(Minghui.org) I was arrested and detained multiple times for my faith in Falun Dafa, but I managed to persevere by adhering to Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Twenty to thirty people were held in each cell in the detention center. The large wooden bed in the cell was not big enough for everyone, so some of us had to sleep on the concrete floor. The door of each cell consisted of a large metal grid, which made it easy for the guards to monitor the detainees. It was very cold to sleep on the floor in winter with the door open. People got sick easily and had to endure it with no medicine available. So the detainees often quarreled over this. However, almost all practitioners volunteered to sleep on the floor and gave their bed spaces to others.

Daily necessities were always in short supply, and the price was several times higher than outside. When newcomers arrived, they often did’t have money with them. Even if they did, they weren’t allowed to buy anything during the first 15 days. So Dafa practitioners often gave other detainees their shampoo, soap, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and laundry detergent.

Each detainee was given a small pot of hot water to wash themselves with once a month. Practitioners gave their hot water to others and used cold water instead. They never got sick using cold water to wash, even in winter. The inmates were very respectful of practitioners. I noticed the differences between myself and the other practitioners, so I also gave away my hot water and washed myself with cold water. I didn’t feel cold at all. Instead, the more I washed, the warmer I felt!

The police usually dropped off newcomers late at night. The newcomers didn’t have blankets or a place to lie down, and had to sit through the night. Only the practitioners got up and gave away their blankets, or shared them with the newcomers.

Most newcomers suffered great mental duress and were often very worried about their futures. Some cried and refused to eat or drink. Some even tried to commit suicide. No matter what kind of people came, we took the initiative to talk to them and help them. They very quickly got used to the environment and wore smiles on their faces.

Woman Decides to Live for her Family

A 38-year-old woman had tried to cover up her husband’s crime of manslaughter. She thought that her husband would be given the death sentence, so she didn’t want to live either, and wanted to commit suicide. One night, a practitioner thought something wasn’t right with this woman.

She comforted her, “Your husband’s offense usually wouldn’t carry the death penalty, and the maximum sentence for covering up a crime is no more than five years. If your behavior is good, your sentence will be reduced, and you and your husband will have an opportunity to reunite. It’s sinful to commit suicide. You are responsible for taking care of your family. You must live for their sake. It is heaven’s law that you have to repay your debts. As long as you follow god’s will, everything will be fine.”

The woman was touched, and cried. She said, “Falun Dafa is so good. Not like what’s said on TV. I will listen to you and no longer do stupid things. I will eat well and live well for my family.”

“I Will Never be Sent to Prison Again”

Another woman had been sentenced to four years in prison for wounding people with a knife. Her husband closed their meat stall and tried everything to get her released, including hiring an attorney. But they ran out of money quickly, and their two children had to drop out of school. This woman cried so hard, “I wish I knew about [Falun Dafa’s principles of] Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance earlier. None of this would have happened if I had forbearance. Now I have destroyed my family!”

People need Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Their nature is good, and they want to be nice people. However, there is no moral standard in today’s society and that’s why people do bad deeds. She later told me, “I’ll keep the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in mind to become a nice person, and I will never be sent to prison again.”

The Story of Two Sisters

Two sisters were detained, one 15 years old and the other 13. Their mother remarried after their father passed away. Their stepfather often beat and scolded their mother, so the sisters left home for three years to work as prostitutes. They made a lot of money and sent it to their mother to build a new house. With an improved life, their stepfather treated their mother much better. The sisters were very proud of making their mother life’s better. One of them said nonchalantly, “We're under 18 and will not be sentenced. When we're released, we can keep making money.”

Upon seeing us studying the Fa and doing the exercises, the sisters wanted to learn as well. So I wrote down a few poems from Hong Yin and gave them to the girls. They quickly memorized them and asked me to write out all the poems in Hong Yin. They wanted to take them home to their mother and uncle. They promised to conduct themselves well and walk on a righteous path.

Guards to Newcomers: “Look for Dafa Practitioners!”

I truly witnessed Dafa’s greatness. The Fa can purify people’s hearts. People willingly become good after studying the teachings.

When we first arrived at the detention center, the guards monitored us and didn’t allow other people to talk to us. They also arranged the cell heads to prevent others from approaching us. They wanted to know what Dafa practitioners said or did at all times. The guards gradually noticed that the prison cells became quiet. Incidents of fighting or stealing disappeared after Dafa practitioners arrived. Everyone learned to look for their own shortcomings and be considerate of others. The guards later told newcomers to find practitioners to learn about Dafa, so they wouldn't be in trouble with the law in the future.

Practitioners sometimes shouted out “Falun Dafa is good!” and the inmates then joined in. Sometimes, the guards also said Dafa is good and allowed us to have more food and water.

Everyone in the cell witnessed Dafa’s magnificence. Many detainees joined us to study the Fa and do the exercises. When meditating, all of us sat on the bed, and the guards seemed not to see us when walking back and forth.

Guard: “I’m Actually a Nice Person”

I was detained again in 2015 and was put in the same cell for a month. The guard on duty was an attractive young woman. I talked to her about Dafa a few times, but she just smiled. She later called me to her office. She turned off the monitor and said, “In my heart, I never treat you as a criminal as you are different from other inmates. You are nice, and I respect your belief. Although I can’t release you, I can help. I have helped a few elderly practitioners before. I bought them sugar, soy milk powder, and other items with my own money. I’m actually a nice person.” I was really touched after hearing this and felt happy for her.

I ran into this guard in a residential subdivision a few years later. It was so nice to see her again. This time, I asked her to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations to ensure her safety. She agreed, and I gave her a Dafa brochure and and an amulet. She even invited me to visit her home.