(Minghui.org) I accompanied several Falun Dafa practitioners on group bus tours beginning in 2017, that went to remote areas to clarify the truth. During the past 4 years, we have traveled 13 times and helped over 600 people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

Four of us signed up for a two-day trip to a remote mountainous area. It was far away, and everyone felt uncomfortable as the bus went up and down the rugged mountain road. Not long after, the two senior fellow practitioners felt dizzy and began to vomit. The tour guide looked at the four of us and asked how old we were. I told her I was in my 60s, and the three other practitioners were 73 and 74 years old. She said, “Everyone else in this bus is young. It’s so amazing that you are able to travel like this at your age!” We felt that Master Li was using her mouth to encourage us.

“Call Me Next Time When You Take the Trip!”

Cultivation isn’t supposed to be easy. It was as if the long mountain road was never going to end. We encouraged each other, sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any evil factors, and asked Master for help. We also recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” We finally arrived at our destination. The tour guide asked us to go and buy tickets. So I collected the ID cards from the other three practitioners and went to get the tickets. When I came back, a practitioner said to me, “She (meaning the other practitioner), said that she wouldn’t come again, even if someone paid her.” I could totally understand what she meant. It was indeed very painful and tiring.

The site we visited was beautiful. There were people selling mountain goods, farmers working in the fields, and many tourists resting in pavilions. So many sentient beings were waiting for us to save them. The four of us adjusted our mentality and immediately began to clarify the truth to them. We told ourselves that we came today not for sightseeing, but to clarify the truth. We did not even take pictures, and we just focused on saving sentient beings.

The four of us cooperated and coordinated very well. After clarifying the truth, we also gave people Dafa amulets, as well as the truth clarification materials, including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and God Sends Blessings. Seeing the joy of people after being saved, feeling their gratitude for Master and Dafa, and looking at the list of people who withdrew from the CCP organizations with their real names, we felt that the pain and hardships we endured were really nothing. The practitioner who said she wouldn’t come back even if she were paid had changed her mind, and said, “Call me next time when you take the trip!”

Four of us joined a 15-day tour in May of that same year. We went to several provinces, including Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Shanxi, and so on. For 10 of the 15 days, we ate and slept on the train. One day after we came back from Changbai Mountain, we were on the bus en route to the next scenic spot. Suddenly, I felt dizzy and wanted to vomit. I took out a plastic bag and also sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away the evil’s interference.

The bus was shaking on the mountain road, and my stomach felt as if it was turning upside down. The uncomfortable feeling was hard to put into words. As we were close to the site, I began to vomit. I felt better when I got off the bus and was able to clarify the truth. But I vomited again when I was back on the bus. The next day, I couldn’t eat any food, and I could only drink some soup and water. I felt so tired that I didn’t want to move; I just wanted to stay in bed.

The old forces kept putting negative thoughts in my mind: “Isn’t it much more comfortable at home? Why bother to endure such hardship!” I also echoed it, “Yes. I won’t come again. It’s too difficult and tiring.”

My fellow practitioners, however, continued encouraging me and strengthening my righteous thoughts, “Don’t follow the arrangements made by the old forces! Quickly get out of the tribulation!” My mind then became more clear, “Who am I? I’m a Dafa practitioner, and I’m here to assist Master in Fa-rectification. I came here to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, not to be persecuted by the old forces! I have Master who will take care of me. I don’t want the old forces’ arrangements!” I constantly strengthened my righteous thoughts, while rejecting and eliminating the tribulation that the old forces imposed on me. I gradually felt stronger and stronger, while the tribulation became smaller and smaller.

I recited Master’s Fa,

“Tempering the Will

To consummate yourself, reaping Buddhahood,Let joy be found in hardship.Physical pains count little as suffering,Indeed, cultivating mind is hardest.Each and every barrier must be broken through,And everywhere does evil lurk.Abundant troubles rain down together,All to see: Can you pull through?The world’s miseries endured,One departs the earth a Buddha.”(Hong Yin)

Master clearly told us that “cultivating mind is the hardest.” I knew that I must look inside to get through the tribulation. I went through all the thoughts I had, one by one, to see what did not meet the requirements of Dafa.

“How Could You be so Healthy and Strong at Your Age?”

