(Minghui.org) A man in Xianning City, Hubei Province, has been illegally detained for over a year and is now awaiting a verdict for practicing Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999. Because Mr. Liu Haiquan was the sole breadwinner in his extended family, they are struggling to make ends meet. 

Mr. Liu was arrested at work on April 13, 2021, shortly after he answered a call from a stranger asking if he could install satellite dishes. 

Accusing him of installing satellite dishes for people to receive NTDTV, an uncensored U.S.-based Chinese TV station, the police put Mr. Liu in criminal detention in the Jiayu County Detention Center on April 26. 

Mr. Liu’s father, in his 80s, frequented the Domestic Security Office and the local detention center to demand his release but to no avail. He then wrote an appeal letter to the city government and still hasn’t received any response. 

The letter explained that Mr. Liu’s wife and nephew (his brother’s son) both have an intellectual disability and that his brother has been suffering from uremia. 

The father said that Mr. Liu didn’t have an obligation to care for his brother and nephew, but after he started to practice Falun Gong, he became increasingly considerate and selfless. He invited his brother and nephew to live with his family so it’d be easier for him to take care of them. Through Mr. Liu Haiquan's actions, his brother and nephew truly witnessed the power of Falun Gong in teaching people to be good and kind. 

Mr. Liu was made to stand trial at the Tongcheng County Court in late December 2021 and is still awaiting the verdict. 

In late January 2022, a few days before the Chinese New Year, Mr. Liu’s father managed to meet with Liu Ning, the head of the Xianning City Domestic Security Office, and demanded his son’s release so he could spend the holiday with the family. Liu claimed that he was no longer in charge of the case. He also changed his phone number, possibly to avoid answering calls from Mr. Liu’s father.

Perpetrators’ contact information:
Liu Ning (刘宁), head of the Xianning City Domestic Security Office: +86-13707240708, +86-715-8232512
You (游), judge, Tongcheng County Court: +86-715-4862060Zhang Shijun (张士军), secretary, Xianning City Political and Legal Affairs Committee