(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. I am now in my 80s. Below are some recent cultivation experiences.

Eliminating Sentimentality

My daughter went to visit her in-laws during the Chinese New Year of 2020. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, she couldn’t come home. So I didn’t get to see her for quite some time. Because I missed her so much, I couldn’t eat for nearly a month and became emaciated. I also had other negative reactions. I came to realize it was a demon that was interfering with me, using this as a means to disrupt my normal life, even to the point of trying to take my life. I decided to go and see a fellow practitioner, Ms. Hou, so I could share my situation with her. 

Ms. Hou cooked potato eggplant stew for me, and I finished half of it. Before I left, she also gave me a couple of steamed buns. So I began to go to Ms. Hou’s home to study the Fa every day. My health improved, and my appetite returned. I came to realize that it all came down to the benevolent arrangement of Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa). 

One day after Fa study, Ms. Hou said to me, “Don’t think your tribulation is easy to get over. I can see you have a strong sentimental attachment to your children.” 

Then she shared with me how she managed to let go of her sentimental attachment to her children: Ms. Hou’s oldest son worked in another city and only came home during the Chinese New Year. This year he gave both his nephew and niece 1,000 yuan each but didn’t give his parents anything. Then he left 300 yuan on the coffee table without saying anything. After Ms. Hou saw the money lying there for a few days, she asked him, “Who does that money belong to? Why don’t you put it away?” Her son replied, “You can take it, but mind you, it's fake money.” After Ms. Hou heard that, her heart skipped a beat. She thought she had raised her son well; however, he brought gifts to the younger generation, but not to his parents. Later, she came to enlighten that it was Master giving her a hint. She thought: On the surface, the 300 yuan was fake money. Actually, her three children are not her real children either. That is, throughout all one’s lifetimes, who is one's child, and who is one's parent? Everything in the human world is an illusion. Sentimentality is not something one can rely on. It is also something a practitioner has to eliminate. 

After hearing Ms. Hou’s sharing, I immediately let go of my sentimental attachment to my children. 

Listening to the Nine Commentaries

Ms. Hou also gave me a DVD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to have me watch at home. 

After I returned home, I began to play the DVD repeatedly. I listened to it when I tidied up the house or cooked meals. When I wasn’t studying the Fa or doing the exercises, I listened to the DVD. Soon enough, I had physical reactions: My entire left arm became swollen and dark. My left nipple was surrounded by a black, eye-shaped circle and was connected with a dark bruised area on my arm that resembled the outline of some animal. 

I came to realize that evil factors and lives in my dimensional field were being cleaned out and appeared on the surface of my body as I repeatedly listened to the Nine Commentaries. The more this appeared, the more I needed to keep up Fa-study and doing the exercises, so as to eliminate them completely. 

Because my arm was swollen, I had a lot of difficulty doing the Falun Standing Stance exercise. I had to pause for a break, then carry on. In a little over 20 days, the swelling began to come down, as did the bruised dark area. Even more miraculous, I used to have a long-term ache in my arm, similar to symptoms of a frozen shoulder. After this experience, my shoulder stopped hurting. 

Clarifying the Truth to People

After the lockdown was lifted, my daughter and I went out to clarify the truth to people every morning. We usually went to shopping malls. When asking the salespeople about product prices, we took the opportunity to talk to them about renouncing their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. When we encountered customers, we also clarified the truth to them. We helped up to a dozen people quit the CCP every day. 

One day, an elderly man asked me about the location of a bank branch. After I gave him the directions, I clarified the truth to him about Falun Dafa. He agreed to quit the CCP. Then he said to me, “I own houses in different places all over the country. I don’t have anything else, but money. If you need money, please feel free to ask me.” Then he wrote down his number and address and asked us to look for him when we needed anything. 

I asked him why he wasn’t afraid that we would cheat him. He replied, “I am not afraid. I know people like you are kindhearted. I also don’t have anything to give you to show my gratitude. I can only show my financial support.” After that, we thanked him for his kindness. Upon seeing people’s sincere expressions of gratitude for being saved, I was very touched. 

One time, I talked to a senior cadre who was 97 years old. I realized that he was in great health given his age. He said he’d lived this long because his wife looked after him very well. He also agreed to quit the CCP. The next day when I ran into him again, I asked if he remembered me and my daughter. He replied, “Sure I do. Wasn’t that you who whispered in my ear asking me to quit the CCP?” Soon enough, his wife joined him, and we also helped her to quit the CCP. They were both very thankful. 

Another time, I happened to talk to a young man on the street. He was very tall and walked very fast. In order to catch up with him, I had to run. At first, he appeared to be a bit resistant when I clarified the truth. But when he saw me making a lot of effort to catch up to him, he was suddenly moved. “It’s not easy for you to try to catch up with me given your age,” he said. “See, you are short of breath now. For you, I’ll quit the CCP.” Seeing that he was a handsome young man, I added “handsome” after his last name for his pseudonym. After he heard that, he said cheerfully, “Thank you for helping ensure my safety. If every one of us were like you, being kind to others from the bottom of their hearts, would there be anyone who didn’t want to quit the CCP?” 

There have been so many experiences like that. Some people even tried to talk to their family members to help them quit the CCP. They made arrangements to meet me to give me the names of those who’d quit. When they saw me, they were very excited, as if seeing a family member they hadn’t seen for a long time. 

There were also some lessons to learn while clarifying the truth. During the process, my vanity, resentment, and other attachments came to the surface. For example, I clarified the truth to a young man who was selling dates, but he swore at me. My daughter dragged me away from him. On our way home, I saw the dates I’d bought from him. I was upset and said, “Next time, what I’ll do is clarify the truth first before buying his dates. If I knew he was like that, I wouldn’t even buy dates from him.” 

Right after that, I realized I was wrong. Wasn’t this the mentality of taking revenge? Due to being poisoned by the evil CCP, many people like him don’t know the truth. Also, because they believed the CCP's lies and propaganda, they developed a bad impression of Dafa practitioners. They are therefore victims. I felt that if he could truly understand the truth, or I could have been more compassionate, then he might not have been like that.