Whether on the train or in the hotel, fellow practitioners and I always got up early to do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. We studied the Fa by listening to Master's lectures while on the train or bus. We felt refreshed and energetic every day. The tourists who had taken the trip knew that we were Dafa practitioners, and all admired us. So we took the opportunity to clarify the truth to them.

Among us was a 74-year-old practitioner. People saw that she was filled with energy and at ease when walking and climbing mountains. They asked her how she could be so healthy and strong at her age. She said it was because she practiced Falun Dafa. She told them, “I used to suffer from many illnesses and have undergone many surgeries. If I didn’t practice Dafa, I would have died a long time ago.” She told people about the preciousness of Dafa and the persecution by the CCP. She asked them to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and to withdraw from the CCP organizations. She always carried truth clarification materials in her backpack, and after she finished talking, she always gave out Dafa materials and reminded people to read them.

We went with the mission of saving sentient beings, and after 15 days, we successfully returned home quite satisfied. The train moved slowly towards the station. We pulled our suitcases and waited at the door of the train. Just then, a train staff member came to inform the passengers that the train was going to be delayed and asked everyone to go back to their seats. I thought this was a good opportunity to save him and begged Master to help me. I took the initiative and said, “Thank you so much for taking care of us all this time. There are many seniors on this train, and it was a lot of work for you.” He replied politely, “No worries. This is my job.”

I asked him if he was a CCP member and he said yes. I explained, “When you joined the CCP, you were told to raise your right hand and take an oath to the bloody flag that you would fight for communism all your life and dedicate your life to it. The Communist Manifesto stated that communism is a ghost. It’s a devil. Can you give your life to the devil? Our life is the most precious. We must cherish it, and we must withdraw from the CCP. Only so will you be blessed by divine beings and have a bright future.” He said, “Yes, you’re right.” “Then should I help you withdraw from the CCP?” “Okay! Thank you.”

I continued, “I have one more thing to tell you. I practice Falun Dafa, which teaches people to cultivate and be kind. Falun Dafa has spread to more than 100 countries throughout the world, and the world needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Please remember that Falun Dafa is good, and you will be blessed.” He kept listening to me until I finished speaking, and he withdrew from the CCP using his real name.

People Are Awakening

In 2020, four of us went for a two-day tour to Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, and Sichuan Tibetan areas. The bus was full of tourists, and it took more than five hours to get to the destination. Gannan is a beautiful place. Standing on top of the mountain and looking at the boundless prairie makes one feel very refreshed.

There was a newly discovered attraction – a natural hot spring. It was October and the weather was getting cooler. The hot spring water moved between the rocks, and a mist was formed on top, looking like white clouds floating in the air. People from many Chinese provinces and cities came to appreciate the unique scenery that nature has given us.

Another practitioner and I were cooperating to clarify the truth. We walked along a path, and on our left was the peak of a mountain. On top of it was a beautiful little pavilion for tourists to rest. To get to the top of the mountain, there was only one path, and we just waited there. Whenever people came, we walked with them while clarifying the truth. Once they understood and withdrew from the CCP, we came down and waited for other people.

We had chatted with a middle-aged man who was holding a small flag in his hand. He told us that he was the tour guide for a group from Gansu. I told him which group we were from and he said he had known our tour guide for a long time. We asked him if he had joined the CCP. He said he didn’t, but had joined the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

“The Communist Party is about atheism,” I said, “and it makes everyone swear to dedicate their lives to it. When disasters come, people will be in great danger if they don’t withdraw from it. In order to safely get through the catastrophe, you should withdraw from the CCP organizations. You will have a great future and you will be blessed by heaven. More than 300 million people have withdrawn from the CCP. Would you like to withdraw from it?” “Okay!” He said without hesitation. We gave him an amulet and told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good.”

In just a short while, we helped more than 20 people withdraw from the CCP organizations. We also distributed Dafa materials and amulets to these people. We really felt they were all waiting to be saved. When clarifying the truth to them, we didn’t say anything that was extraordinary, but they all listened to us calmly and then agreed to withdraw.

Master has paved the way for Dafa practitioners. All we need to do is move our legs and open our mouths. Master has given this great honor to Dafa practitioners. Master doesn’t want anything. He just needs us to be diligent.

