(Minghui.org) My grandson Xinger was born three months premature. His body was covered with wrinkles, and he had no hair or eyebrows. His cry was softer than a kitten’s. Because he was so tiny and delicate, we had to put him on a pillow to hold him.

A newborn usually has jaundice for a few days, which clears up quickly, but it lasted over 40 days for Xinger. Many family members were worried, hoping he would survive. Both his mother and I are practitioners of Falun Dafa, and we believe in Master Li (Dafa’s founder) and Dafa. We played Master’s Fa teachings to Xinger daily. After three months, Xinger could drink milk like a normal baby.

Growing Up with Dafa’s Blessing

Xinger is very smart. At six months, he could imitate his father’s snoring sound. He listened while we studied the Fa teachings. We began teaching him Chinese characters in the book Zhuan Falun when he was one year old. He could read the book with us when he was four.

We loved to listen to him read the Fa with a clear, accurate and baby voice. When he was in preschool, he did not like to take naps, but he also did not disturb others. He would sit on his bed and meditate. He was very cute and well-behaved. His teacher loved him very much.

When Xinger was five, we took him to visit a friend one day. When we closed the door, we heard Xinger scream! His left hand was caught between the doors. When we opened the door, his fingers were flat and discolored. Our friend panicked and wanted to take him to the hospital. I told Xinger to hurry up and ask Master for help. I told others to calm down and recite with us “Falun Dafa is good!”

After a while, Xinger stopped crying, and his hand looked normal. Our friend and her husband were deeply impressed, “Falun Dafa is amazing! It is extraordinary!” They touched Xinger’s hand and confirmed that he was truly fine.

Speaking of the extraordinary nature of Dafa, another incident is worth mentioning. When Xinger was nine years old, Hong Yin V was published. The book was printed in traditional Chinese characters. It was difficult for us adults to read, since we were only taught the simplified form under the communist regime, but Xinger knew the characters and could read fluently. I was surprised and asked Xinger, “How do you know all these traditional characters?” He found my question strange, “I have always known them.”

When Xinger was in second grade, during a winter vacation, he was still in bed in the afternoon. I found that he had a high fever. Instead of going to a hospital, he asked me to play Master’s Fa teachings for him. He was not eating and only drank some water. He listened to Master’s lecture continuously. After three or four days, his temperature did not go down. His father was very concerned and asked Xinger to go to the hospital. Xinger told him, “My body is going through purification. Master is eliminating sickness for me. I will be fine.”

He ate some melon on the night of the 7th day, and he was able to get up and have rice porridge the next morning. He has not been sick since then.

Not Holding Grudges

When Xinger was in the first grade, he came home one day to wash his hands, and then sat quietly with one hand covering the other. I asked him what was wrong. He replied, “Nothing.” I took his hands out and saw a big scratch on the back of his hand, and that a part of the skin was off exposing bright red flesh.

I asked him what happened. He said, “Grandma, don’t tell the teacher. My classmate accidentally scratched me. He did not do it on purpose. If his parents knew, he would be in trouble. I am fine, and it is not painful.” He stopped covering his hand and pretended he was okay.

It was heartbreaking to see a piece of flesh being gouged off the back of Xinger’s chubby little hand. But I was also very pleased to see that Xinger was so understanding and thoughtful of others. At the age of seven, he was able to abide by Dafa’s teaching of “not fighting back when being beaten or sworn at.”

When Xinger was eight, we received a call from his teacher. She told us that Xinger had hurt his classmate Fan. Xinger’s dad went to the school immediately. The teacher asked him to take Fan to the hospital for an X-ray and said Fan could not walk. After the hospital exam, we learned that there was nothing wrong. We spent 100 yuan and also brought some food for Fan.

When we took Fan back to school, we learned what had happened, which was the same as what Xinger told us. Everyone was playing on the field when the bell rang. Fan was running ahead of Xinger and he fell on his own. But in the class, Fan told the teacher that Xinger pushed him. The teacher scolded Xinger in front of everyone and did not let Xinger explain. Xinger was upset for a while after that, since he did not do anything wrong, and everyone misunderstood him, even his parents.

I asked Xinger later if he was upset with the teacher. He replied, “No.” Things like that happened several more times, and each time, Xinger told me that he did not resent the teacher. “I am a Dafa disciple. Master asked us to ‘not fight back when you are beaten or sworn at...’. (Zhuan Falun) I will listen to Master.”

“I do feel sorry for her though at times when her son came to our class, calling her names and asking for money. How rude he was.”

After hearing what Xinger said, I became even more thankful for Dafa’s teachings.

Modest in Nature

When Xinger was in the second grade, the principal took some teachers to audit his class one day. As soon as they came in, Xinger stood up to greet them and other students followed suit. The principal was very pleased. Other teachers also commented on how polite the students were.

When Xinger was in the third grade, there was a school-wide formation competition among the 30 classes the school had. One day, Xinger came home with a piece of paper, both sides of which were written with competition requirements. It turned out that his homeroom teacher had asked Xinger to direct the performance. He memorized all the requirements and organized the class drills every day. His class ended up winning the second prize, and won praise from the school’s leadership.

Xinger did not think it was a big deal, so he never told me about the competition. A neighbor’s grandfather attended the competition and told me about it. “I went to see the performance competition. Your grandson was so good. He commanded so many (more than 50) students in unison, with loud clear orders. It was really good, and he won the second prize. The judges of the conference even praised him!”

Xinger is thriving under Master’s protection. He is 13 years old and 5’9” tall. He is healthy, intelligent, kind, and sincere. From his birth to now, we have witnessed the wonder and extraordinariness of Dafa. Our family is infinitely grateful to Master and Dafa.