the hospital at 4 p.m. Hui was already in the operating room, and his relatives were waiting outside in the lobby. I reminded everyone to recite the phrases. At 7 p.m., Hui was wheeled out on a gurney. Even though he was not conscious, I told him to recite the phrases, too. I had chatted with him about Falun Dafa in the past and he had heard some miraculous stories. 

A week later, when Hui was released, the doctor said he might live two more years—like most people who had what he did. In fact, that kind of cancer often recurs, and two other patients in this room had to be hospitalized again a year later. 

After Hui returned home, I gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun and an MP3 player with audio lectures by Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. Six months later, he went back to work. Three years have now passed, and Hui is still very healthy. I know this is the power of Falun Dafa. 

Mother’s Cancer of the Esophagus

Hui’s mother, my sister, started to choke a little whenever she ate in late 2020, but it was not serious. It got worse after the New Year, and she started to vomit whenever she ate. She was examined in the provincial capital and told it was late-stage esophageal cancer. “There’s not much we can do since it is too late for surgery,” one doctor told her. “We can only do nutritional infusions followed by chemotherapy.” 

At that time, I had moved to a city in southern China. When my niece Hua called to tell me about it, I told her to tell her mother to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Hua said she would. 

My sister had one round of chemotherapy in the hospital. During that time, she was able to eat again. Things went well after that and she went home. During a follow-up exam a month later, the doctor was surprised to see that she was fine. My sister did not tell the doctor about the phrases she’d recited and returned home with the prescribed medicine. 

Back home, my sister did not take it seriously and went back to her old lifestyle—dancing with the other seniors in the public square, volunteering to help with funerals, and so on. By October, she was vomiting again whenever she ate. She had another round of chemotherapy, but it hardly helped. In the hospital, she was able to eat a little bit, although with difficulty. After the chemotherapy, she vomited even after drinking water. The doctor said it was hopeless and the family began planning her funeral. 

In late November I visited my sister and brought her Master Li’s audio lectures to listen to and reminded her to recite the phrases. By then, she was emaciated and could not eat anything at all. A doctor in the village gave her three bottles of intravenous nutrient infusions every day. Many people thought she might only survive until the New Year. 

One day, I thought, “Why not check with the local hospital about an alternative treatment?” I doubted this would help because my sister had already gone to the provincial-level hospital while this was only a city-level hospital. But I contacted the hospital anyway. A doctor in the gastroenterology department agreed to admit my sister as an inpatient. 

The doctor who examined her said it was too late for surgery to remove the cancer, but he could install an esophageal stent to solve the eating problem. After the operation, my sister was able to eat. She also took my advice to listen to Master Li’s audio lectures and recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” 

She went home a week later and continued to listen to the lectures and recite the phrases. Over three months have passed and she has recovered well. She is able to eat and help with simple household chores. 

When people ask my sister how her cancer was cured, she often tells them the whole story and thanks Falun Dafa.