(Minghui.org) I am in my 80s. My wife and my younger daughter both practice Falun Dafa, but I do not. My wife suffered from many diseases since childhood, but she soon became healthy after practicing Dafa. She is almost 80 years old, but she moves quickly and does all the housework.

I heard that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was persecuting practitioners. I was heartbroken when I knew many Dafa practitioners were tortured to death and even had their organs removed while they were alive.

One day, what I feared most finally happened. My younger daughter was arrested. She was severely beaten and sentenced to a heavy term. She was brutally tortured and abused in prison by murderers, robbers, and drug offenders who were instigated by prison guards.

I was haunted by fear and pain. I couldn’t sleep—when I did I woke up in nightmares of my daughter being tortured. In my dreams I saw my daughter opening the door and returning home. Each time I shouted happily, “My child, you’re back!” When I woke up, I always went to my daughter’s room hoping that my dream was true. I couldn’t hold my tears when I saw her empty room. During every festival and holiday, I looked at the food but I couldn’t eat, thinking of my child who was still imprisoned and tortured.

I often felt restless, so I had to go out for a walk but only felt worse when I saw people my daughter’s age. I spent every day in worry and fear. Sometimes I couldn’t help but imagine the worst. I was not sure if my daughter could survive the torture in prison. However, no matter how much pressure I had, I knew that Falun Dafa was good, Falun Dafa was righteous, and my child wasn’t doing anything wrong!

Once, my wife and I visited my elder daughter. She went out for groceries. When she came back and opened the door, I sprang up from the couch and shouted, “My younger daughter is finally back!” The moment I saw that it was my elder daughter, the air froze, and the whole family knew that I had missed my younger daughter to the core.

Fortunately, several years later, my younger daughter finally came back. My wife and I were too old to travel to the prison to pick her up, so we had to wait at home. She was as calm as though she had just returned from a trip. She was not disabled! She said she must come back alive because she didn’t do anything wrong. I was so excited that I couldn’t calm down for a long time.

When she settled in, she wanted her Master’s photo. My wife was hesitant because our elder daughter had hidden the Falun Dafa books due to fear. I asked my wife to go and get the book because it was the most precious thing to my younger daughter. She cried when she saw her Dafa books and Master’s photo.

During my younger daughter’s imprisonment, I memorized how to turn on her computer and the password because I knew she would need it when she came back. She successfully turned on the computer. She found the e-books and MP3s that had been unused for years. My wife once tried to use them, but they no longer worked. However, they worked fine after my youngest daughter charged them.

One day, my elder daughter yelled at my younger daughter terribly. I didn’t know what happened, but I knew it must be related to my younger daughter’s practice. My elder daughter does not practice Falun Dafa, but she was harassed at her workplace because of her sister’s faith. I rushed over to stop my elder daughter and said, “She suffered so much in prison. Don’t pressure her any further at home.”

Afterward, my younger daughter apologized to me, saying that she unknowingly developed confrontational emotions after being tortured, humiliated, and abused for years. She said she regretted it and would do better and not talk back to anyone in the future.

However, my youngest daughter was often harassed, whether she was outside or at home. She had no choice but to live in another city. That day, I insisted on carrying her bag to see her off at the bus station. I watched her get on the bus and saw it disappear from my sight. My heart was full of worry and concern again.

My younger daughter is smart, kindhearted, and hardworking. She did a good job and got on well with others anywhere she went. However, her boss didn’t pay her a penny after several months because he got into debt. My daughter didn’t complain. She said, “My boss will have to go to jail if he hasn’t paid off his debt. I can not make his life harder.” I understood her completely because she always thought about others. I heard that she gave her food to others in prison, but she fainted from hunger.

My younger daughter decided to remain single because she didn’t know what would happen to her. She didn’t want to bring trouble to her family members. Sometimes I felt sad, yet I already knew that my child had a firm faith in Dafa. I didn’t understand her in the beginning. After witnessing what they have been doing over the years, I realized that what my children and hundreds of millions of Dafa disciples have been doing is saving people.

I look forward to the day that this persecution of Falun Dafa ends!

I wrote a poem and dedicated it to Master Li on behalf of my wife and younger daughter.

Dafa has spread to the worldHundreds of millions of people are rejoicingBenefit from Dafa physically and mentallyWe will never slack offWe will cultivate diligentlyThe nine magic words lead us to go forwardFearlessly facing the persecutionFollow Master all the way home to celebrate the reunion!