We went to Langmu Temple in Sichuan Province the next day. We worked in two groups to clarify the truth. When another practitioner and I walked to a relatively large temple, we saw many men, women, and children walking in a group outside. They did not enter the temple, but were walking around the temple. We were very curious, so we asked a middle-aged man. He told us that they were walking around the temple while chanting sutras in their morning class. So we knew that these were devout Buddhists, and they were also people we needed to save. We each picked one person and walked around with them while clarifying the truth. After helping one person withdraw from the CCP, we then each picked a different person.

“I Also Believe in Buddhas. What I Told You Just Now is True!”

I then went inside the temple to find people to clarify the truth. I saw two young students, and I asked them if they had joined the Young Pioneers. They said yes. I started to clarify the truth to them and asked them to withdraw. They were laughing and talking in Tibetan, which I couldn’t understand. But I could see that they were laughing at me.

They walked around and worshiped each of the Buddha statues and were then going to go downstairs. I suddenly had an idea, and I sat on the ground in the double-lotus position. They stopped talking, and I immediately stood up and said, “I also believe in Buddhas. What I told you just now is true. You are devoted to your belief, but the Young Pioneers you joined is an atheist organization, which is anti-god and Buddha. Will the Buddha you believe in still protect and bless you after seeing you joining such an organization? You must withdraw from this atheist organization. All you need to do is to say in your heart, ‘I don’t want it, I want to withdraw.’ The Buddha knows that you believe in Buddhism wholeheartedly and will take care of you. Do you understand?” They expressed that they wanted to withdraw and told me their names, which were both very long.

After I went downstairs with the them, I took out amulets and told them that Falun Dafa is the highest Buddha Fa, and they should remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The two of them joyfully pressed their hands together to thank me and left. I quickly took out the notes to write down their names, but I had forgotten the last two characters of one of their names. I went out to find the my fellow practitioner, who was still walking around the temple. It was almost the time to go back to the bus, and I felt very sad that I forgot the student’s name. While we were walking towards the gate of the temple, one of the students suddenly came out of a small path. I was so happy. I told him that I forgot his friend’s name and he told me again. Master is always by our side and helping us. Thank you, Master!

We drove into a service area. After getting out of the bus, we looked around and saw a man looking at us. We greeted him and said, “What a beautiful place. The air is so clean and fresh.” He was very friendly. We asked if he had joined the CCP before and he said yes. We told him the importance of withdrawing from the CCP, “Heaven will destroy the CCP and one will stay safe only if he withdraws from it.” He understood and withdrew using his real name. We gave him an amulet and told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good,; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He accepted the amulet and thanked us.

We then went inside the service center. There were two ladies chatting. A fellow practitioner greeted them and asked if they had joined the CCP in the past, and one of them said she did. We clarified the truth to her. It was perhaps because she had trouble understanding us, she didn’t say anything. The fellow practitioner continued patiently explaining to her, so I stood at the door and sent forth righteous thoughts.

At this time, the man who we just talked with came in, and I said to him, “My friend is telling the lady about the importance of withdrawing from the CCP, but she has not said anything. Do you know her? If you know her, please tell her the importance of it. She must withdraw to stay safe!” The man walked over and told the lady about withdrawing the CCP in the local dialect. The lady then withdrew without hesitation. I thanked the man for his help. We then went on and helped several other workers there to withdraw from the CCP.

Two days quickly passed, and we were heading home. When we were having lunch, the four of us talked about the fact that we had only helped one of the two tour guides to withdraw. We had not had a good opportunity to clarify the facts with the other one. We were determined to help him. Normally he sat in the front of the bus and we sat at the back. He was the type of person who liked to chat, and he soon got bored sitting by himself, so he walked toward the back.

When he got to our row, one of us wisely began a conversation with him, while the three of us cooperated by sending forth righteous thoughts. Soon the fellow practitioner brought up the topic of the importance of withdrawing from the CCP to stay safe. He listened and asked, “You mean I should withdraw from it, right?” “Yes! So you can escape the catastrophe and protect yourself.” “Okay, I’ll withdraw!” The fellow practitioner then told him more about Dafa and asked him to sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

We must listen to Master, study the Fa well, cultivate ourselves well, and fulfill our great mission.